Renko Reversal System Review

The Renko Reversal System is an innovative trading strategy that utilizes Renko charts to identify potential trend reversals in the financial markets. This system aims to capitalize on pullbacks and reversals by analyzing Renko brick patterns.

Renko Reversal System

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Overview of Renko Charts

Renko charts are different from conventional time-based charts as they solely focus on price action and ignore time. The charts consist of uniform brick formations that represent fixed price movement, disregarding time taken.

The bricks are constructed in alternate colors, usually green and red. A new green brick forms when the price rises by a predefined amount from the top of the previous brick. A red brick generates when the price falls by the fixed amount from the bottom of the prior brick. This setup filters out market noise and minor fluctuations to better highlight the overall trend.

How the Renko Reversal System Works

The Renko Reversal System employs the following techniques to detect trend reversals:

  • Brick Size Calculation – The system uses Average True Range (ATR) over a specified period to determine optimal brick size. Larger brick sizes are used for volatile markets and smaller sizes for calmer conditions.
  • Pattern Analysis – Price patterns like double tops, double bottoms, head and shoulders, and triangles on the Renko charts signal potential trend exhaustion and reversals.
  • Brick Color Analysis – Alternating brick colors represent a change in market bias. For example, a red brick followed by a green brick suggests an upside reversal.
  • Support/Resistance Analysis – Horizontal support and resistance areas become clearly visible on Renko charts. Breakouts and bounces off these levels indicate potential reversals.
  • Additional Confirmation – Indicators like RSI, moving averages etc. can be used to confirm reversal signals generated on the Renko charts.

Benefits of using the Renko Reversal System

Here are some key advantages of using this Metatrader 4 system:

  • Removes market noise and false signals by filtering out insignificant price moves
  • Brick patterns make it easier to identify trend reversals
  • Clearly highlights support and resistance zones
  • Alternating brick colors act as reversal signals
  • Flexibility to fine-tune parameters for optimal performance
  • Works well across different trading instruments and timeframes

Strategies to Effectively Trade the System

When implementing the Renko Reversal System, traders should incorporate the following best practices:

  • Determine optimal brick size by analyzing historical volatility of the instrument
  • Use larger brick sizes for volatile markets and smaller for range-bound conditions
  • Look for reliable pattern formations like double tops rather than relying on a single brick color change
  • Focus on reversal signals that align with support/resistance zones
  • Utilize indicators like RSI for additional confirmation
  • Manage risk by placing stops beyond adjacent brick extremes
  • Trail stops to lock in profits as the reversal trade moves favorably

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Pros and Cons of the Renko Reversal System


  • Removes market noise for better trend identification
  • Brick patterns make reversals easier to detect
  • Flexibility in brick size and indicator settings
  • Applicable across markets and timeframes


  • Requires fine tuning of parameters for optimal results
  • Can generate false signals in choppy market conditions
  • Lagging reversal signals compared to time-based charts
  • Limited backtesting options


The Renko Reversal System is a robust trading approach that utilizes Renko charts to capitalize on trend reversals across financial markets. By filtering out insignificant price moves, Renko charts enable traders to clearly identify support, resistance, and reversal patterns. This system can generate profitable trading opportunities in the hands of skilled traders who effectively optimize and implement the strategy. While it has some limitations, the Renko Reversal System is definitely a powerful addition to a trader’s arsenal.

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