Invictus Gold EA Review: A Powerful Automated Trading Robot for Gold

Invictus Gold EA is an advanced automated trading robot designed specifically for trading gold (XAUUSD). Developed by Evgenii Golovanets, this expert advisor aims to identify optimal entry points into gold trading while avoiding false signals. In this comprehensive Invictus Gold EA review, we’ll cover everything you need to know about this trading robot.

Invictus Gold EA

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Key Takeaways:

  • Invictus Gold EA specializes in automated gold trading using Bollinger Bands and ADX filter
  • Trades based on overbought/oversold levels identified by Bollinger Bands indicator
  • ADX filter avoids trading during choppy or trendless markets
  • Comes optimized for H1 chart gold trading with default settings
  • Positive backtest results and live account track record
  • Reasonably priced under $1000 compared to competitors
  • Monitor periodically and use proper risk management

Overview of Invictus Gold EA

The Invictus Gold EA is based on the standard Bollinger Bands indicator, a popular technical analysis tool that dynamically identifies overbought and oversold levels. By combining Bollinger Bands with an ADX filter, the algorithm seeks to enter trades at opportune moments while avoiding trading during trendless or choppy market conditions.

Some key features of the Invictus Gold EA include:

  • Advanced trading algorithm optimized for gold trading
  • Uses Bollinger Bands indicator for trade entry signals
  • Incorporates ADX filter to avoid trading during choppy markets
  • Does not use martingale or other risky strategies
  • Comes with basic settings for easy optimization
  • Suitable for ECN accounts with fast execution

The expert advisor trades gold around the clock on the H1 timeframe. It is fully automated and does not require any manual intervention once properly configured.

How the Invictus Gold EA Works

The core of the Invictus Gold EA trading strategy revolves around the standard Bollinger Bands indicator. For those unfamiliar, Bollinger Bands plot channels around price based on volatility. The channels widen during high volatility and contract during low volatility periods.

The EA enters long trades when price pulls back to the lower Bollinger Band in an uptrend. It enters short trades when price rallies to the upper Bollinger Band in a downtrend. This allows the algorithm to capitalize on temporary oversold and overbought conditions.

To avoid getting faked out by sideways price action, the EA utilizes an ADX filter. The ADX indicator measures trend strength. The robot will only take trades if the ADX reading is above a certain threshold, indicating the presence of a strong trend. This prevents the EA from trading whipsaws during rangebound markets.

The robot incorporates good risk management by using reasonable stop losses on every trade. It does not use any martingale, grid, or hedging techniques.

By combining a high-probability entry method with robust risk controls, the Invictus Gold EA provides a balanced approach to automated gold trading.

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Using the Invictus Gold EA

The Invictus Gold EA comes ready to use with default settings optimized for gold trading on the H1 chart. Users mainly need to set their preferred trade size and enable automated trading.

That said, traders can further optimize the EA by adjusting parameters like the ADX threshold, Bollinger Bands deviations, and stop loss pips. The input settings are well-labeled, making it easy to experiment with different configurations.

The minimum deposit is $500, though at least $1000 is recommended to allow sufficient margin for gold trading. ECN accounts with fast execution are best to ensure timely order fills.

While the EA can run nonstop, users should monitor it periodically and be prepared to intervene if market conditions change significantly. It’s also wise to withdraw consistent profits rather than reinvesting everything.

For convenience, the Invictus Gold EA can be run on a virtual private server (VPS) to avoid interruptions caused by computer restarts or loss of internet connectivity.

Live Performance and Backtests

According to the developer, the Invictus Gold EA has been extensively backtested across multiple time periods. Backtests purportedly show consistent profitability with drawdowns of less than 20%.

The EA has also earned positive reviews based on live forward testing. For example, one reviewer on YouTube tested the robot on a demo account for over 5 months and achieved steady gains with no significant drawdowns.

At the time of writing, there are two live accounts tracking the Invictus Gold EA on MyFxBook. The first account shows a gain of around 90% over a span of 350 days. The second account is newer but so far has achieved over 50% returns in just 2 months of trading.

Keep in mind past performance does not guarantee future results. But the generally favorable backtests and MyFxBook accounts suggest this expert advisor has the potential to trade gold profitably on live accounts. As always, users should start small to evaluate performance before risking more capital.

The Pros and Cons


  • Specialized for gold trading using a logical strategy
  • Bollinger Bands offer reliable dynamic trade signals
  • ADX filter avoids trading in choppy or trendless markets
  • Comes optimized and ready to use out of the box
  • Positive backtest results and live account track records
  • Reasonable price point compared to competitors


  • Only trades gold, not suitable for other instruments
  • Requires monitoring in case of changing market conditions
  • Like any EA, losses can exceed deposited margin
  • Users still need trading experience to manage risks
  • Does not offer money management or trade copier


For traders interested in algorithmic gold trading, the Invictus Gold EA provides an accessible turnkey solution. The straightforward Bollinger Bands approach combined with an ADX filter gives this robot a methodical strategy for identifying high-probability gold trading setups.

While the EA still requires periodic supervision, it removes the need for manually analyzing charts or identifying trades. The backtest statistics and real account results also lend credibility to the algorithm’s viability. For under $1000, Invictus Gold EA offers an intriguing option for automating a gold trading strategy.

However, as with any EA, use proper risk management. Start with small trade sizes and only allocate discretionary trading capital. As the saying goes, past performance is no guarantee of future results. Conservative position sizing and money management remain essential.

Overall, robot is worth considering for traders seeking an automated expert advisor to capitalize on gold’s trading opportunities. The thoughtful strategy design provides a compelling balance between profit potential and downside protection.

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