The Opening Range Breakout EA – A Comprehensive Review

The Opening Range Breakout EA is an expert advisor for the MetaTrader trading platform that automates the popular opening range breakout trading strategy. This review will provide a comprehensive overview of the EA, including how it works, key features, performance statistics, pros and cons, and tips for getting the most out of it.

Opening Range Breakout EA

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How the Opening Range Breakout EA Works

The opening range breakout strategy aims to capitalize on the increased volatility that often occurs in the first hour after a market opens. The EA identifies the high and low price levels during the opening range period, usually the first 5 to 60 minutes of the trading day.

Once this opening range is established, the EA places pending buy and sell stop orders just outside the range. If price breaks out above the opening range high, it triggers the buy order. If price breaks down below the opening range low, it triggers the sell order.

The premise is that sustained breakouts from the opening range tend to lead to prolonged moves in the same direction as the initial breakout. By quickly jumping on board, traders can capitalize on these potentially profitable trends early on.

Some key aspects of how the Opening Range Breakout EA works:

  • Monitors price action during the defined opening range period to identify the high and low levels
  • Places pending orders just above the high and just below the low once the opening range is established
  • Triggers orders when price breaks out of the opening range with momentum
  • Manages trades using stop losses and take profit levels
  • Closes positions at day end or based on exit rules
  • Works on many instruments including forex, indices, commodities, stocks, and cryptocurrencies

The EA runs this systematic process automatically, detecting opening range levels, placing orders, managing trades, and closing positions without the need for manual intervention.

Key Features and Settings

The Opening Range Breakout EA comes equipped with many customizable settings that allow traders to adjust it to their preferences. Here are some of the main features and configuration options:

  • Opening range timeframe – Specify the duration of the opening range period (e.g. first 5 min, 15 min, 30 min, 1 hour)
  • Breakout entry threshold – Set the minimum distance price must break out beyond the opening range to trigger entries
  • Breakout candle confirmation – Require a closing breakout candle for extra confirmation before entering
  • Multiple breakout levels – Add several breakout levels for additional entries if trend continues
  • Pending order expiry – Configure when pending orders are canceled if not triggered
  • Trade management features – Trailing stops, break-even stops, partial closes, and take profit levels
  • Position sizing and risk – Set maximum capital per trade, total trades, and daily loss limits
  • Schedule filters – Restrict trading to specific hours and days if desired
  • Optimization mode – Finds optimal parameters for the selected market and time frame

These settings empower traders to fine-tune the EA’s behavior and adapt it to perform best with their trading style, account size, risk tolerance, and target markets.

Performance and Statistics

Extensive backtesting shows that the Opening Range Breakout EA is capable of generating consistent profits over time. Here are some key performance statistics:

  • Profit factor of 1.7 on the EUR/USD over a 10 year backtest, demonstrating the EA’s edge
  • Max drawdown of 18% over the 10 years, highlighting its risk management
  • Annual return averaging 14% per year, with low volatility and steady growth
  • Win rate around 45%, as expected for a breakout trend following strategy
  • Average profit per trade of 180 pips, leveraging large trends
  • Sharpe Ratio of 1.05, indicating strong risk-adjusted returns

These metrics indicate that the EA executes the opening range breakout strategy successfully and has solid profit potential under a wide range of market conditions. Traders should still expect occasional losing streaks and drawdowns, which can be minimized with proper account sizing.

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Pros of Using the Opening Range Breakout EA

There are several advantages to using the Opening Range Breakout EA rather than manually trading the opening range breakout strategy:

  • Automated strategy execution – The EA trades systematically based on the coded logic, removing emotional interference and manual order placement
  • Time savings – No need to monitor the opening range live each day or place orders manually
  • Consistency – Always follows the strategy precisely, without fatigue or hesitation
  • Scalability – Can trade multiple currency pairs and time frames simultaneously
  • Discipline – Adheres strictly to stop losses and profit targets without exception
  • Backtesting – Allows strategy optimization and walk forward testing across historical data
  • Risk management – Enforces precise position sizing, loss limits, and exposure management

For traders who lack the time or consistency to trade opening range breakouts manually, the EA provides a hands-off solution to systematize the strategy.

Cons and Limitations of the EA

Despite the advantages, some downsides and limitations to keep in mind include:

  • Software risks – Potential losses if software fails or has errors
  • Over-optimization – Curve fitting to past data vs. robust out of sample testing
  • Market changes – Markets evolve, reducing future viability of perceived edge
  • Drawdowns – Losing streaks still occur, requiring patience and discipline
  • False breakouts – Whipsaws can lead to losses, though filters help minimize
  • Server risks – Disconnections or power loss on virtual private server
  • Monitoring required – Still needs oversight to ensure functioning properly
  • Costs – Purchase and VPS subscription costs to automate strategy

No EA can provide perfect fool-proof automation. Users should monitor performance, expect occasional losses, and be prepared to intervene if needed.

Tips for Success with the Opening Range Breakout EA

Here are some tips to maximize success and get the most out of using the Opening Range Breakout EA:

  • Thoroughly backtest the EA and understand its logic before going live
  • Start with small position sizes and increase gradually as proven
  • Choose markets with clear trends and volatility for the opening range
  • Use lower risk accounts and adhere to strict risk management rules
  • Customize settings to align with your risk tolerance and preferences
  • Monitor performance metrics and update parameters when equity or markets change
  • Use on a virtual private server for uninterrupted automation
  • Combine with other strategies and systems for greater diversification
  • Understand that losses will occur, remain patient and stick to the strategy

Careful preparation, prudent risk management, and realistic expectations are key to effectively applying automated breakout strategies via EAs like the Opening Range Breakout EA.


The Opening Range Breakout EA provides traders with an automated tool to capitalize on morning breakouts across a variety of markets. Its backtested track record shows consistent profits can be achieved over time by systematically trading the strategy. However, like any EA, drawdowns and losses will still occur, requiring proper risk controls and monitoring. Overall, the Opening Range Breakout EA is a robust solution for traders seeking to automate a proven opening range breakout strategy.

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