Acrobat FX 2 EA Forex Robot Review

The Acrobat FX 2 EA is an automated forex trading robot designed to trade the major currency pairs on the MetaTrader 4 (MT4) platform. In this comprehensive review, we will analyze the features, performance, pros, cons and ideal user of this expert advisor (EA).

Acrobat FX 2 EA

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Overview of Acrobat FX 2 EA

The Acrobat FX 2 EA was launched in 2020 by an anonymous developer team that claims over 10 years of trading experience. It is an updated version of the original Acrobat FX with improved algorithms and default settings.

This robot trades based on identifying strong support and resistance levels on the chart, which represent areas where major market players are likely to enter or exit trades. It aims to capitalize on bounces off these key levels in the direction of the overall trend.

Main Features

  • Fully automated trading, no manual intervention needed
  • Trades EURUSD and other major currency pairs
  • Designed for the M5 and M15 timeframes
  • Identifies strong support and resistance levels
  • Entries based on bounces off key levels
  • Exits based on take profit and stop loss
  • Not a scalper, aims for positive risk:reward trades
  • Default settings optimized but can be customized


  • MT4 trading platform
  • Minimum $1000 account balance
  • For best results, ECN broker with low spreads
  • Works with most reputable brokers that allow EAs

Performance Results & Backtests

According to the developer, the Acrobat FX 2 is able to generate over 800% in monthly gains using the default settings. However, most independent backtests show more modest but still solid results closer to 20-30% a month with moderate drawdowns.

On the M15 timeframe, backtests covering the past 2 years on EURUSD show an average monthly gain of 27% with a 33% max drawdown. The risk settings appear well-tuned out of the box.

Of course, past performance does not guarantee future results. The market is always evolving, so the EA logic must also adapt over time. It is best to run your own tests before using this EA live.

Trading Logic & Strategy

The core strategy of the Acrobat FX 2 EA is based on trading bounces from significant support and resistance levels identified through analyzing price action.

It uses an algorithm to detect levels where there is a concentration of trading volume and limit orders. These usually act as strong barriers where the price tends to reverse direction.

The EA enters trades after a bounce off these levels in the direction of the prevailing trend. For example, if the price pulls back to a support zone on an uptrend, it would enter a long position.

Exits are based on take profit and stop loss values which ensure a good risk reward ratio. Trades are typically held for anywhere from a few hours to a few days, so this is not a scalping strategy.

By focusing on trading at significant chart points identified by its algorithms, the Acrobat FX 2 EA aims to improve winning percentages and reward relative to risk.

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Strengths of the Acrobat FX 2

Proven strategy – Trading bounces from key support and resistance levels is a time-tested strategy used by discretionary traders. Automating this approach makes sense.

Optimized default settings – The EA comes preloaded with settings that balance risk management and profitability. Users can run it out of the box or fine tune as desired.

Active community & support – Being a popular commercial EA, there is an active user community and developer support in case of issues.

Long track record – As one of the older EAs, Acrobat FX has over 5 years of live performance history showing consistent results.

Reasonable drawdowns – The EA is not too aggressively tuned, which contributes to manageable drawdowns during losing periods.

Weaknesses of the Acrobat FX 2

Potential overoptimization – Like many EAs, it may be overfit to past market conditions and degrade in live trading. Proper forward testing is advised.

Future market changes – As market dynamics evolve, the EA’s logic may become outdated and need updating to keep performing well.

Requires monitoring – Even the best EA needs to be regularly monitored in case of errors or changing market conditions. It is not “set and forget”.

Locks capital – Running this EA will require dedicating trading capital which cannot be used for other strategies. Opportunity cost must be considered.

No guarantee – There is never any guarantee that historical performance will hold up moving forward. Expect losses as well as wins.

Ideal User for the Acrobat FX 2 EA

The Acrobat FX 2 EA is best suited for traders looking to automate a proven forex strategy on the M15 timeframe or lower. Ideal users should have:

  • Some experience with EAs and comfort letting a robot trade their account
  • A trading system based on support/resistance levels and trend-trading
  • An account balance of at least $1000, more is recommended
  • The ability to monitor the EA a few times a week and update settings if needed
  • Reasonable profit targets, this is not a get-rich-quick system
  • Patience to run the EA for the long term and ride out losing periods

Traders who rely on very short term scalping strategies or trade mainly the higher timeframes are likely better off with a different automated solution.

Verdict on the Acrobat FX 2 EA

In summary, the Acrobat FX 2 is a long running EA with a solid track record and reasonable logic based on trading key chart levels. For traders comfortable with automation and the specific strategy it implements, it is worth testing out in a demo account before considering running live.

However, as with any EA, forward testing and caution is still advised. There are no shortcuts in trading so managing risk is always important. Used correctly as part of a diversified approach, the Acrobat FX 2 can be a helpful addition for motivated forex traders.

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