Gold Trade Pro EA – A Genuine Trading Strategy for Automated Gold Trading

Gold Trade Pro EA is an expert advisor designed specifically for automated gold trading on the MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5 platforms. This EA distinguishes itself by employing a genuine trading strategy rather than risky grids or martingales.

Gold Trade Pro EA

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Overview of Key Features

  • Real Trading Strategy: Uses a straightforward breakout strategy based on daily support and resistance levels rather than risky grids/martingales. Highly effective for volatile instruments like gold.
  • 7 Built-In Strategies: Contains seven distinct but complementary strategies focused on trend continuations, reversals, and ranging markets.
  • Risk Management: Presets take profit (TP) and stop loss (SL) levels for every trade. Also uses trailing stop losses to maximize profits.
  • Low Minimum Balance: Only requires a $200 minimum account balance to start. Lower risk strategies recommended for small accounts.
  • Easy To Use: Simple drag and drop installation onto gold charts. Intuitive settings for lot sizing, risk per trade etc.

Trading Strategy & Approach

The core trading approach uses breakouts of key daily support and resistance levels, capitalizing on momentum when these levels break. This simple yet effective tactic works well for volatile pairs like XAUUSD gold.

The EA has seven built-in strategies that identify trend continuations, reversals, and ranging market opportunities. These strategies work cohesively, providing a smoother equity curve while still absorbing occasional losses.

Every trade has predefined TP and SL levels, ensuring disciplined risk management is baked into the system. Trailing stop losses further aid in protecting profits during favorable moves.

Overall, Gold Trade Pro provides transparency in its trading approach. The breakout strategy and multi-strategy framework aims for stability rather than pursuing risky perfect backtests.

Usage & Configuration

Gold Trade Pro works on both MT4 and MT5, using the XAUUSD pair on the daily timeframe. It requires a minimum of $200 account balance.

Installing the EA is straightforward – simply drag it onto a gold chart and set appropriate lot sizing and risk per trade. For smaller accounts, only strategies 2, 4, and 7 should be used initially.

The EA has options to set risk per trade, enabling position sizing relative to account size. 1% risk per trade is recommended, adjusting upwards later if comfortable.

Conservative risk management is advised when using this or any other EA. Consider factors like account size, drawdowns, and trading style when configuring the EA’s settings.

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Gold Trade Pro EA Key Benefits & Results

  • Transparent Trading Approach – Uses a genuine strategy for stability, not risky shortcuts. Losses can occur but equity curve manipulated.
  • Risk Management – Preset TP/SL and trailing stop losses aid in preserving profits and limiting losses.
  • 7 Strategies – Provides a smoother equity curve, absorbing losses across strategies. Not reliant on one strategy alone.
  • MT4 & MT5 – Works across both MetaTrader platforms, expanding compatibility across brokers and account types.
  • Conservative Risk – Low minimum capital requirement ($200) and 1% risk setting enables prudent position sizing.

Verified accounts have achieved 60-100%+ gains over 6+ months. However, past results do not guarantee future performance.

Gold Trade Pro EA Verdict

For traders seeking an automated solution for gold trading, Gold Trade Pro EA provides a refreshing alternative to the ubiquity of grids and martingales. Its foundations in a genuine trading strategy offers reliability for this volatile market.

Conservative risk management in the form of predefined TP/SL levels and trailing stops further aids in reducing drawdowns when trades go awry.

While losses inevitably occur, the transparency and stability-focused approach ensures traders always understand the logic behind trades.

Overall, for the disciplined trader seeking long-term gains in gold rather than unsustainable shortcuts, Gold Trade Pro is a powerful addition to the trading toolbox.

As with any EA, performing due diligence in demo testing and risk management remains vital before committing real capital.

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