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NEO EA Bot is an expert advisor (EA) designed for the MetaTrader 4 and 5 trading platforms. It is developed by the company Rich Off Pips to be an easy-to-use and customizable automated trading robot.


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Overview of Features

Some key features of NEO EA Bot include:

  • Adjustable drawdown levels: You can customize the maximum daily drawdown percentage to align with your risk tolerance. This gives you control over the EA’s aggressiveness.
  • Plug and play setfiles: The EA comes preloaded with optimized setfiles for popular currency pairs and account types to allow quick setup.
  • ECN support: It can trade on ECN/STP brokers for direct market access, lower spreads, and fast execution speeds.
  • No trading experience required: The EA is suitable for beginners thanks to the easy installation process and preset configurations.
  • Average 1% daily gains: On conservative settings, the vendor claims consistent daily gains of around 1% on average.

How NEO EA Bot Works

NEO EA Bot incorporates a grid trading system to open additional positions as the market moves against the existing trade. This allows the EA to profit when the price eventually rebounds.

The EA uses technical indicators like the Relative Strength Index (RSI) and Bollinger Bands as part of its logic. It also leverages trailing stops to lock in profits as trades move favorably.

You can adjust key parameters like the max drawdown, lot sizes, stop loss, take profit, and more based on your preferences. This gives you control over the EA’s trading strategy.

Performance Verification

Verifying the historical performance of any EA is crucial before committing real capital. Here are some key metrics to analyze:


Backtesting refers to testing an EA against historical data to simulate how it would have performed. When reviewing NEO EA Bot backtests, consider:

  • Timeframes: Longer backtests on various timeframes (e.g. 5-10+ years) add more confidence.
  • Market conditions: Backtests should include a variety of market environments such as trends, ranges, volatility, and crashes.
  • Broker selection: The broker, account type, spreads, swaps, and execution delays can significantly impact results.
  • Curve fitting: Extremely optimized backtests that exploit past price behaviors have a higher chance of overfitting and failing in live trading.

Forward Tests

Forward testing involves running an EA live in a demo account for an extended period of time. This verifies the EA works as expected before risking real capital. Consider:

  • Duration: Tests of 6-12 months or longer are preferred over shorter periods.
  • Market exposure: Were various sessions and volatility conditions encountered during testing?
  • Broker match: The broker, account settings, and symbols should match the planned live account.

NEO EA Live Results

Reviewing other traders’ live results provides confirmation that the EA performs in the real market. Check for:

  • Verified accounts: MyFXBook, FXBlue, or broker account statements add credibility. Unverified results should be scrutinized closely.
  • Longevity: Consistent profitability over years of live trading builds trust in the EA’s edge. Shorter durations have higher probability of being temporary luck.
  • Drawdowns: All EAs face drawdowns, but verify they are within expectations and the recovery matches backtested expectations.
  • Market exposure: Check that various market conditions have been encountered, not just easier trends.

NEO EA Usage Tips and Risks

While NEO EA Bot offers promising features, like all EAs, proper usage and risk management are vital for long-term success. Below are some best practices when using this EA:

Finding the Right Broker

Since execution quality impacts results, finding a true ECN/STP broker with fast order fills and tight spreads is advised. Consider factors like regulation, trading infrastructure, client fund safety, trading costs, and more when selecting a suitable broker for running this EA.

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Conservative Risk Management

Start with small position sizes and maximum drawdown limits. Only increase risk parameters after extensive demo testing shows consistent profitability. Never risk more capital than you can afford to lose as losses can still exceed expectations even with the best EAs.

Avoiding Overoptimization

While NEO EA Bot comes with preset configurations, avoid the temptation to excessively optimize the EA’s settings to fit past market behaviors. This leads to curve fitting and likely underperformance moving forward.

Using Proper Trade Sizing

Trade sizing that appropriately matches your account size and risk tolerance is key. Consider leveraging the built-in percentage drawdown setting rather than absolute dollar amounts to scale risk.

Monitoring Positions

Actively monitor all positions opened by the EA, especially when using more aggressive settings. Be prepared to intervene if abnormal market events cause excessive drawdowns.

Having Reasonable Expectations

Have realistic profit expectations in the 10-30% annual return range. Marketing claims of extremely high returns often fail to materialize in live trading. Focus on steady account growth rather than getting rich quick.

NEO EA Conclusion

NEO EA Bot provides traders an intriguing option for hands-free automated trading. Its customization options allow tweaking strategies to match personal risk tolerance. Promising backtests and vendor-provided results offer credibility in its profit potential.

However, as with any EA, traders should independently verify performance, start small to test live operations, actively monitor trades, and use prudent position sizing. Automation does not negate the responsibility for proper risk controls. Used correctly alongside good trading practices, NEO EA Bot can be a valuable addition for traders seeking simplified hands-off trading.

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