Platinum FX EA Review – An In-Depth Analysis

Platinum FX EA is an automated trading robot that claims to help traders profit in the forex market. This article provides an in-depth, unbiased review and analysis of Platinum FX EA.

Platinum FX EA

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Overview of Platinum FX EA

Platinum FX EA is marketed as an easy-to-use forex robot that can trade automatically on behalf of users. It allegedly uses an advanced algorithm to scan the markets and identify profitable trading opportunities.

Some key features highlighted by the developer include:

  • Fully automated trading requiring little user input
  • Capable of generating steady profits regardless of market conditions
  • Customizable settings to control risk and target profits
  • Compatible with all major forex brokers

The sales page states that Platinum FX EA can deliver over 12,000 pips in profits every year. However, no verified performance results are provided to validate this claim.

Working Mechanism of Platinum FX EA

Very little information is publicly provided regarding the actual trading logic and mechanisms used by Platinum FX EA. The developer does not disclose the technical indicators, entry rules, position sizing, and exit rules coded into the robot.

This lack of transparency makes it impossible to objectively evaluate the viability of the trading algorithm. Without understanding how the robot operates, traders cannot realistically assess the risk or profit potential.

Performance Statistics and Verification

Astoundingly, despite promising over 12,000 pips per year, the vendor provides zero performance reports to substantiate the advertised profit potential. No trading statements, account screenshots, or third-party verification via MyFXBook is supplied.

The complete lack of any verified track record should set off alarm bells. It is entirely possible that the performance promises are false and meant to mislead traders. Without proof, claims of 12,000+ pips per year should be considered untrustworthy.

Real User Reviews and Client Feedback

Searching online reveals hardly any mentions of Platinum FX EA by actual users. No testimonials or reviews could be found from traders who have used this robot.

The lack of client commentary indicates that Platinum FX EA likely has very few (if any) active users. This likely explains the lack of any verified trading performance as well.

If this robot truly delivered the advertised results, at least some traders would have reviewed it or provided feedback based on their experience. However, no such reviews exist.

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Pricing and Value Proposition

Platinum FX EA is sold for a one-time fee of £299. Considering the lack of transparency and absence of any trading proof, this cost seems excessive.

Without knowing how the robot works or seeing verified results, traders are essentially buying a black-box trading system. Very little justification is provided on how this EA can reliably generate over 12,000 pips annually.

The value proposition is therefore questionable at best. Traders are asked to spend £299 while being kept completely in the dark regarding the system’s logic and historical performance.

Customer Support Services

Platinum FX EA provides customer support via a contact form on their website. No direct email address or phone number is shared publicly.

Considering that this is a web-based automated trading system, the lack of direct communication channels like email or phone support is concerning. Users may face issues or need troubleshooting help which would require timely assistance. Relying solely on a contact form for support poses a problem.

Platinum FX EA – Final Verdict

In summary, Platinum FX EA makes bold claims of delivering over 12,000 pips in annual profits. However, absolutely no verified data is provided to validate these promises.

The working methodology and logic of the trading algorithm is not disclosed. No client reviews or real user feedback could be found online. And for £299, only web contact form support is provided.

Considering the lack of transparency, absence of trading proof, lack of reviews, and questionable value, Platinum FX EA fails to make a compelling case. Traders are advised to thoroughly research any product making outsized performance claims without supplying verification.

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