Funding Crusher EA Review

The Funding Crusher EA is an expert advisor designed specifically to help traders pass prop firm challenges like those offered by FTMO, MyForexFunds, and others. Its main goal is to trade profitably while minimizing risk and drawdown to meet the strict requirements imposed by these funded trading firms.

Developed by a team of experienced traders, the Funding Crusher EA aims to take the stress and effort out of trying to pass these evaluations by automating the trading process. It uses advanced algorithms to scan the markets for high-probability setups and execute trades based on predefined strategies.

Funding Crusher EA

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In this comprehensive review, we will take an in-depth look at the Funding Crusher EA, analyzing its features, performance, pros and cons to determine if it is worth the investment for traders aspiring to get a funded trading account.

How It Works

The Funding Crusher EA is an automated trading system that runs on the popular MetaTrader 4 and 5 platforms. Once installed and properly configured, it can monitor the markets and place trades completely automatically based on its programmed logic and settings.

Some of the key features and trading strategies employed by the Funding Crusher EA include:

  • Trend-following – Identifies the overall market trend on multiple timeframes and trades in the direction of the trend.
  • Breakout trading – Enters trades when price breaks out of key support and resistance levels.
  • Pattern recognition – Detects high-probability chart patterns like triangles, flags, and wedges.
  • Risk management – Uses stop losses, take profits, and position sizing to control risk on every trade.
  • Partial profit-taking – Closes a portion of the trade at certain profit targets to lock in gains.

These strategies allow the EA to capitalize on market movements while keeping risk in check. Multiple built-in filters help avoid trading during major news events or volatile market conditions.

The EA comes pre-optimized and ready to trade 14 currency pairs right out of the box. Traders only need to set their account size and risk parameters before attaching it to a chart.

Performance and Results

Extensive backtesting reportedly shows that the Funding Crusher EA is able to generate consistent profits with minimal drawdown across multiple currency pairs and market conditions.

Some of the key backtest results include:

  • Average monthly gain of 10-15%
  • Maximum drawdown of less than 10%
  • Win rate of over 60%

These metrics indicate that the EA has the potential to pass most prop firm challenges which typically require 10%+ returns with under 10% max drawdown over a 1-2 month period.

Of course, past performance does not guarantee future results. But the EA’s track record shows promise for traders looking to get funded. The developers recommend using it with a minimum account balance of $2000 to properly manage risk.

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Real Account Results

In addition to backtests, the Funding Crusher EA has been traded live on real accounts.

One verified MyFXBook account shows it was able to pass the FTMO $25k challenge achieving:

  • 13.5% profit over 30 days
  • Max drawdown of just 3.8%

These real-world results help validate the EA’s ability to potentially pass prop firm evaluations with strict risk limits.

Pros of Using Funding Crusher EA

Using the Funding Crusher EA offers some significant benefits for traders attempting to get funded:

  • Automates the trading process – The EA handles market analysis, signal generation, trade execution and management for you. This saves you time and effort.
  • Optimized for prop firm challenges – Specifically designed to produce the return and risk targets needed to pass evaluations. Takes the guesswork out of trying to meet the requirements.
  • Emotionless trading – Removes human psychology and biases from trading by following a rules-based algorithm. This leads to less mistakes and more consistency.
  • Flexible usage – Can be used on its own or to complement your own manual trading. Runs unattended on any MT4 or MT5 chart.
  • Low-cost solution – At a one-time fee of $199, it provides an affordable way to increase your chances of getting a funded account.

For traders struggling to meet the profit targets and risk limits imposed during prop firm challenges, the Funding Crusher EA offers a viable automated solution.

Cons of Using Funding Crusher EA

However, there are some potential downsides to using the Funding Crusher EA that should be considered:

  • No guarantee of success – As with any EA, there is no guarantee it will perform as well live as it did during backtesting. Passing challenges still requires proper usage and monitoring.
  • Over-optimization – EAs optimized excessively for a specific period or market condition can fail when those conditions change. The Funding Crusher EA tries to mitigate this through robust optimization methods but the risk remains.
  • Increased commissions/fees – With automated trading, more trades are placed which can result in higher total commissions paid to your broker.
  • Requires monitoring – You still need to regularly monitor the EA to ensure it is performing as expected and not malfunctioning. Cannot be completely “set and forget”.
  • Loss of trading skills – Relying solely on automation can lead to deskilling where you lose the ability to trade well manually.

As with any automated trading system, proper precautions and monitoring are still required when using the Funding Crusher EA. It does not guarantee success but can certainly improve your probability of getting funded.


Overall, for traders committed to passing a prop firm challenge, the Funding Crusher EA is worth considering. While not a magic bullet, it can be a useful tool as part of a broader strategy to trade profitably under the strict drawdown limits and achieve the required return targets.

At a reasonable one-time cost of $199, it provides an accessible option for traders to automate parts of the evaluation process that can be challenging to do manually and consistently. Used properly, it can help reduce mistakes and give you an advantage in getting a funded trading account.

However, the EA should be thoroughly backtested first, and appropriate risk management techniques still need to be employed. It also requires regular monitoring and should not be blindly relied on. But as part of a prudent and strategic approach, the Funding Crusher EA can increase your probability of successfully passing prop firm challenges.

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