Partial Closure EA – A Powerful Tool for Managing Trades

The Partial Closure EA is an expert advisor (EA) for the popular MetaTrader 4 and 5 trading platforms that allows traders to partially close their open trades according to predefined criteria. This innovative tool provides advanced trade management capabilities to lock in profits, limit losses, and dynamically adjust positions.

Partial Closure EA

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Overview and Benefits

The key benefits of using the Partial Closure EA include:

  • Profit Protection – Close a percentage of the trade to lock in profits as the market moves favorably. This helps secure gains while keeping a position open to benefit from further upside potential.
  • Risk Management – Close a portion of losing trades to restrict losses. This mechanism limits downside risk in volatile or uncertain market conditions.
  • Flexibility – The tool adapts to changing market dynamics by allowing gradual additions or reductions to open positions. This accommodates traders’ evolving strategies.
  • Emotional Control – Automated rules for partial closes remove the emotional aspect of trade management decisions. This promotes disciplined trading.

Main Features and Customization

The Partial Closure EA provides traders complete control over the trade management process. Some key features include:

Easy-to-Use Interface

The EA has an intuitive interface that allows traders to quickly set all parameters for managing trades. Configuration is simple across all account types and brokers.

Manual and Automatic Closure Rules

Users can manually close a percentage of any individual trade or set automatic rules to partially close all managed trades when price hits predefined profit targets or stop losses.

Flexible Trade Management

The tool can be configured to manage all trades on the account or only specific trades identified by magic number or symbol. Exclusion filters provide further customization.

Multiple Levels of Partial Closure

Up to 10 incremental profit targets and stop loss levels can be set, each closing a defined percentage of the initial trade size. This allows gradual additions or reductions to positions.

Break Even Stop Movement

An option is included to automatically move stops to breakeven after partial closes. This helps protect any profits captured.

VPS Compatible

The EA can run seamlessly on Virtual Private Servers (VPS) for uninterrupted automated trade management.

Usage Scenarios

The Partial Closure EA enables traders to efficiently manage positions in a variety of situations, including:

  • Close 50% of a winning trade at a 1:1 risk-reward ratio to book profits while letting the remainder run to capture a potential extended move.
  • Scale out of a long-term trend trade by closing 20% at incremental new highs or lows to systematically lock in gains.
  • Reduce a losing position by 30% at each incremental stop level to restrict losses if the market moves against an open trade.
  • Trail stops to breakeven after a partial close to protect profits secured earlier while giving room for the balance to develop favorably.

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Benefits Over Manual Trade Management

Manually managing a large number of open trades across multiple currency pairs can be an extremely time-consuming process. The Partial Closure EA automates this entire process efficiently. Some advantages compared to manual management include:

  • The EA can track and partially close an unlimited number of trades across multiple currency pairs simultaneously. This is practically impossible to accomplish manually for most traders.
  • The tool reacts instantaneously to changing market conditions versus the delays involved in manual order placement. This allows quicker responses to profitable moves or loss mitigation.
  • Automated rules eliminate emotional interference that can disrupt disciplined trade management when manually closing or adjusting positions.
  • Leaving the computer on is the only requirement. The EA carries out all tasks relentlessly in the background rather than needing the trader’s constant attention and involvement.

Purchase and Activation

The Partial Closure EA is available for purchase from the MetaTrader Market at a reasonable price of $99. The product page offers a free demo version allowing traders to try the EA’s features using a simulated account before buying.

Purchasing and installing the EA is straightforward for those with existing MetaTrader credentials. A license key activates the software for use across multiple accounts and computers. Perpetual licenses are also available, enabling unlimited usage without needing periodic renewals.


In summary, the Partial Closure EA provides an efficient solution for managing trades in the MetaTrader platform. The tool’s flexibility in automatically scaling in and out of positions unlocks new possibilities for traders to maximize profits while limiting losses. Although trading outcomes cannot be guaranteed, the EA certainly empowers traders with sophisticated position management capabilities.

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