How To Delete A Chart Layout In TradingView – A Complete Guide

One of TradingView’s most useful features is the ability to save and recall customized chart layouts. But after creating a layout, how do you delete it when ready to move on?

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll cover the various methods for deleting TradingView chart layouts to clear workspace clutter. Follow along to keep your platform tidy by pruning unused or redundant layouts.

We’ll explore layout deletion across desktop, web, and mobile, with troubleshooting tips for any issues. Let’s dive in!

How To Delete A Chart Layout In Tradingview

Why Delete Chart Layouts on TradingView?

Before we get into the deletion methods, let’s discuss some common reasons for removing layouts:

  • Workspace organization to clear out unused or outdated layouts
  • Fix glitches caused by layouts with odd configurations or errors
  • Free up platform resources especially if nearing storage limits
  • Remove trial layouts that didn’t prove useful
  • Standardization by deleting one-off layouts in favor of master templates
  • Preference for analyzing instruments independently vs template clusters

Proactively pruning layouts improves performance and organization. Now let’s delete!

How To Delete Chart Layouts on TradingView Desktop

Deleting entire chart layouts is easy on the TradingView desktop app:

  1. Click on the Layouts sidebar option to open your saved layouts
  2. Right click on the layout name you want to remove
  3. Select Delete [Layout Name] from the context menu
  4. Confirm the deletion in the popup dialog

And done! The layout will be permanently removed from your account. Rinse and repeat to delete other layouts.

Deleting Layouts on TradingView Web

To delete a full layout on tradingview.com:

  1. Click the 3-dot Settings icon in the top toolbar
  2. Select Layouts from the left sidebar menu
  3. Click the trash can icon next to the specific layout name
  4. Confirm the deletion in the popup notification

Straightforward! Now let’s look at clearing layouts on mobile.

Removing Layouts in the TradingView Mobile App

Using TradingView on iOS or Android? Follow these steps:

  1. Tap the 3-line “hamburger” menu icon to open the side drawer
  2. Tap on Layouts to open your saved layout list
  3. Swipe left on the layout entry you want to delete
  4. Tap Delete to confirm removing the selected layout

And done! The mobile workflows make managing layouts simple.

Bulk Deleting Multiple TradingView Layouts

To mass delete many layouts instead of individually:

  • On web, click the 3-dot Settings icon and select Layouts
  • Click the “Select all” checkbox at the top
  • Click the trash can icon to delete all selected layouts

Useful for clearing out multiple outdated or unused layouts quickly!

Troubleshooting TradingView Layout Deletion Issues

Layouts won’t delete? Here are some common issues and fixes:

  • Double check you are logged into the correct account if not seeing expected layouts
  • Refresh the page or reboot the platform to reset any glitches
  • Changing the layout name may help if system displays the wrong name
  • Reach out to TradingView support if delete option still not appearing

With over 12 million users, TradingView’s platform is robust and deletion issues are rare. But don’t hesitate to contact them if a layout simply won’t go away!

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Tips for Effective TradingView Layout Management

To amplify your layout capabilities and avoid clutter, remember to:

  • Name layouts intuitively so you can easily identify them later
  • Delete layouts immediately once they are obsolete or no longer used
  • Limit layouts to groupings that make logical sense to streamline analysis
  • Color code or tag key layouts that you use repeatedly for quick access
  • Periodically audit layouts and mass delete unused or one-off layouts

Staying organized will maximize the power of layouts for your process!

Final Thoughts on Deleting Chart Layouts

Hopefully this guide provides the knowledge needed to keep your TradingView platform running smoothly by regularly pruning unused chart layouts.

Don’t let outdated templates clutter up your workspace! Layout deletion is fast and easy across TradingView’s platforms.

The key is developing the habit of proactively removing layouts that no longer serve your process. Organization and intentionality creates a tailored experience.

Let me know if you have any other TradingView platform management questions!

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