How To Change Layout On TradingView Mobile App – A Complete Guide

The TradingView mobile app provides a full-featured trading experience for analyzing markets on the go. But how do you customize your mobile chart layouts?

In this guide, we’ll cover the benefits of custom mobile layouts, accessing the layout manager, adding/removing charts, creating layout templates, sharing layouts, pinning favorites, and layout tips for robust analysis.

Follow along to tailor your TradingView mobile app into a portable trading workspace with your favorite instruments dialed in! Let’s dive in.

How To Change Layout On Tradingview App

Why Custom Layouts Matter on Mobile

Crafting personalized layouts unlocks key benefits on TradingView mobile:

  • Charts pre-configured with indicators and annotations ready for your process
  • Group related markets or assets for faster comparative analysis
  • Custom templates recall your workflow without rebuilding each time
  • Quickly toggle between layouts for different strategies or watchlists
  • Share mobile layouts with the community or your inner trading circle

Thoughtful mobile layouts make on-the-go analysis more efficient and structured.

Accessing Layout Manager on Mobile

TradingView mobile layouts are managed under the More (⋮) menu:


Tap More tab > Layouts


Tap side menu icon > Layouts

Similar to the web experience, this opens your library of mobile layouts. Now let’s add and customize!

Adding Charts to Mobile TradingView Layout

Adding charts to a layout is easy:

  1. Tap + in Layouts or anywhere charts can go
  2. Search for the symbol or scan to add
  3. Tap +Add Chart with Defaults or customize before adding
  4. Drag charts to rearrange and tap links to overlay charts

Repeat to build your perfect mobile workspace!

Creating Custom Layout Templates on Mobile

Once your charts are arranged, save as a template:

  1. Tap ≡ menu in top right of layout
  2. Choose Save As Layout
  3. Name the custom layout something intuitive
  4. Tap Save – the layout will now persist in your library

Now you can quickly reload or share your configured workspace anytime.

Sharing TradingView Mobile Layouts

To collaborate using custom mobile layouts:

  1. With layout open, tap ≡ menu in top right
  2. Choose Share Layout
  3. Toggle Public or Private
  4. Tap Share
  5. Copy link or share via apps to sync layouts across devices

Sharing your mobile workspace is that simple!

Vanguard Warrior Indicator

Access advanced Vanguard Warrior Indicator

Pinning Favorite Layouts in Mobile App

Pin frequently used layouts for quick access:

  1. Tap ≡ menu on saved layout
  2. Choose Pin to Top
  3. Pinned layout will now stick to the top of your Layouts list
  4. Tap again to unpin when ready to change favorites

Pinning saves digging through menus to find your go-to layouts.

Tips for Advanced Mobile Layouts

Some pro tips for robust TradingView mobile layouts:

  • Use temporal or logical naming conventions for quick ID
  • Color code key layouts like Red for volatility or Green for bullish
  • Arrange charts for efficient left-right cross-referencing
  • Overlay charts to visualize multiple timeframes
  • Sync layouts across desktop and mobile for seamless transition

Next level workflows will amplify your market perspective.

Troubleshooting Mobile Layout Issues

Some common mobile layout questions:

Can’t delete layouts? Tap edit icon to rearrange first, then delete unused.

Charts not syncing? Ensure chart favorites are selected, refresh layout.

Seeing web layouts? Mobile layouts managed separately, check Layouts menu.

Layouts not sharing? Double check share toggle set to Public.

Reach out to their mobile support with any layout bugs!

How To Change Layout On Tradingview App Key Takeaways and Next Steps

I hope this guide provides a solid blueprint for tailoring tradingView mobile layouts to match your distinct trading process and asset workflow.

Leveraging layouts transforms TradingView mobile into a portable analysis hub customized to your needs.

Experiment with overlays, comparative groups, template reuse, pinning, and sharing to amplify your potential. Let me know if any other mobile questions arise!

Author: Dominic Walsh

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