The Forex Trading Coach Course – A Comprehensive Review

The Forex Trading Coach course by Andrew Mitchem is an online forex trading education program that aims to teach students how to become profitable forex traders. The course includes training videos, custom software, email support, and access to daily analysis and trade recommendations.

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Overview of The Forex Trading Coach

The Forex Trading Coach was founded in 2009 by Andrew Mitchem, a dairy farmer turned forex trader from New Zealand. Mitchem created the education company after becoming a successful trader himself in order to teach others his effective but simple trading strategies.

The core online video course that The Forex Trading Coach offers includes over 100 training videos totaling over 24 hours of content. The videos cover topics such as technical and fundamental analysis, risk management, trading psychology, and developing a trading plan.

In addition to the video course, members get access to custom built trading tools, daily market analysis and trade suggestions from Andrew Mitchem himself, weekly live trading webinars, unlimited email support, and an online community forum.

The Forex Trading Coach course has been taken by over 4000 students in over 100 different countries since its inception.

Cost of the Forex Trading Coach Course

There are a few pricing options available:

  • Online Video Course – $2,497 one-time fee for lifetime access
  • One-on-One Coaching – $7,997 for 12 months of private coaching sessions
  • Money Back Guarantee – 20% minimum return guarantee over 12 months

So at the base level, the video course provides exceptional value compared to competing courses. And for traders wanting more personalized guidance, the one-on-one coaching is available.

Teaching Style and Content

The teaching style of Andrew Mitchem places an emphasis on simplicity, transparency, and effective but straightforward trading strategies.

The video course teaches his exact trading system step-by-step from beginning to end. The videos focus on technical analysis concepts that Mitchem has found to be the most useful for trading, including:

Advanced topics like fundamental analysis, automation, and coding are not covered since Mitchem’s trading style relies primarily on technical analysis.

For each concept taught, Mitchem provides concrete examples and clear instructions for how to apply what you learn to actual trading. This learn-by-doing approach helps to accelerate students’ progress.

Support and Resources

Ongoing support and resources for students help to reinforce learning and provide guidance during the initial stages of trading. These include:

Daily Trade Recommendations – Every day Andrew Mitchem sends out to members his own trades that he is taking so students can follow along and learn directly from what he is doing.

Live Trading Webinars – During the weekly webinars, Mitchem reviews previous trades, discusses market conditions, and answers student questions live.

Community Forum – Students can interact with each other and Andrew Mitchem himself through the online community forum, helping them stay motivated and get quick answers to questions.

Unlimited Email Support – At any time, students can email Mitchem and his support team to get help applying the concepts from the course or troubleshooting problems.

Custom Trading Tools – Purpose-built trading tools like a position size calculator help students execute trades correctly as they begin live trading.

Does The Forex Trading Coach Produce Profitable Traders?

While no training can guarantee profits, many reviews from past students suggest that The Forex Trading Coach course does give traders the ability to trade profitably on their own after completing it.

Some key signs that indicate many graduates apply what they learn effectively:

  • Documented Trading Results – Andrew Mitchem publicly posts detailed statistics on the performance of his daily trade recommendations that members can piggyback on, proving the efficacy of his strategies. Over multiple years, these trades have produced consistent profits.
  • Reviews from Long-Time Students – Many reviews on third-party sites like Forex Peace Army are from traders who started with Mitchem 5+ years ago and still use his strategies profitably today. The long tenures suggest sustainable success.
  • Lack of Complaints – No widespread complaints about the course exist across the many forums and review sites where past students contribute feedback. For a company that has taught thousands of traders for over 13 years, this suggests the training delivers on its promises.

While success ultimately depends on the student’s own effort and application, The Forex Trading Coach appears to provide the support and resources needed for traders to thrive.

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Alternatives to The Forex Trading Coach

Some alternatives to consider include:

Babypips School of Pipsology – Free beginner’s forex trading course that teaches core concepts through its online curriculum. Great starting point but lacks ongoing support.

Investopedia Academy – Comprehensive paid video course platform covering trading and investing education, including forex. More generalized education with lots of courses to choose from.

Tradeciety Trading Academy – Membership program focused specifically on forex trading with video course, chat room, and live trading webinars. Smaller community than The Forex Trading Coach but may suit some traders better.

Learn to Trade – Long-standing forex educational company based in London. Range of free and paid forex courses available with focus on live instruction in group settings.

For traders specifically seeking a self-paced online forex course, The Forex Trading Coach stands out as a top choice in terms of longevity, transparency, affordability, and graduate success rates.


The Forex Trading Coach online trading course offers an in-depth forex education with a transparent instructor in Andrew Mitchem and active community of thousands of students. The teaching equips traders with straightforward but practical strategies that have demonstrated long-term profitability.

Between the high-quality video curriculum, supplemental resources for support, and track record of producing consistently profitable graduates, The Forex Trading Coach delivers tremendous value.

For motivated individuals seeking an affordable path to forex trading mastery, The Forex Trading Coach course is a worthwhile investment. The program gives traders the knowledge, tools, and guidance to develop skills that can last a lifetime.

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