Lamboraul: The Man Behind the Lambo

Lamboraul burst onto the forex trading scene in 2020 and quickly gained a massive following on social media with his flashy cars and luxury lifestyle. But who is the man behind the Lamborghini? In this 3000 word review, we’ll take an in-depth look at Lamboraul, including his background, trading strategies, courses, results, and controversies surrounding his meteoric rise to fame.


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Key Takeaways:

  • Lamboraul is the alias of Miami trader Raúl Gonzalez III who rose to fame in 2020
  • He trades mainly forex using technical analysis of price action, support/resistance, and chart patterns
  • Lamboraul offers trading courses and communities to teach his strategies and market approach
  • He has garnered criticism for lack of transparency around actual trading results and profits
  • Traders should be cautious of claims and manage expectations when assessing Lamboraul’s success

Background and Upbringing

Lamboraul’s real name is Raúl Gonzalez III. He was born on August 9, 1998 in Miami, Florida. He grew up as the oldest of three children to Raúl Gonzalez II, a dentist known as “Dr. Smile”, and Daisy, a homemaker.

Raúl became interested in trading and investing from a young age. He started reading books and watching YouTube videos to learn more while still in high school. After graduation, Raúl decided to pursue trading full-time rather than attending college.

Trading Strategy and Techniques

Lamboraul is a technical trader who analyzes charts to identify support, resistance, trends, and chart patterns. He mainly trades forex and focuses on major currency pairs like EUR/USD and GBP/USD.

Lamboraul uses a top-down approach starting with higher timeframes to identify the overall trend and key levels. He then zooms into lower timeframes like the 5 minute chart to find precise entry and exit points.

Some of the main techniques Lamboraul uses include:

He also emphasizes proper risk management with stop losses on every trade. Lamboraul aims for a 2:1 or higher risk to reward ratio.

Courses and Educational Resources

As his popularity grew, Lamboraul created courses and communities to teach his trading methods to new traders.

His main training is the Day Trading Institution course. It includes 20+ hours of video lessons teaching Lamboraul’s exact trading strategies through real market examples.

The course covers topics like:

Day Trading Institution also provides students with community access. Members can interact via chat rooms and weekly webinars with Lamboraul and other traders.

For newer traders, Lamboraul offers a free beginner forex course on his YouTube channel. The videos introduce forex basics, technical analysis, and fundamentals.

Lamboraul Backtesting and Live Results

Lamboraul claims his trading system can produce consistent profits each month. He routinely posts screenshots on social media of his trading results.

In 2022, Lamboraul posted a MyFXBook verified account showing $372,000 in net profits over 18 months. This equates to a monthly average gain of $20,000.

However, critics point out the lack of real-time verified results. Most of Lamboraul’s posted gains are from backtests or closed accounts making it impossible to confirm the accuracy and consistency.

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Controversies and Criticisms

Despite his popularity, Lamboraul has been the subject of various controversies and criticisms.

One of the biggest is the question of whether he actually made his fortune solely from trading, or if other sources like courses and promotions are responsible.

Lamboraul has been accused of using business expenses to lease his Lamborghinis to maintain a lavish lifestyle beyond his trading profits.

Others criticize his courses as overpriced and lacking in-depth education for serious traders. Some students have complained the trading strategies did not work as well in live markets as advertised.

Finally, Lamboraul has faced accusations of running trading scams or “get rich quick” schemes by selling unrealistic dreams to newbie traders.

Lamboraul Final Thoughts

Lamboraul has become one of the most prominent and influential traders within the industry. His flashy persona and extravagant lifestyle have captured the imagination of thousands of aspiring traders on social media.

While his courses and communities provide value to new traders, the lack of transparency around his actual trading results raises questions. Traders should exercise caution and manage expectations when evaluating Lamboraul’s purported success.

At just 24 years old, it will be interesting to see if Lamboraul can sustain his success and popularity over a long-term trading career. For now, he remains one of the biggest names and brands in the trading space.


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