How To Draw Trend Lines In TradingView – A Complete Guide

Drawing accurate trendlines is an essential skill for any technical trader using charting platforms like TradingView. But what’s the proper way to draw and utilize trend lines?

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll cover how to access the trendline tool, draw basic and advanced trendlines, edit lines, utilize channels, and apply analysis for high-probability trades.

Follow along to master the art of trendline analysis on TradingView!

How To Draw Trend Lines In Tradingview

Why Use Trendlines in TradingView?

Before getting into the functionality, let’s discuss why trendlines are so invaluable for traders:

  • Visualize support and resistance for swing trades or investments
  • Define channels constraining price action such as wedges and channels
  • Alert you when a breakout or breakdown occurs
  • Quantify the strength of uptrends and downtrends
  • Project where potential reversals may emerge
  • Identify reliable entry and exit points for trades

Applied properly, trendlines become a core tool in every trader’s arsenal. Now let’s dive into utilizing them effectively.

Accessing the Trendline Tool in TradingView

TradingView makes adding trendlines easy across platforms:


The trendline tool is located in the Drawing Tools sidebar. Click to activate.


Tap the chart twice to enter Drawing mode. The trendline icon is at the bottom.

Other Methods:

  • Right-click the chart and select Trend Line
  • Use the keyboard shortcut ‘T’ when in Drawing mode

Now let’s look at applying the tool.

How to Draw Basic Trendlines on TradingView

Drawing a basic trendline just takes two clicks:

  1. Select the trendline tool from the chart or Drawing menu
  2. Click once at the start point, move your mouse, and click again at end point

The trendline will be drawn connecting your two clicks. Repeat as needed to define channels.

Drawing Advanced Trendlines

TradingView allows even more robust trendline creation:

  • Click once to anchor line, move mouse, and double click to complete
  • Hold Shift while clicking to make perfect horizontal/vertical lines
  • Hold Alt to enable line extensions and trendline sets
  • Right click lines to edit properties like color, style, and thickness

Take time customizing trendlines for easy visualization on the chart.

Editing and Managing Trendlines

To modify existing trendlines:

  • Click to select the line, then drag anchors to move
  • Right click a line and select Properties to edit appearance and alerts
  • Use the Drawing Tools menu to rename, organize, or delete lines

Proper trendline hygiene keeps your chart clean and effective.

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Using Channels and Trendline Sets

Beyond basic lines, TradingView supports advanced channel tools:

  • Channels automatically draw parallel trendlines
  • Trendline sets allow syncing multiple connected lines
  • Offset channels by dragging the center-line or typing an offset value

These powerful features create robust analysis for complex chart patterns.

When using trendlines, look for:

  • Asset closing outside the trendline signaling a possible breakout
  • Wicks poking outside channels signaling a test of support/resistance
  • Ascending/descending channels indicating sustained bull/bear forces
  • Flat horizontal channels representing rangebound conditions

Contextual analysis unlocks high-probability breakout trades.

Best Practices for Drawing Quality Trendlines

Follow these tips for drawing effective trendlines:

  • Use at least 3 anchor points to define lines and channels
  • Draw across obvious swing highs and lows, not wicks
  • Focus on medium and long-term trends, not minor moves
  • Allow some wick penetration when judging breakouts
  • Combine trendlines with indicators like moving averages
  • Review linew accuracy periodically as trends evolve

Careful construction creates reliable trading signals.

Troubleshooting TradingView Trendline Issues

Common trendline problems and fixes:

Lines disappear? Anchor to visible price candles within timeframe date range.

Lines not updating? Refresh page or disable/re-enable the Drawing Tools.

Channels not parallel? Use channel tools. Move or add trendline sets.

Can’t select line? Make sure Drawing Tools activated. Use keyboard shortcuts.

Don’t hesitate to reach out to TradingView help for other trendline issues!

Unlocking Trendline Analysis on Any Chart

I hope this guide provides a solid blueprint for applying trendline analysis to enhance your trading across any market or asset class using TradingView.

With practice, trendline construction and interpretation will become second nature. Use trendlines to develop your “chart eye” and evolve into a skilled technical trader.

Let me know if you have any other TradingView charting questions!

Author: Dominic Walsh

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