How To Make Candles Bigger On TradingView – A Complete Guide

TradingView offers extensive chart customization options, but users often want to adjust simple settings like making the candlesticks bigger for easier viewing. Whether you need larger candles for visual clarity, to see opening/closing prices better, or to fit longer time frames on the chart – this guide will show you how. We’ll cover candlestick sizing methods for both desktop and mobile, tweaking wicks vs bodies, and other candle display adjustments. Let’s dive in! How To Make Candles Bigger On Tradingview

Why Increase Candle Size on TradingView?

Before adjusting candlestick size, let’s look at some common reasons traders want bigger candles:
  • Hard to visually parse pricing action on the existing scale
  • Want to highlight candle wicks showing intraday high/low
  • Fitting more price history into the chart range
  • Viewing charts on smaller screens like mobile devices
  • Older eyesight needing bigger graphic elements
  • Certain strategies rely on seeing candle opens/closes clearly
TradingView makes it easy to tailor candle appearance to your needs.

How to Make Candles Bigger on TradingView Desktop

On the full desktop platform, there are a couple ways to increase candle size: Chart Settings Method
  1. Open chart Settings and go to Style tab
  2. Adjust the Scale value higher to increase overall candle size
  3. Tweak Visible Price Range as needed to fit candles nicely
Chart Properties Method
  1. Right click directly on chart and select Properties
  2. Go to Style tab and adjust Candle Wick and/or Body to make bigger
With either approach, preview changes until candle appearance fits your needs.

How to Increase Candle Size on Mobile

On TradingView’s iOS and Android apps:
  1. Tap top right corner “…” icon to open chart settings
  2. Tap Style to open candlestick settings
  3. Adjust Scale or Candle Body/Wick values higher as desired
  4. Tap back to chart to preview – repeat until candles are sized suitably
Pinch/zoom gestures can also enlarge candles by focusing the visible price range.

Adjusting Wicks vs Bodies

Beyond overall size, traders can emphasize candle wicks or bodies:
  • Increase Wick Width to highlight intraday price extremes
  • Raise Body Width to see opens/closes more clearly
  • Reduce opposite element so wick or body stands out
Candle anatomy conveys meaning. Tweak as needed for your strategy. Vanguard Warrior Indicator Access my advanced Vanguard Warrior Indicator

Sizing Tips for Readability

Follow these tips for properly sized, easy-to-read candles:
  • Use round number scale settings like 20, 30, or 50 vs odd values
  • Size candles to occupy 2/3rds or more of the visible price range
  • Ensure adequate padding so wicks aren’t cramped on candle tops/bottoms
  • Display at least 30-50 candles in your viewing window for context
  • Right-size mobile candles for fingertip control and visibility
Proper sizing enhances clarity without distorting the picture.

Other Candle Customizations

Beyond sizing, TradingView offers additional candle tweaks:
  • Colors and gradients to make bull/bear candles stand out
  • Borders and wick styles to add visual contrast
  • Showing bodies as lines rather than rectangles
Explore further style options to maximize candle usefulness for analysis.

Candlestick Best Practices

Keep these candlestick charting best practices in mind:
  • Use sane sizing – avoid extremes obscuring analysis
  • Size candles in proportion to overall chart real estate
  • Standardize sizing across your symbol charts for consistency
  • Note color and style connotations when altering palette
  • Preview changes on both bright and dark chart backgrounds
Tweak carefully and intentionally for optimized readability.

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Troubleshooting Candle Issues

Here are some common candlestick problems and fixes: Candles disappear? Likely exceeding your data package. Try lowering timeframe. Malformed candles? Enable “Include non-trading hours” under Style. Price jumps between candles? Enable Pre/Post Market data or switch to line chart briefly. Gaps not visible? Confirm “Include non-trading hours” is on to show full session. Reach out to TradingView support if candlestick problems persist.

The Importance of Customization

TradingView grants traders awesome power to deeply customize chart appearance and candlestick styling to match preferences. I hope this guide provides easy candle-sizing techniques to boost TradingView’s visual clarity for analysis. Don’t hesitate to tweak and experiment! Let me know if you have any other TradingView chart customization questions. Happy charting!
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