How To Get TradingView Premium Account Free – Tips and Alternatives

TradingView is one of the most popular charting and analysis platforms for active traders. But premium plans costing hundreds per year can limit access for smaller traders.

Is there a way to get premium TradingView features for free? While outright free premium plans are not available, this guide will cover tactics to access comparable capabilities without paying.

We’ll explore free trial extensions, feature workarounds, discounts, and low-cost alternatives so you can maximize your TradingView experience on a budget. Let’s dive in!

How To Get Tradingview Premium Account Free

Why Pay for TradingView Premium?

First, why even consider paying for premium access? What do you gain?

For Individuals

  • More server-side alerts (10 vs 3)
  • Unlimited server-side indicators (vs 2)
  • Additional indicators and strategies
  • Unlimited chart layouts (vs 3)
  • No ads

For Professionals

  • Private publishable indicators
  • Company page for branding
  • Priority support
  • White label PDF branding
  • Additional features depending on plan

Clearly premium provides important benefits, especially for pros. But free workarounds exist…

Extending the Free Trial to Go Premium Temporarily

All TradingView users get an initial 30-day free trial of premium access. Here are tips to prolong it:

Use multiple emails to grab 30-day trials periodically. Not sustainable forever but can buy you time.

Cancel and restart trials since there’s no cooldown before starting a new one. Cancel early in the trial to maximize time.

Refer friends for +7 free days each for up to 1 year (though finding 385 friends can be tough!).

Create content to qualify for creator perks bonuses including premium trials.

With creative hustle, you can string together an extended premium trial period without paying!

Unlocking Premium Capabilities for Free

Even without premium, you can replicate some key features:

More alerts – Use webhooks to send TradingView alerts to tools like Discord, Telegram, or a server to process more.

No ads – Install ad blocking extensions like uBlock Origin in your web browser to remove all display ads.

More indicators – Access an unlimited number of indicators by installing the TradingView Pine Script extension. Or code a custom one exactly as you want in Pine.

Premium indicators – Many premium indicators are cloned or recreated free in the Public Library. Search before paying!

Layouts – Save chart templates and easily drag them into blank layouts to recreate your environment. A bit manual but functions the same.

With the right tools and workflows, you can achieve premium capabilities without the cost!

Spark Impulse strategy

Access my premium Spark Impulse Indicator

Ways to Get TradingView Discounts and Deals

While not free, significant TradingView discounts are possible:

  • Use promo codes and coupons from deal sites
  • Join affiliate programs to get discounts in exchange for promotion
  • Take advantage of occasional seasonal sales around holidays
  • Check community forums for users selling codes
  • Contact their support and kindly request a discount or bundle deal
  • Consider cheaper plans like monthly over annual payment

You can likely get at least 20-50% off with diligent deal hunting, making premium more affordable!

Low-Cost Alternatives to TradingView

If you still find TradingView premium out of your budget, cheaper alternatives exist:


  • TrendSpider has free robust charts with paid premium upgrades
  • Cryptowatch has free live crypto charts
  • StocksToTrade offers real-time stock scanning on a budget

Paper Trading


  • Discord and Telegram groups for trading chat
  • StockTwits for discussing ideas and staying on top of trends


  • Finviz for free stock scans
  • TradingView’s free plan still offers basic community scans

Diligent shopping will find tailored low-cost tools for most TradingView features.

Final Thoughts on Getting TradingView Premium Free

While genuinely free premium TradingView access long-term may not be feasible, this guide provides creative ways to get close through:

  • Maxing out back-to-back free trials
  • Unlocking comparable functionality with scripts and tools
  • Hunting for discounts, promos, and budget alternatives

With the right techniques, you can get 80%+ of premium capabilities without paying a premium!

I hope these tips help you maximize your TradingView experience at minimum cost. Let me know if you have any other questions!

Author: Dominic Walsh

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