How To Download The TradingView Desktop App – A Complete Guide

TradingView originated as a web-based charting and analysis platform accessed through browsers. But they now offer desktop applications for Windows and MacOS.

Installing TradingView’s desktop app provides a native experience with performance benefits compared to web. But how do you download and install the TradingView desktop app?

In this guide, we’ll cover the desktop app features, downloading instructions, getting started tips, and transition guidance for current TradingView users. Follow along to get TradingView running smoothly on your local computer!

How To Download Tradingview Desktop App

Benefits of the TradingView Desktop App

Before installing, let’s look at why you may want the desktop application:

  • Faster performance with charts and indicators loading quicker
  • Feature parity with web version including real-time data
  • Keyboard shortcut customization for power users
  • Desktop notifications so you never miss an alert
  • Always accessible without relying on browsers
  • Easier landing page customization without extensions
  • Supplemental to web access – both can be used interchangeably

For active traders, the desktop app provides a smoother experience.

Downloading the TradingView Desktop App

TradingView provides native desktop apps for Windows and MacOS. To download:


  1. Go to on your Windows PC
  2. Click Download App
  3. Run the downloaded .exe installer file
  4. Follow the setup prompts to complete installation


  1. Go to on your Mac
  2. Click Download App
  3. Open the downloaded .dmg file
  4. Drag the TradingView icon into your Applications folder
  5. Launch TradingView from your apps to open

Installation is quick and easy across desktop platforms.

Getting Started Tips for the Desktop App

When first running the TradingView desktop app:

  • Login using your existing TradingView credentials or create a new account
  • The app will autosync your favorites, watchlists, alerts and settings from web
  • Customize keyboard shortcuts under Settings to maximize efficiency
  • Arrange widgets, tabs, and windows to optimize your workspace
  • Try loading demanding indicators like VWAP on higher timeframes to see speed gains

With those steps complete, you’re ready to hit the charts in the desktop app!

Transitioning from Web to Desktop

For existing TradingView users switching to the desktop app:

  • You can run both web and desktop interchangeably – alerts and settings sync
  • Desktop notifications must be enabled separately from browser alerts
  • Recreate custom indicators and workspaces from web inside the desktop app
  • Changes made on one platform auto-save to the other thanks to cloud syncing
  • Use the Profile menu to switch between multiple TradingView user accounts

The transition to desktop is smooth – use whichever platform suits your needs.

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Troubleshooting TradingView Desktop App Issues

Here are some common desktop app troubleshooting tips:

App freezing/crashing? Try restarting, updating graphics drivers, adjusting Hardware Acceleration setting.

Can’t log in? Check internet connection. Reset password if needed. Delete and reinstall app.

Settings not syncing? Give it time to sync. Log out and back in. Check TradingView status page.

Missing features? Some advanced features like Strategy Tester are web only. Desktop has nearly full parity.

Don’t hesitate to reach out to TradingView customer support if issues persist after troubleshooting!

Customizing the Desktop Experience

To tailor TradingView’s desktop app to your workflow:

  • Arrange charts, watchlists, tools etc using customizable workspaces
  • Set quick chart defaults under Settings like themes and shortcuts
  • Adjust Hardware Acceleration for responsiveness vs battery life
  • Choose color theme from defaults or create a custom one
  • Connect other monitors to extend workspace across screens

Tweaking preferences maximizes efficiency and charts exactly how you want.

The Power of Desktop Apps for Trading

Migrating from TradingView web to the specialized desktop app unlocks speed and efficiency gains through native performance and customization.

I suggest TradingView power users install the desktop app to get the smoothest experience. Casual users may be fine sticking with web.

I hope this guide helped explain the benefits of the desktop app and how to download and start using it. Let me know if you have any other TradingView desktop questions!

Author: Dominic Walsh

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