How To Change Time Zone In TradingView Mobile App – A Complete Guide

The TradingView mobile app provides a powerful charting and analysis experience for active traders on the go. But with global markets, how do you set the proper time zone in the mobile app?

In this guide, I’ll explain the importance of displaying correct time zones, walk through adjusting time zones on iOS and Android, using GMT offsets, scheduling market hours, pitfalls of mobile time zones, and tips for seamless cross-device TradingView usage.

Follow along to master time zone configuration on TradingView mobile to better track and react to market movements in proper context. Let’s dive in!

How To Change Time Zone In Tradingview Mobile App

Why Configure Time Zone in TradingView Mobile App?

Setting the correct time zone is crucial for accurate TradingView charting and performance:

A simple time zone discrepancy could lead to missing trades or risky entries.

How to Change Time Zone on iOS TradingView App

Adjusting your default time zone on TradingView for iOS is easy:

  1. Tap the More icon (3 lines) in the top right to open the side menu
  2. Scroll down and select Timezone under Settings
  3. Search for and select your desired time zone location
  4. Confirm change by tapping “Change” in the warning popup

That’s it! The app will now display the proper timezone across all charts and tools.

Changing Time Zone on Android TradingView App

To change time zones in the TradingView Android app:

  1. Tap the side menu icon in top left corner to open the navigation drawer
  2. Tap on Settings in the menu
  3. Scroll down and select Time zone
  4. Search for and choose your desired timezone location
  5. Tap OK to confirm changing the time zone

The Android workflows are just as seamless. Now your charts visualize market hours correctly.

Using GMT Offset on TradingView Mobile

You can also manually configure time zone by GMT offset:

  1. Follow same steps to access Time zone settings
  2. At top, choose GMT Offset mode
  3. Enter your required offset hours from GMT
  4. Tap offset direction East or West of Greenwich meridian

This allows accurately syncing TradingView time irrespective of location.

Scheduling Trading Hours on Mobile App

Scheduling trading sessions is also essential on mobile:

  • Ensure exchange hours for your symbols are configured properly
  • Set alerts and other timeline features to activate in correct sessions
  • Verify non-market trading hours are greyed out on charts

Get your trades synced to actual market hours in your region.

Avoiding Mobile Time Zone Pitfalls

Watch out for these mobile-specific timezone issues:

  • System time auto-updating with location especially when traveling
  • Lagging data feeds providing incorrect timestamps
  • Changes not applying properly if multiple accounts signed in
  • Alerts firing at wrong times if timezone incorrect
  • Chart gaps or misaligned prices across devices

Proactively manage time zones to prevent costly mistakes.

Tips for Consistent Cross-Device Usage

Some best practices for robust multi-device TradingView usage:

  • Check time zone is identical across mobile, web, and desktop apps
  • Use GMT Offset mode for consistency if location changes frequently
  • Enable “Sync saved time zones” in account settings
  • Verify charts look identical and prices properly aligned across devices
  • Code timezone handling into Pine Script alerts and strategies

Seamless usage Requires diligent timezone configuration.

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Troubleshooting TradingView Mobile Time Issues

Here are some common mobile time zone questions:

Missing candles or gaps? Verify timezone matches exchange hours. Enable pre/post-market sessions.

Prices misaligned between apps? Confirm timezone is synced using same GMT offset on all devices.

Alerts firing early/late? Double check timezone, trading hours, and alert time settings.

Can’t change timezone? Enable location permissions for app, ensure using latest version.

Reach out to TradingView support if any persisting timezone problems!

Key Takeaways

I hope this guide provides a solid blueprint for configuring time zones properly on TradingView’s mobile apps. Key points covered include:

  • Critical importance of accurate timezone for trading context
  • Adjusting time zone in iOS and Android apps
  • Setting GMT offset for location-independent sync
  • Scheduling market hours and sessions
  • How to avoid common mobile timezone pitfalls
  • Tips for robust cross-device TradingView usage

Let me know if you have any other mobile trading or time zone questions!

Author: Dominic Walsh

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