TWP Price Action Course – In-Depth Review

The TWP (Trade With Precision) Price Action Course is an online trading course that teaches students how to trade financial markets using price action analysis. It covers beginner to advanced concepts around technical analysis, chart reading, support/resistance, supply/demand zones, risk management, and developing a trading plan.

TWP Price Action Course

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Overview of the Course

The TWP Price Action Course is run by Ben, an experienced trader who shares the exact strategies and techniques he uses in his own trading. Some key details about the course:

  • Delivered through online video modules inside a membership site
  • Covers forex, stocks, crypto, commodities
  • Beginner to advanced material
  • Includes access to a Discord community and trade alerts
  • One-time price of $349

Topics Covered

Some of the main topics covered in the course include:

  • Price action concepts
    • Support, resistance, trend lines
    • Chart patterns (triangles, head and shoulders etc)
    • Supply and demand zones
  • Technical indicators
    • RSI, moving averages, Bollinger bands
  • Developing a trading plan
    • Risk management rules
    • Entry, exit and stop loss placement
    • Position sizing and account management
  • Psychology and mindset
  • Live market analysis
  • Advanced pattern strategies
  • Swing trading vs day trading approaches

The style of teaching is very practical, with lots of chart examples demonstrating how to apply the concepts in real market situations.

Course Creator Background

The TWP Price Action Course was created by Ben, an experienced trader from the UK. Some key background on Ben:

  • Trades full-time for a living
  • Specializes in price action strategies
  • Trades his own account live every day
  • Has a YouTube channel documenting his trading
  • Formerly worked as an accountant

Ben’s trading career began when he started teaching himself technical analysis while working his 9-5 office job. After becoming consistently profitable with a price action swing trading system, he was eventually able to quit his job and trade for a living.

Now running a YouTube channel with over 70k subscribers, Ben shares his exact trading strategies through the TWP Course and community.

Course Modules and Topics

The TWP Price Action Course contains over 35 video modules that cover all aspects of the trading process. Here is an overview of some of the main sections:

Introduction Module

  • Ben’s background and trading career
  • How to get setup with brokers and charts
  • Trading vs investing differences

Price Action & Technical Analysis

Supply & Demand Trading

  • How to spot supply and demand zones
  • Trade entry rules with supply/demand
  • Where to place stop losses/limits
  • Examples of live supply and demand trades

Developing a Trading Plan

  • Determining account size and risk appetite
  • Conservative vs aggressive risk management
  • Trade entry and exit rules
  • Using stop losses and risk-reward ratios

Live Market Analysis

  • How to analyze charts like a professional
  • Finding high probability setups
  • Live market commentary and trade ideas
  • Psychology tips during open market

Mindset & Psychology

  • Managing emotions and developing discipline
  • Coping with losses and learning from mistakes
  • Maintaining focus and motivation

In addition to the video modules, students also get access to a Discord community chat room for discussing trades and getting mentorship directly from Ben.

TWP Price Action Course Delivery and Accessibility

The TWP Price Action Course is delivered through a membership site that gives lifetime access to all the video content. This means you can go through the material at your own pace, and always use it as an ongoing reference.

Some of the key features around accessibility include:

  • Stream videos online or download to watch offline
  • Tablet and mobile friendly interface
  • Create notes and bookmarks while watching
  • Quickly search for topics using tags
  • Access new content when added
  • Discussion forums and chat room for questions

So even though there is a lot of video content, it is structured and delivered in a way that makes it easy to navigate and find what you need.

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Trading Community & Alerts

In addition to the video course, students also get access to:

  • Discord Community – Chat room for discussing trades, asking questions and interacting with other traders
  • Trade Alerts – Ben shares live trading ideas, chart analysis and his own trades in real-time throughout market opens. This gives members the opportunity to learn through commentary and observation.

The community creates an interactive learning environment alongside the formal course material, which can be incredibly valuable for newer traders.

TWP Price Action Course Price and Payment Plans

There are a few options when it comes to accessing the TWP Price Action Course:

  • Basic Course Access: $349 one-time payment
  • Three Month Payment Plan: $127 upfront then $127 per month for two months
  • Course + Alerts: $1499 one-time payment for lifetime course access plus Ben’s real-time trade alerts and analysis.

The basic course access provides tremendous value and all the educational content at a very reasonable price point. The other packages simply offer additional features and access for those that want more.

Certification of Completion

The TWP Price Action Course offers students the ability to earn an official certificate of completion.

To qualify for certification, you must:

  • Watch all video modules in full
  • Pass module quizzes testing your understanding
  • Share two full trade analyses using concepts from the course
  • Have one profitable live trade example using the strategies learned

Earning official TWP certification gives you credibility and demonstrates your grasp of the techniques taught in the program.

TWP Price Action Course Pros and Cons

Here is an overview of some of the main pros and cons of the TWP Price Action Course:


  • Comprehensive curriculum covering all aspects of trading
  • Taught by a real trader with years of experience and verifiable results
  • Interactive Discord community provides immense value
  • Clear and engaging teaching style
  • Video modules are segmented and organized logically
  • Excellent balance of theory and real examples
  • Official certification gives you credibility
  • Lifetime access at a very reasonable one-time fee


  • Very extensive course so requires dedication
  • Strategies take time and practice to fully grasp
  • Alert package is expensive for some budgets
  • Due to popularity, chat room can get crowded

Overall the pros seem to heavily outweigh any cons, especially given the price point and value delivered.

TWP Price Action Course Creator Review

Ben, the creator of the course, has received overwhelmingly positive reviews from students:

“Ben is a great teacher – his explanations are clear and the way he analyses charts makes everything click into place.” David M.

“The TWP course is incredible value for money. Ben leaves no stone unturned teaching you exactly how he trades price action pullbacks and breakouts for a living.” James R.

“I tried so many courses before finding TWP and Ben. His teaching style just resonated and after a few months of applying what I learned, I’m finally consistent!” Tony P.

Ben’s transparency around the fact he trades full-time for a living also builds trust and credibility. Students take comfort knowing they are learning from someone who is actively trading the markets with verifiable results.

Final Review Verdict

The TWP Price Action Course delivers an exceptional trading education at a very affordable one-time fee.

Ben’s teaching style, attention to detail and effective curriculum design makes learning accessible for new traders, but with enough depth for experienced traders too.

The additional community resources and Ben’s own trade alerts take things to another level for those that want that extra edge.

Overall it’s clear to see why the TWP Price Action Course is building such a strong reputation in the trading education space. It strikes an excellent balance between value, content quality and actionable strategies.

For newer traders looking to establish a solid foundation based on price action concepts, or experienced traders wanting to sharpen their skills, the TWP Course comes highly recommended.

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