The Binary Mastermind Course – A Comprehensive Review

The Binary Mastermind Course is an online trading course that aims to teach students how to profitably trade binary options. According to the course creator, it contains a wealth of binary trading knowledge that will “leave you excited to trade daily”. But does it live up to its promises? This review will analyze the key components of the course to determine if it provides value for money.

Binary Mastermind Course

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An Overview of Binary Options Trading

Before delving into the course itself, it’s important to understand exactly what binary options trading entails. Binary options are financial instruments that allow you to speculate on the short-term price movements of various assets like stocks, currencies, commodities and indices.

You simply predict whether the price of the underlying asset will rise or fall within a predetermined timeframe. If your prediction is correct, you earn a fixed payout. If your prediction is incorrect, you lose your initial investment. The expiry times of binary options range from 60 seconds all the way up to end of day or end of week expiries.

Now that we’ve covered the basics, let’s take a look at what the Binary Mastermind Course offers.

Course Curriculum and Structure

According to the sales page, the Binary Mastermind Course aims to take your trading “to the next level” by teaching advanced binary trading concepts and strategies. Specifically, it promises to show you:

Additionally, the course creator claims it is structured in an easy to follow format that builds concepts step-by-step. This suggests a well-planned curriculum designed for beginners and intermediates alike.

Upon enrollment, students gain access to video lectures and accompanying PDF notes. The training is delivered online so you can access the materials on any device.

Course Sections

Based on the information provided, the Binary Mastermind Course covers:

This curriculum structure ensures that both trading basics and advanced concepts are covered.

Instructor Credentials

The Binary Mastermind Course is created by a trader named Jayce Cashtv. Specific details about his background are scarce.

According to student testimonials, Jayce trades binary options full time. Given that he generates income from trading, it’s reasonable to assume he has valuable insights to share. Still, his exact qualifications and track record are unclear.

Ideally, you want to learn from established traders with many years of market experience. So the lack of transparency around the instructor’s credentials is concerning.


The full retail price for lifetime access to the Binary Mastermind Course is $150.

Considering the amount of training content included, this seems like a fair price point. It’s in line with the cost of comparable online trading courses.

One downside is that there doesn’t appear to be a money back guarantee. So if you find the course lacking, getting a refund could be difficult.

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What Students Are Saying

To better evaluate the quality of training, we can analyze reviews from students who have taken the course.

On the sales page, there are no reviews or testimonials shown. However, a few student reviews can be found on third party websites:

“In the money every time. Upvote 1.” – Reddit User

“I paid for his binary mastermind. Very informative!” – YouTube Comment

The limited reviews are overwhelmingly positive about the trading knowledge and profitability from applying the strategies. Still, with only a couple reviews available, it’s difficult to fully assess the quality and student satisfaction. More reviews would be needed to validate the high ratings.

Final Verdict

In summary, the Binary Mastermind Course offers an extensive binary options trading curriculum for a reasonable price. The video lectures and downloadable PDFs ensure you can learn trading basics all the way up to advanced strategies.

However, there are a couple areas of concern to note. Firstly, the instructor’s credentials are unclear which raises questions around his competency to teach trading. Additionally, more student reviews would be helpful to substantiate the quality of training.

Overall, if you are searching for an affordable, A-Z binary options course, the Binary Mastermind delivers on that front. Just keep in mind that you are taking a calculated risk given the limited information on the instructor’s background and expertise.

As with any course purchase, apply the knowledge, practice under real market conditions, and ultimately judge the training based on your own trading results.

Author: Dominic Walsh

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