Forex Cyborg EA – Pros, Cons And Results

Finding a consistently profitable forex trading system feels impossible for most traders. Forex Cyborg EA by DynoBars aims to be one such set-and-forget automated trading solution for forex profits. But does this EA trade as profitably as advertised? In this unbiased Forex Cyborg review, I’ll scrutinize the features, purported accuracy, user experiences, costs and results to determine if this robot can provide a trading edge or not. Forex Cyborg EA Download Free Forex Cyborg EA

Overview – What is Forex Cyborg EA?

Forex Cyborg EA is an automated trading robot designed to trade forex automatically. It runs on MetaTrader 4, scanning currency pairs to identify trading opportunities based on its programmed algorithms without manual intervention. The robot aims to determine optimal entries and exits for trades based on technical indicator analysis. It promises a hands-free automated trading solution even for beginners. But does it really work consistently? Let’s analyze further.

How Forex Cyborg EA Works

According to the developer DynoBars, Forex Cyborg EA uses indicators like RSI, moving averages, Bollinger Bands and pattern recognition in its algorithms. It aims to identify trend direction, overbought/oversold levels, support/resistance zones, and volatility. The newest 2022 release claims enhanced machine learning capabilities so the robot can optimize its logic in real-time based on changing market conditions and liquidity dynamics. It purportedly adapts automatically for maximum performance. In addition, features like adjustable stop loss on each trade aims to limit trading risk. But do the algorithms perform reliably?

Reviewing Forex Cyborg EA’s Accuracy Claims

The main sales pitch around Forex Cyborg EA focuses on its purported profitability claims of over 90% winning trades. However, extensive research uncovers inconsistencies:
  • No concrete proof of live accounts achieving over 90% win rate long term
  • No statistics provided on largest historical drawdowns or consecutive losses
  • Potential conflict as vendor has financial incentive in accuracy claims used heavily in marketing
Without undisputed evidence from verified trading statements, the win rate assertions seem dubious currently. These promised accuracy metrics warrant heavy skepticism without proof. Forex Black Dragon Robot Check our Forex Black Dragon Robot

User Reviews and Ratings for Forex Cyborg Expert Advisor

Looking at impartial user reviews offers more unbiased insights into experiences with this EA. However, very few public objective reviews seem to exist, with most on the vendor’s website appearing suspiciously positive. Searching through forex review forums, a few users report inconsistent results between backtests and live trading, with software updates failing to fix issues. Much more neutral feedback is needed to judge the robot’s performance accurately in real trading conditions.

Forex Cyborg Expert Advisor Pricing

Forex Cyborg EA pricing consists of a one-time fee of $179 for unlimited use on one real account plus free upgrades, or a $47 monthly subscription. These costs seem reasonably comparable to similar forex robots sold online currently. However, without documented proof of winning percentages or reliability, determining true value is difficult.

Can Forex Cyborg Robot Really Automate Trading Success?

While Forex Cyborg EA aims to provide traders, especially beginners, with automated trading profits, some concerns exist:
  • Lack of transparency into origins of claimed over 90% win rate accuracy
  • No documented evidence of users achieving stated winning percentages in live trading
  • Risks inherent in over-reliance on automated trading signals and execution
For new traders, studying price action strategies, paper trading for practice, and money management remains essential. There are no shortcuts despite promises of easy profits.

What Are the Key Features of Tesla Lion EA Compared to Forex Cyborg EA?

Tesla’s cutting-edge lion ea software has several key features that set it apart from Forex Cyborg EA. With Tesla’s Lion EA, users can take advantage of advanced machine learning algorithms to make accurate predictions and execute trades seamlessly. Additionally, the software allows for real-time monitoring, backtesting, and customization of trading strategies. Its user-friendly interface makes it accessible for both beginners and experienced traders.

Disadvantages and Downsides to Consider

In addition to bold accuracy claims needing further validation, a few other potential disadvantages:
  • No clarity into the logic or code behind the algorithms
  • Hidden fees from recommended brokers eating into net profits
  • Ongoing optimizations needed reducing “set and forget” appeal
  • Software glitches or technology failures interrupting automation
No EA is foolproof or delivers perfect results invariably according to user reviews. Realism remains crucial.

The Bottom Line on Forex Cyborg Robot

Forex Cyborg EA clearly provides helpful features and aims to give traders an edge based on the vendor’s experience. However, the lack of ability to independently verify bold accuracy and win rate claims makes simply taking marketing promises at face value difficult. Without further documentation, I cannot comfortably recommend Forex Cyborg EA as a wise investment compared to alternatives with statistically verified track records demonstrating profitability over time. Of course, if future results transparency and validation does emerge, along with more impartial user reviews, my assessment could certainly change. But as of now, too many open questions exist to proceed with full confidence. Caution remains prudent.
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