Nesco MT4 EA Review: An In-Depth Analysis

The Nesco MT4 EA is an expert advisor created by developer Gennady Sergienko for the MetaTrader 4 trading platform. This fully automated trading robot analyzes financial markets independently and executes trades based on its algorithms. In this comprehensive review, we will examine the features, strategies, performance statistics, pros and cons of the Nesco MT4 EA to determine if it is a worthwhile investment for Forex traders.

Nesco MT4 EA

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Overview of Nesco MT4 EA

The Nesco MT4 EA is marketed as an artificial intelligence-powered trading robot that can function 24/5 without constant human oversight. Some of its highlighted capabilities include[1]:

  • Independent market analysis and trade execution using proprietary algorithms
  • Ability to run multiple trading strategies simultaneously
  • Integrated notification system to alert users via mobile devices
  • Adaptive algorithms that do not require frequent optimization
  • Affordable pricing structure compared to competitors

According to the developer, the key advantage of Nesco MT4 is its data flow analysis methodology that allows it to trade dozens of strategies at once[1]. Currently, it offers 6 built-in strategies tailored for specific market conditions and currency pairs:

  • PILOT_R: Trades EURUSD on M5 timeframe, requires $150 minimum deposit
  • STENVALLL_: Trades EURUSD on M5 timeframe, requires $100 minimum deposit
  • NIGHT_POUND: Trades GBPUSD from 1:30-5:30 am server time, requires $200 minimum deposit
  • ULTIMATE: New high-risk strategy requiring $500 deposit
  • SCALPER_PRO: Aggressive scalping strategy for EURUSD M5
  • GBPUSD_H4: Slower strategy trading GBPUSD on H4 timeframe

Users can activate or deactivate these strategies based on their individual preferences and account size. The EA allows running multiple strategies simultaneously to diversify and maximize opportunities.

How Nesco MT4 EA Works

According to the developer, Nesco MT4 EA is powered by an artificial intelligence system with deep learning capabilities. It gathers financial data from global sources and analyzes the data to identify trading opportunities.

The EA can open and manage multiple simultaneous trades on a single currency pair using its built-in strategies. For example, the STENVALLL_ strategy may open up to 8 positions on EURUSD to get the optimal entry price as per its algorithms. However, none of the strategies use martingale or grid techniques.

The EA has a dynamic architecture that adapts to changing market conditions. Key risk management features include:

  • Hard stop loss on all trades
  • Maximum spread control
  • DD reduction algorithm
  • Risk-reward ratio optimization
  • Automatic lot size calculation

These settings ensure capital preservation during volatile markets while maximizing profits in stable conditions.

Performance Statistics and Backtests

According to the developer, Nesco MT4 EA has been traded live since 2018 with steady profits. However, the limited trade history makes it difficult to verify these claims.

The developer provides backtest reports for the EA’s strategies, but experts recommend caution when evaluating backtests. The STENVALLL_ strategy has been backtested on EURUSD M5 data since 2019 with purported profits. However, backtests do not account for real-world market conditions.

Some user reviews mention strong performance for the older strategies like STENVALLL_ but mixed results for newer ones like PILOT_R[3]. The recently added ULTIMATE strategy has very little live testing. Overall, more proof is needed to assess the viability of this EA across different market cycles.

Using Nesco MT4 EA

Nesco MT4 EA works on the MetaTrader 4 platform and is compatible with ECN brokers offering raw spread accounts. The developer recommends a minimum deposit of $100 and 1:30 leverage. The EA can run on a VPS service for uninterrupted automated trading.

The installation process involves downloading the ex4 file and attaching it to the chart in MT4. Users can enable or disable individual strategies by setting the RUN parameter to TRUE or FALSE. All other settings are optimized by default. An example of activating the STENVALLL_ strategy is shown below:


The EA has an intuitive panel that allows managing trades, viewing statistics, and configuring settings. Key parameters that can be adjusted include stop loss, take profit, max spread, and risk percentage. Users should thoroughly backtest before using real capital.


Here are some of the notable benefits of the Nesco MT4 expert advisor:

  • Independent analysis: Does not rely on external indicators or technical analysis.
  • Multiple strategies: Provides diversification and flexibility to adapt to changing markets.
  • Risk management: Incorporates stop loss, DD reduction, and risk/reward optimization.
  • Affordable pricing: Available for around $150, suitable for small accounts.
  • High customizability: Users can enable/disable individual strategies.
  • No optimization needed: Dynamic settings continuously adapt to the markets.


While the EA offers some advantages, traders should also consider the following limitations:

  • Potential losses: No EA can avoid losses during unfavorable market conditions.
  • Lack of transparency: Strategies are proprietary black boxes, with few details available.
  • Minimal live testing: Many strategies lack long-term real account histories.
  • Over-optimization: Backtests may not represent real-world performance.
  • Complex for beginners: Multiple strategies and settings may overwhelm novice traders.


The Nesco MT4 EA provides an intriguing option for traders seeking a hands-off automated trading solution. The combination of multiple strategies, independent analytics, and built-in risk management gives it an edge over one-dimensional EAs.

However, the lack of transparency around its algorithms raises some questions. Much of the performance data consists of backtests rather than real-world trading histories. As a result, traders have no insights into how the EA might perform during major market events or crashes.

The EA seems best suited for risk-tolerant traders with some understanding of automated systems. The low cost allows testing it with small accounts before committing more capital. Conservative traders may want to wait for more evidence of long-term profitability.

Overall, the Nesco MT4 EA is a mixed bag in terms of capabilities, transparency, and verified performance. Traders are advised to thoroughly backtest the EA and start with small positions to evaluate it objectively before considering large investments. With the right risk management precautions, it can be a worthwhile addition for portfolios seeking automated trading solutions.

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