Forex UControl EA: A Comprehensive Review

Forex UControl EA is an automated trading system designed specifically for the foreign exchange (Forex) market. Launched in 2018, it utilizes a combination of technical indicators, algorithms, and analytical tools to scan the market, identify potentially profitable trade setups, and execute trades automatically on behalf of users.

In this comprehensive review, we will analyze UControl EA’s features, trading strategy technology, performance statistics, pros and cons, pricing, and more to determine if it is a worthwhile investment for Forex traders.

UControl EA

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Overview and Features

UControl EA is compatible with the MetaTrader 4 (MT4) platform and works by connecting to the user’s brokerage account to monitor the market and place trades automatically based on its algorithms. Some key features include:

  • Multi-Currency Strategy: UControl EA is equipped with a multi-currency strategy allowing it to scan and trade various currency pairs including EUR/USD, GBP/USD, USD/CAD, EUR/GBP, and more. This provides more opportunities to capitalize on market moves.
  • Customizable Settings: Users can customize settings like trade size, stop loss, take profit, maximum drawdown, and more to control risk and fit their preferences. There are also preset options for easy setup.
  • Drawdown Control: The EA aims to minimize and control drawdowns through advanced money management protocols. This helps protect capital during market downturns.
  • Stealth Mode: An optional stealth mode hides stop losses from the broker to prevent price manipulation when orders are placed.
  • Compatibility: UControl EA works with any Forex broker, account type, and execution method, providing flexibility to traders.

Trading Strategy and Technology

While UControl EA does not reveal the full details of its trading strategy, it utilizes a combination of technical analysis and algorithmic protocols. Some key strategic elements include:

  • Impulse Breakout Detection: Proprietary algorithms monitor the market to detect impulsive breakout movements that often precede a directional price swing. The EA aims to enter trades early in emerging trends.
  • Support/Resistance Analysis: Key support and resistance levels are identified based on historical price action. Pending orders are placed at these levels to get into trades with optimal timing as prices breakout.
  • Correlation Analysis: The relationship between currency pairs is analyzed to determine which pairs to focus on and entry points where positive correlation suggests a synchronized move.
  • Risk Management: Precise algorithms control position sizing on every trade to minimize drawdown. Loss-cutting protocols are also in place to close trades early if they start to move in the wrong direction.

These strategic elements allow UControl EA to scan the market from multiple angles, identify high-probability setups, and execute trades automatically with proper risk management.

Performance Statistics and Results

UControl EA has amassed an extensive performance track record since going live on a real money account in 2018. Key metrics include:

  • 5+ Years Live: Actively trading real money accounts since 2018, proving stable long-term profitability across different market conditions.
  • +400% Returns: Generated over 400% in net profits on a live account trading EUR/GBP and other pairs.
  • +20% Average Annual Returns: Consistently averages over 20% in net profits per year, despite drawdowns faced during major volatility.
  • 55% Max Drawdown: Maximum peak-to-valley drawdown of 55% over 5+ years, demonstrating good drawdown control.
  • 80% Win Rate: Maintains an approximate 80% win rate thanks to its selective trading approach targeting high-probability setups.

These results are verified through myFXbook which provides an independent audit of the EA’s statistics. The multi-year track record shows UControl EA has delivered consistent profits in live market conditions.

Pros and Cons

Based on our investigation, here are some of the main pros and cons of using UControl EA:


  • Proven long-term profitability over 5+ years
  • Works across multiple currency pairs
  • Customizable settings to fit trader preferences
  • Good drawdown control protocols
  • 80%+ win rate thanks to selective trading
  • Compatible with all brokers and account types


  • High price point of $469
  • Details of underlying strategy not fully disclosed
  • Requires monthly subscription fee after first year
  • Drawdowns can still be 50%+ during volatility

While the performance statistics are clearly impressive based on years of live results, traders should be aware there are still inherent risks, as with any EA. Drawdowns can still be quite high during major volatility.

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UControl EA Costs and Pricing

UControl EA is sold through the MetaQuotes Marketplace and currently costs $469 for a single license. This allows the EA to be used on one live trading account.

After the first year, there is also a monthly subscription fee of $69 per month. This recurring fee grants continued access to software updates, priority support, and the newest optimized settings.

While the upfront and ongoing costs for UControl EA are admittedly higher than the industry average, its live track record helps justify the pricing to some degree for serious traders. Additional licenses can also be purchased for those running the software on multiple accounts.

Traders should factor in these costs of ownership when determining if the performance statistics warrant the investment into UControl EA. Free trials are not currently available.

UControl EA Final Verdict

In summary, UControl EA is one of the most promising automated trading systems available for Forex traders to consider. The combination of a strong multi-year track record, robust feature set, and advanced trading technology makes a compelling case.

However, the high pricing, risk of drawdowns, and lack of strategy transparency may deter some traders. Performing further due diligence is highly recommended before purchasing any EA.

Overall though, for serious traders looking to capitalize on algorithmic systems, UControl EA has earned its place as one of the top Forex robots currently available in 2023 based on real-world results.

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