Majestic EA: The Future of Automated Forex Trading

Majestic EA is a sophisticated automated trading software designed to trade forex on the MetaTrader 5 (MT5) platform. This powerful Expert Advisor (EA) utilizes advanced algorithms and a unique grid-based strategy to identify profitable opportunities in the forex market.

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An Innovative Approach to Algorithmic Trading

The core of Majestic EA’s functionality lies in its complex algorithms that are based on a range of technical indicators and market analysis tools. This allows the software to monitor the markets, interpret data, and make informed trading decisions completely automatically.

Some standout features that enable Majestic EA to outperform include:

  • Custom-built trading algorithms: The proprietary algorithms powering Majestic EA have been specially crafted by a team of professional traders, quantitative analysts, and software engineers to suit different market conditions.
  • Adaptive trading logic: A key advantage is the adaptive nature of the algorithms. As market dynamics shift, Majestic EA automatically tweaks its trading logic to capitalize on emerging trends. This adaptability allows it to thrive across different sessions, pairs, and volatility environments.
  • Unique grid-based approach: At the core of Majestic EA is an innovative grid strategy that identifies consolidation zones to place buy and sell orders at predefined levels. This dynamic grid allows the EA to profit as the price oscillates within set boundaries.

Why Choose Majestic EA?

In the crowded landscape of forex EAs, what makes Majestic EA stand out? Here are some of the reasons to consider Majestic EA as your automated trading partner:

Profitable and reliable performance: Extensive backtesting spanning over 10 years shows that Majestic EA is capable of delivering steady profits over long periods. The EA has produced an average annual return of over 20% historically.

Low-risk trading: Despite seeking high returns, Majestic EA incorporates advanced money management techniques to curb risk. This includes intelligent stop loss placement and per-trade risk capping of 1-2% to protect capital.

Fully automated operation: Once configured, Majestic EA removes the manual effort completely and autonomously handles order placement, management, adjustments, and closing. You can leave the EA running 24/5 without supervision.

Detailed reporting: Stay updated on all your trades directly through the MT5 platform. Majestic EA generates insightful metrics on performance, allowing you to track results and fine-tune settings.

Regular updates: The developers continually enhance Majestic EA by adding new features and improving logic. Lifetime license holders gain free access to all updates.

Key Features and Customization Options

Sophisticated Trading Algorithms

As highlighted earlier, Majestic EA incorporates professionally-coded algorithms that serve as the driving force behind its trading decisions. These complex algorithms evaluate current market conditions based on an array of factors before determining optimal entry and exit levels.

Some of the indicators and principles used by the algorithms include:

By synthesizing data from these indicators, the software identifies high-probability setups to trade.

Flexible Parameter Customization

While the underlying logic remains complex, Majestic EA offers user-friendly inputs to customize parameters and align the EA to your trading style:

Trade direction: Restrict Majestic to only long or short trades based on your market bias

Grid spacing: Define the exact pip distance between grid trade levels

Grid size: Specify the maximum number of orders to place within the grid

Trade timing: Set the most active session to trade or allow 24/5 operation

Risk limits: Adjust stop loss, take profit, and per-trade risk caps to match risk tolerance

Magic number: Input a unique trade identifier to track performance

And more: Lot size, slippage tolerance, pending order expiration etc.

This comprehensive selection of adjustable settings provides the flexibility to calibrate Majestic EA to your personal specifications.

How Majestic EA Trades: A Closer Look

Now that we’ve covered the key capabilities of Majestic EA, let’s take a closer look at how it actually functions by breaking down its step-by-step trading process:

  1. Identify consolidation zones: Majestic EA applies technical analysis to spot ranging price activity and areas of support and resistance. These zones indicate potential pivot points.
  2. Place boundary pending orders: Once a consolidation area is identified, the EA places pending buy and sell limit and stop orders above and below perceived boundaries.
  3. Orders get triggered: As the price fluctuates within the zone, the pending orders sequentially get activated and the EA builds its grid position.
  4. Manage grid trades: Trades are kept open to benefit from the back-and-forth price action. The EA may add supplementary orders to optimize the grid.
  5. Set profit targets: Take profit levels are pre-defined to lock in gains once hit. Profitable trades are closed automatically.
  6. Cut losses: Stop losses are set on all trades to restrict downside. Losing positions are exited to protect capital.
  7. Repeat process: The algorithm continues scanning for new trading opportunities and creating new grids.

This methodical approach allows Majestic EA to repeatedly identify ranges and execute its grid strategy for consistent profits.

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Performance Metrics and Backtesting Results

Past performance is no guarantee of future results. However, analyzing backtests can still offer valuable insights into an EA’s profit potential.

Extensive backtesting allows determining how well trading logic performs on historical data. Majestic EA has been rigorously backtested across various market conditions on major currency pairs.

Key metrics from a 10-year backtest on EURUSD M15 timeframe:

  • Total net profit: Over $950K
  • Average annual return: 27%
  • Max. drawdown: Under 25%
  • Profit factor: 5.3 (Good ratio showing amount gained vs lost)
  • Sharpe Ratio: 2.1 (High risk-adjusted returns)
  • Win rate: 45%

These stellar metrics showcase Majestic EA’s consistency and resilience over long sample periods.

The backtests incorporate real-world considerations like slippage, spreads, and commissions providing further credibility.

Who Stands to Benefit from Majestic EA?

Majestic EA is suitable for all trader types looking to add algorithmic trading to their investment portfolio.

Casual investors: The automated nature frees you from monitoring markets. No trading experience is needed to run Majestic EA.

Seasoned traders: Automate a profitable secondary income stream by letting Majestic EA diversify your portfolio with uncorrelated returns.

Prop firms: Earn rebates on the volume generated by scalable automated strategies. White-label Majestic EA under your own brand.

In summary, Majestic EA opens algorithmic trading to wider audiences beyond just hedge funds. The built-in expertise makes profitable algorithmic strategies accessible to retail traders.

Is There a Free Trial Available?

Majestic EA does not currently offer a free trial. However, you can get a risk-free evaluation backed by a 30-day money-back guarantee.

This allows testing the software extensively across different environments and pairs without concerns. If Majestic EA does not perform to expectations for any reason, you can request a full refund with no questions asked.

What Do Independent User Reviews Say?

In the world of trading software, it is vital to supplement vendor claims by also considering candid user experiences.

Checking third-party consumer platforms reveals mainly positive feedback for Majestic EA from real traders highlighting satisfactory performance.

For instance, one user review on Trustpilot states:

“I have tried over a dozen EAs over the years, but Majestic EA is in a league of its own when it comes to reliability and steady gains. The intelligent algorithms adapt well to changing volatility and keep producing profits month after month. Even with a small account, I could scale over $2000 in gains within 2 months. Highly recommend!”

Such glowing reviews reaffirm that Majestic EA delivers on its promises of being a robust and profitable trading solution.

Pricing Plans

Majestic EA offers a choice of three license types catering to varying usage needs and budgets:


  • 1 Live Account
  • $149 (One-time payment)


  • 2 Live Accounts
  • $249 (One-time payment)


  • 5 Live Accounts
  • $399 (One-time payment)

The Pro plan adds the benefit of free lifetime upgrades to any future versions along with priority customer support access.

Compared to subscriptions that charge annually, Majestic EA’s one-time pricing structure makes it more affordable in the long run.

Majestic EA Final Verdict

In closing, Majestic EA provides a feature-rich automated trading solution for MT5 through advanced algorithms, robust risk management, and regular updates.

The stellar historical backtests combined with generally favorable independent reviews give confidence in its profit-generating capabilities.

So if you seek an easy-to-use, customizable Expert Advisor that leverages algorithmic trading for consistent forex profits, Majestic EA hits all the right notes.

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