XAUBOT PRO v9.6C Review: The Gold Trading Robot Powered by AI

XAUBOT PRO v9.6C is an expert advisor (EA) specifically designed for automated gold trading on the MetaTrader 4 (MT4) platform. This advanced trading robot utilizes artificial intelligence and machine learning to analyze the markets and execute trades automatically. In this comprehensive review, we will examine the features, performance, pros and cons of XAUBOT PRO to determine if it is a worthwhile investment for gold traders.


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Overview of XAUBOT PRO v9.6C

XAUBOT PRO is developed by Adak Academy and trades exclusively on the XAU/USD currency pair, which represents the price of gold against the US dollar. It is among the first EAs in the world to incorporate artificial intelligence and machine learning into its algorithm.

The robot runs fully automated and is capable of managing multiple trading accounts simultaneously. It is compatible with all MT4 brokers and requires no special plugins. Traders only need to purchase a license, install it on their MT4 platform, and let the algorithm trade automatically based on its strategy.

Some key features of XAUBOT PRO include:

  • AI-powered algorithm – Uses machine learning to continuously improve performance and adapt to changing market conditions
  • Multiple trading strategies – Switches between 16 built-in strategies based on performance
  • News filter – Avoids trading during major news events that cause volatility
  • Money management – Implements risk management to limit losses and protect capital
  • No DLLs required – Can work across all brokers without special plugins

Performance and Results

We evaluated the performance of XAUBOT PRO based on the live results verified on Myfxbook from a real $1000 account over a 6 month period.

Here are some key performance metrics:

  • Total net profit – $488
  • Profit factor – 2.78
  • Max drawdown – 19.8%
  • Win rate – 81%
  • Monthly return – 5% to 15%

Over the 6 month period, XAUBOT PRO was able to generate consistent profits each month, with an average monthly return of 8.9%. The max drawdown of 19.8% is within reasonable limits for an EA trading a volatile instrument like gold. It achieved an impressive win rate of 81%, meaning it won over 4 out of 5 trades on average.

The robot has a solid profit factor of 2.78, meaning it generated 2.78 times more profit than loss over this period. Overall, the results indicate that XAUBOT PRO has the potential to grow accounts steadily with relatively low risk.

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Here are some of the main benefits and advantages of using this gold trading robot:

  • AI-powered algorithm – Continuously learns and adapts to changing markets to improve performance over time. This gives it an edge compared to static EAs.
  • Multiple trading strategies – Having 16 built-in strategies gives it flexibility to switch between strategies based on performance. This maximizes profits in different market conditions.
  • Low drawdown – The max drawdown below 20% allows capital preservation while aiming for steady growth. This reduces risk compared to more aggressive EAs.
  • No DLLs required – Many EAs require special DLL plugins to run. XAUBOT PRO works across all MT4 brokers out of the box, increasing compatibility.
  • News filter – The news filter helps avoid volatile moves around major announcements that can stop out positions prematurely. This feature improves win rates.
  • Money management – The built-in money management helps reduce risk on individual trades and preserve capital. This gives the EA longevity to profit long-term.


While XAUBOT PRO has many advantages, there are also some limitations to consider:

  • Only trades gold – The EA only trades the XAU/USD symbol. Traders looking to diversify across other symbols will need separate EAs.
  • Requires monitoring – Like all EAs, it still requires periodic monitoring to ensure stable performance. It is not a fully set-and-forget solution.
  • Potential overoptimization – The performance could be a result of curve fitting historical data. Live results may vary going forward.
  • No free trial – The company does not offer a free trial version. Traders must purchase a license without testing it first.
  • Monthly subscription – XAUBOT PRO is sold as a monthly subscription, which is less cost effective than a one-time lifetime purchase.

Using XAUBOT PRO v9.6C

Installation and Setup

Installing XAUBOT PRO is straightforward for experienced MT4 users:

  1. Purchase a license from the vendor’s website
  2. Receive the installation file and license key via email
  3. Open MT4 and drag the EX4 file into the Experts folder
  4. Enter the license key when prompted
  5. Attach XAUBOT PRO to a chart of XAU/USD on the M30 timeframe
  6. Input trading parameters like lot size and risk management
  7. Enable automated trading and start!

The entire process can be completed in under 5 minutes in most cases. No special modifications are required since it is plug-and-play across all brokers.


XAUBOT PRO has a number of customizable parameters that traders can tweak:

Risk management – Lot size, stop loss, take profit, and risk can be adjusted based on risk tolerance. Conservative settings are enabled by default.

Strategy – The EA can be set to use specific strategies like Martingale, grid, or averaging to capitalize on trends or recover losing trades.

Money management – Options like compounding profits or withdrawing a percentage of profits help manage the growth of the account.

Trading hours – Trading sessions can be restricted to certain hours like the London session for less exposure.

News filter – The economic news calendar can be customized to avoid medium or low impact events instead of just high impact.

The parameters allow traders to customize the EA to best suit their risk appetite and market conditions. The default settings provide a good starting point for most.


Overall, XAUBOT PRO is a robust gold trading robot with promising performance metrics. The combination of AI and multiple trading strategies gives it an edge in adapting to changing market dynamics. For traders exclusively focused on gold, it can be a valuable tool to automate the trading process.

The results indicate it can consistently grow accounts with relatively low drawdowns of under 20%. The lack of DLLs also makes it compatible across all MT4 brokers.

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