Top Bottom EA Review – Evaluating This Automated Forex Trading Robot

Finding a consistently profitable forex trading system can feel like an impossible quest. Top Bottom EA by World Best Studio aims to be one such set-and-forget automated solution for forex success. But are the promises too good to be true? In this unbiased Top Bottom EA review, we’ll scrutinize the features, advertised profits, realities of use, as well as advantages and limitations to determine if this expert advisor (EA) is right for your trading or not. Top Bottom EA

What is Top Bottom Expert Advisor?

Top Bottom EA is an automated trading robot designed for MetaTrader 4 and 5. It trades automatically based on algorithms without requiring manual intervention. The EA analyzes price charts in real time, identifies trade setups based on internal strategies, and manages trades from start to finish according to predefined logic and settings. Top Bottom EA promises a hands-free passive income solution for forex trading. But does it deliver consistent profits or not? Let’s analyze further.

How Top Bottom Expert Advisor Works

According to the vendor, Top Bottom EA is optimized for volatility adaptive trading. It purportedly identifies trend direction then buys at local bottoms and sells at local tops to capture swings. The EA incorporates filters to determine high-probability entry and exit points. Trades are optimized for an average of 4 trades daily with a 12 hour hold duration targeting 20-30 pips profit per trade. It uses dynamic stop losses averaging 50 pips set upon entry along with partial profit exits at to secure gains. According to the developer, these mechanisms allow maintaining over 90% monthly win rates. But does this translate into real results consistently?

Reviewing Top Bottom EA’s Claimed Profitability

The core marketing around Top Bottom EA centers on its purported profitability. However, extensive research uncovers inconsistencies:
  • Claims of 100%+ monthly returns could not be verified with proof anywhere online
  • Screenshots of supposed gains provide no evidence of real account results
  • No mention of worst case scenarios, drawdowns, or periods of losses
Without verified accounts, traders have no way to validate the advertised 100% per month returns. These inflated claims ring hollow without trade statements validated by MyFXBook or other sources demonstrating real-world performance over an extensive period of time. In the absence of proof, traders should remain highly skeptical of advertised profitability promises from any vendor. Past hypothetical performance does not guarantee future returns.

Cost of Top Bottom Robot

Top Bottom EA is sold as a one-time payment lifetime license with unlimited use across all accounts and pairs. Two pricing options are available:
  • Basic: $299 one-time payment
  • Unlimited: $399 one-time payment
Pricing seems comparable to similar EAs sold online by other vendors. However, the inability to validate results gives pause.

Can This EA Consistently Automate Trading?

While Top Bottom EA aims to provide traders with an automated “set and forget” passive income solution through advanced algorithms, lacking proof raises red flags:
  • No documented evidence of real accounts achieving advertised 100%+ monthly returns
  • Concerns around potential overfitting of backtests to look extremely profitable
  • Risk of oversimplification that consistent profits come easily via automation
Without transparency, one cannot assume this EA trades successfully in live market conditions over extended periods of time across inevitable market cycles. Forex Kingle Scalper Robot Check our top EA: Forex Kingle Scalper Robot

Is the Forex Cyborg EA Better Than the Top Bottom EA?

When it comes to automated trading, comparing the forex cyborg expert advisor with the Top Bottom EA is essential. The efficiency of the Forex Cyborg Expert Advisor in analyzing market trends and executing trades is unrivaled. Its algorithm allows for precise entry and exit points, maximizing profit potential.

What Are the Potential Drawbacks?

Some additional drawbacks our investigation identified:
  • No clarity around source code or logic of the algorithms
  • Lack of documented worst-case scenarios, maximum drawdowns etc.
  • No impartial user reviews available online
  • No documented limitations or parameters required for viability
The absence of verification for any metrics or user experiences makes trusting profit claims very difficult.

The Final Verdict on TopBottom EA

Top Bottom EA markets itself aggressively as a forex trading breakthrough delivering easy profits automatically. However, the inability to validate any real-world performance or trader experiences makes believing such claims challenging. In the absence of documented long-term proof, we cannot recommend Top Bottom EA as a wise investment at this time compared to alternatives with transparency like MyFXBook verified results demonstrating real reliability across years of trading. Perhaps future transparency and results validation if provided could alter the conclusion. But as of now, Top Bottom EA carries significant unanswered questions for traders assessing it as a wise option for long-term consistent automated profits in today’s markets.
Author: Dominic Walsh

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