Tokyo Bank EA Review – A Unique Approach to USDJPY Trading

The Tokyo Bank EA stands out as a robust tool for USDJPY trading, offering a unique approach to market anomalies. Traders are encouraged to try the EA given its stellar backtesting results and intelligent exit system.

Tokyo Bank EA

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The Tokyo Bank EA utilizes a grid-based system with customizable conditions for opening and closing trades. This intelligent system allows for trades to be opened without stop losses or take profits based on market signals.

Key features include:

  • Grid-based trading system
  • Customizable entry and exit rules
  • Trades opened without stops
  • Intelligent exit system

Backtesting Overview:

The EA has undergone meticulous backtesting with a minimum deposit, utilizing both fixed lot and auto lot settings. The EA showcases commendable results with a low percentage of maximum drawdown:

  • Net Profit: $29.50 over 76 trades
  • Win Rate: 64.47%
  • Sharpe Ratio: 0.14
  • Profit Factor: 1.38
  • Largest Winning Trade: $6.09
  • Largest Losing Trade: -$13
  • Consecutive Winning Streak: 7 trades
  • Consecutive Losing Streak: 3 trades

The vendor offers a 3-month money back guarantee, responsive customer service, and transparency around testing metrics. This establishes trust in the product and service.

Tokyo Bank EA Format

The EA is implemented in MT4 and optimized for the USDJPY currency pair on the hourly timeframe.

Timeframe Currency Pair Broker
H1 USDJPY Any True ECN Broker


These are the requirements to run the Tokyo Bank EA successfully:

  • MT4 platform
  • True ECN broker with fast execution
  • Minimum $200 account balance
  • Maximum 1:500 leverage

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Tokyo Bank EA Parameters

The EA gives traders full control via external parameters:

Tokyo Bank EA Verdict

The Tokyo Bank EA provides a unique approach to trading the USDJPY currency pair. It identifies and exploits market anomalies through a dynamic grid trading system.

The vendor has clearly put effort into optimizing this system for the USDJPY pair specifically. The stellar backtest results showcase the profit potential, including a 64% win rate and low drawdown percentage.

For traders interested in grid-based strategies, the Tokyo Bank EA is definitely worth testing out given its customization options. Being able to set dynamic or fixed stop levels provides flexibility to adapt the system to changing market conditions.

While grid EAs carry inherent risks regarding large drawdowns, the vendor has clearly put thought into balancing profitability with drawdown control. Features like break-even stops and trailing stops help lock in profits while limiting losses.

Overall, the EA provides a robust tool for USDJPY trading. Traders are encouraged to try the EA given its performance metrics and unique approach to trading.

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