NTA RISK EA: A Robust Expert Advisor for Elevating Forex Trading Strategies

NTA RISK EA is an Expert Advisor (EA) designed for the MetaTrader 4 (MT4) platform to help Forex traders take control of their trading strategies. As per mqlShop.com, this robust EA aims to elevate trading strategies to the next level.


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Overview and Key Features

The NTA RISK EA is marketed as the “last Forex Program you need to succeed”. It incorporates Heiken Ashi and Renko trading systems focused on swing trading, day trading and scalping. The EA also includes custom indicators, templates, and an advanced risk management system.

Some of the key features include:

  • Automated trading strategies for scalping, day trading and swing trading
  • Customizable templates and indicators
  • Advanced risk management EA to control losses
  • Regular updates and lifetime license
  • Support through email, training workshops and trading groups


The NTA RISK EA is an automated trading system that works based on predefined strategies and risk management rules.

It analyzes the market using custom indicators to identify trading opportunities. When an opportunity is detected, the EA can automatically place, monitor and close trades based on the strategy settings.

The advanced risk management system helps control losses by closing out trades at predefined stop loss levels. It also helps lock in profits by closing trades at take profit levels.

Traders can customize templates and indicators or use default settings optimized by the vendor. The EA aims to eliminate emotional trading by following the rules-based strategies.

Benefits for Forex Traders

The NTA RISK EA offers several benefits that can help Forex traders boost performance:

Elevates Trading Strategy

  • Automates proven trading strategies based on Heiken Ashi and Renko bars
  • Executes trades 24/5 based on defined rules
  • Helps achieve consistency by eliminating emotional decisions

Advanced Risk Management

  • Predefines stop loss and take profit levels for each trade
  • Closes trades automatically to control losses
  • Locks in profits by closing trades at targets

Saves Time

Provides Support

  • Installation guides, training workshops and email assistance
  • Access to trading groups and mentorship programs

Regular Upgrades

  • Lifetime license includes updates at no added cost
  • Vendor keeps improving strategies and risk management

Who Can Benefit from NTA RISK EA?

The NTA RISK EA can benefit different types of Forex traders:


  • Provides structure via rules-based trading strategies
  • Risk management helps limit losses while learning
  • Reduces mistakes from discretionary trading

Intermediate Traders

  • Automates swing trades and scalping strategies
  • Advanced risk management to improve results
  • More consistency from emotionless trading

Advanced Traders

  • Opens up time for market research and tweaking strategies
  • Lets traders focus energy on maximizing profits vs execution
  • Pre-built templates minimizes setup time

Part-Time Traders

  • Executes rules-based trades automatically when away from computer
  • Closes positions automatically based on risk protocols
  • Convenient way to supplement income with hands-off trading

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Risks and Considerations

While the NTA RISK EA offers some attractive benefits, traders should also consider certain risks:


The advertised strategies may be over-optimized and could breakdown during prolonged market changes. Traders should be prepared to tweak settings or override trades.

Unavoidable Losses

No risk management system can prevent all losses. Traders should use prudent position sizing to limit capital at risk.

Poor Money Management

Bad money management can still lead to account blowups even with automated risk controls. Traders should master money management techniques.

Missing Opportunities

Fully automated trading systems can miss subjectively good opportunities between trade signals. Traders may want to supplement with discretionary trading.

False Expectations

Like any EA, this is not a magic bullet. Profitability involves mastering trading fundamentals, managing risk, and continuously improving.

Costs of Purchasing NTA RISK EA

The NTA RISK EA is sold online through the Nikos Trading Academy website and resellers like Forex4s.net. Published prices are very affordable compared to costs for developing custom EAs.

At the time of writing, Forex4s.net lists the price for NTA RISK EA at $19 USD. This includes lifetime license, updates, user guide and unlimited installations.

The more comprehensive training programs from Nikos Trading Academy that include the EA range from $349 to $1,499 USD. These add access to live trading rooms, advanced training, email support and mentorship.

Considering regular costs for Forex courses and EAs, the NTA RISK EA offers good value given the bundled indicators, templates and risk management EA included.


The NTA RISK EA provides an easy way for traders to automate rule-based trading strategies with advanced risk management. For under $20, it offers the potential to systematically boost trading consistency.

However, profitability ultimately depends on the trader’s skill in reading markets, fine-tuning strategies, limiting risk and managing expectations. Focusing solely on the EA without developing trading fundamentals can still result in losses.

Overall, the NTA RISK EA serves best as a tool for executing strategies more efficiently, not as an end-all system. As part of a structured training program like those offered by Nikos Trading Academy, it can accelerate a trader’s path to consistency.

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