PipFinite Swing Control – A Comprehensive Review

PipFinite Swing Control is a trend-based indicator that aims to help traders identify potential market swings and pullbacks. This comprehensive review will cover key features, benefits, and considerations when using PipFinite Swing Control for trading.

PipFinite Swing Control

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PipFinite Swing Control was created by Karlo Wilson Vendiola and released in 2015. It is designed to work across all timeframes and financial instruments including forex, stocks, commodities, and indices.

The indicator uses an algorithm to analyze price action and detect the overall market bias. It then identifies potential swing points and pullback areas to enter trades in the direction of the trend.

Key features include:

Using Swing Control in Trading

PipFinite Swing Control can be a useful addition to trend-following strategies. Here are some ways it can be utilized in trading:

  • Confirm trend bias – The indicator colors help traders quickly identify if the market is in an uptrend (blue) or downtrend (orange). This allows focusing only on trades in the direction of the main trend.
  • Time entries – The indicator plots potential swing points and pullback areas. Traders can use these zones to time entries rather than picking arbitrary price levels.
  • Set stop losses – The swing high/low points provide logical areas to place stop losses above/below the market. This allows managing risk on trades.
  • Anticipate reversals – The indicator may signal exhaustion ahead of trend reversals by plotting slower moving averages. Traders can exit positions early before a potential trend change.
  • Filter signals – Swing Control can be used to filter out trades from other systems/indicators that may be against the main trend bias. This improves overall performance.

Main Features and Settings

PipFinite Swing Control has several customizable settings to tweak based on preferences:

  • Swing High/Low – Plots the swing points and pullback areas.
  • Fast/Slow MA – Faster and slower moving averages to gauge trend strength.
  • MA Trend Filter – Uses MA crossovers to filter trades by trend bias.
  • Alerts – Allows configuring pop-up, email, push alerts when signals are triggered.
  • Colors – Change the default indicator colors if desired.

The indicator can be applied to charts across any timeframe or financial instrument. The default settings work well for most purposes, but traders can optimize as needed.

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Benefits of Using Swing Control

PipFinite Swing Control offers several benefits that can improve a trading approach:

  • Visual – The indicator plots key levels directly on the price chart for easy viewing.
  • Effective – The algorithm reliably identifies swing points and pullback areas across all markets.
  • Customizable – Flexible settings allow traders to tweak the indicator based on their strategy.
  • Efficient – Simple and intuitive trading signals allow for quick analysis and decisions.
  • Reliable – The non-repainting calculation provides consistency in signaling swing levels.
  • Compatible – Works seamlessly across forex, indices, stocks, commodities and timeframes.

For traders that employ trend-following strategies, PipFinite Swing Control can be a valuable addition to identify opportune market entry and exit points.

Potential Drawbacks

While PipFinite Swing Control is a robust indicator, there are some potential drawbacks to consider:

  • Lagging – All trend indicators lag price, so entries and exits will not be optimal.
  • Whipsaws – Like all indicators, Swing Control may be prone to false signals during periods of market consolidation.
  • Repainting – Some users have claimed repainting, but this has not been verified.
  • Over-optimization – Too much tweaking to fit historical data could lead to poor performance.
  • False bias – A prolonged period of ranging may incorrectly show a fake trend bias.

Traders should combine Swing Control with other confluence factors such as price action, candle patterns, and volatility measures to improve signal accuracy.

Using Swing Control in a Trading Strategy

PipFinite Swing Control can be incorporated into a trading plan in three steps:

1. Determine market bias

Check the faster MA color to confirm the overall trend bias. Focus only on trades in the direction of the trend.

2. Identify swing levels

Look for plotted swing points and pullback zones in the direction of the bias. These act as potential entry triggers.

3. Place orders

Enter orders at the pullback areas with stops beyond swing highs/lows. Target logical areas such as opposing swing points.

Always use sound risk management. PipFinite Swing Control provides additional context, but prudent traders will combine it with other confluence factors before placing trades.

Customer Reviews and Scores

PipFinite Swing Control currently scores 4.2 out of 5 stars on the MQL5.com Marketplace with over 200 reviews.

Positive feedback includes ease of use, reliability, and steady performance. Negative points mention the lagging nature, repainting concerns, and restrictive license.

Independent rating sites give Swing Control an average score of around 4 out of 5 stars. The high ratings highlight its capabilities, but also the need for improvement in certain areas.


PipFinite Swing Control is a high-quality indicator that can serve as a beneficial addition for trend traders. The visually intuitive signals, customizable settings, and compatibility across markets makes it a versatile tool.

However, as with any indicator, Swing Control should not be used as a standalone system. Combining it with other confluence factors and sound risk management practices can help improve trading outcomes.

Overall, PipFinite Swing Control provides an edge in objectively identifying swing levels and pullback areas across any market. For traders looking to increase efficiency and consistency, it is certainly an indicator worth testing.

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