PipFinite Exit Scope – A Comprehensive Review

PipFinite Exit Scope is a technical indicator for MetaTrader 4 and 5 designed to generate instant exit signals based on price action, volatility, and volume. This tool serves as an alternate exit strategy to complement your current trading system and help maximize profits.

The indicator uses a powerful prediction algorithm that minimizes lag while maintaining acceptable accuracy. It provides flexible exit signals that allow partial or full closing of trades. The exit signals aim to lock in profits and prevent winning trades from turning into losers.

PipFinite Exit Scope

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How It Works

PipFinite Exit Scope identifies optimal exit points through multiple technical techniques:

  • Support and Resistance – The indicator detects key support and resistance levels where reversals are likely to occur. Exiting around these areas prevents giving back profits.
  • Price Action – Certain candlestick patterns signal impending trend reversals. Exit Scope recognizes these patterns and generates exit signals accordingly.
  • Market Conditions – The tool adapts to different market conditions. In trending markets, it exits trades early to avoid corrections. In ranging markets, exits occur near support/resistance.
  • Volume – Spikes in volume often precede reversals as new participants enter the market. Exit Scope utilizes volume to fine-tune exit timing.

Exit Signals

PipFinite Exit Scope provides two types of exit signals:

  • Cross Symbol – The average exit signal, suggesting closing a partial position. Has a moderate probability of reversal.
  • Sniper Symbol – The strong exit signal, advising closing the entire trade. Has a higher probability of reversal.

These flexible signals allow traders to scale out of winning trades and avoid sudden reversals. Closing partial positions with the Cross Symbol locks in some profits while letting remaining contracts run. The Sniper Symbol protects the entire trade at signs of imminent reversal.


Here are some key benefits of using PipFinite Exit Scope:

  • Maximizes profits by identifying optimal exit points
  • Prevents winning trades from turning into losses
  • Adaptive exit signals based on market conditions
  • Works on any symbol and timeframe
  • Easy to interpret arrow signals
  • Flexibility to close full or partial positions
  • Customizable parameters to suit trading style
  • Suitable for all trading strategies and systems

According to customer reviews, Exit Scope has helped traders improve their risk management and exit timing. It serves as an excellent tool for maximizing profits while minimizing losses.

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Using Exit Scope

PipFinite Exit Scope is easy to set up and use:

  • Download and install the indicator in MetaTrader 4 or 5
  • Apply the indicator to the desired chart
  • Customize parameters based on trading style (risk tolerance, exit rules, etc.)
  • Wait for exit signals to appear directly on the chart
  • Close full trades at Sniper exit signals
  • Close partial trades at Cross exit signals
  • Use Exit Scope’s exits in conjunction with strategy’s exits

The indicator has adjustable input parameters to control exit behavior. Traders can modify the reversal sensitivity, exit delay, signal processing mode, and other settings.

For best results, perform backtesting to optimize Exit Scope for specific trading strategies and market conditions. The tool serves as an extra layer of protection rather than a standalone system.

PipFinite Exit Scope Drawbacks

While PipFinite Exit Scope is an excellent addition for most trading systems, it does have some limitations:

  • Requires monitoring charts for exit signals
  • Not designed for automated or algorithmic trading
  • Lagging nature of indicators affects exit timing
  • Exits may occur prematurely in strongly trending markets
  • Potential for false signals in choppy or ranging markets

For these reasons, traders should not blindly follow Exit Scope’s signals. Use prudent discretion and combine it with your strategy’s exit rules. The indicator serves as a supplementary tool rather than a complete exit system.

PipFinite Exit Scope Conclusion

Overall, PipFinite Exit Scope is a valuable tool for timing profitable trade exits. It provides high-probability signals based on multiple technical factors to lock in profits and avoid trade reversals. With the ability to close full or partial positions, Exit Scope offers flexibility in exit management.

For discretionary traders using MetaTrader platforms, Exit Scope is an excellent addition to improve risk-reward ratios. While the indicator has some drawbacks, its strengths in maximizing profits and preventing losing trades make it a worthwhile investment. Use Exit Scope along with robust entry rules and money management for best results.

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