OURO HEDGE SCALPING 3.0 EA Review – A Detailed Look at This Automated Trading System

OURO HEDGE SCALPING 3.0 EA is an automated trading system that utilizes hedging strategies to manage risk. In this comprehensive review, we’ll take an in-depth look at how this expert advisor (EA) works, its key features, strengths and weaknesses, performance results, and suitability for traders.




OURO HEDGE SCALPING 3.0 EA is a sophisticated automated trading system designed primarily for short-term trading in the forex market. It works by continuously monitoring market conditions and identifying favorable entry and exit points based on its predefined trading rules and logic.

Some key points about this trading system:

  • Fully automated EA that trades independently once configured
  • Uses hedging techniques to minimize losses during unfavorable market moves
  • Optimized for currency pairs like EURUSD, GBPUSD, USDCHF but can work on other pairs too
  • Best performance on short timeframes like 1-minute (M1) and 5-minute (M5) charts
  • Aims to capitalize on small price movements through scalping strategies
  • No risky techniques like martingale or grid trading used
  • Efficient use of computer resources for smooth trading experience

Now let’s look at some of the standout features of this expert advisor in more detail.

Notable Features of OURO HEDGE SCALPING 3.0 EA

Robust Risk Management Through Hedging

One of the biggest strengths of OURO HEDGE SCALPING 3.0 EA is its use of hedging techniques to mitigate losses. It opens counteracting buy and sell orders when the market moves against open trades. This provides protection against adverse price swings that could otherwise quickly stop out positions.

The hedging approach promotes account stability by limiting drawdowns. Instead of allowing losing trades to run with hopes of recovery, the EA locks in open losses and gives the market opportunity to correct. This prevents account wipeouts that often occur with more aggressive systems.

Optimization for Short-Term Scalping Strategies

This expert advisor is designed for scalping, which involves opening and closing many small profitable trades throughout the day. It is optimized for short timeframes of M1 and M5, where it aims to capitalize on minor price fluctuations.

On these fast charts, the EA can quickly enter and exit positions, capturing movements too small for longer-term systems. This high-frequency trading allows it to accumulate small gains that compound over time.

Currency Pair Versatility

While OURO HEDGE SCALPING 3.0 EA performs best on recommended pairs like EURUSD and GBPUSD, its logic can be applied to other currency pairs as well. This gives traders flexibility to use this system across a variety of markets.

The ability to run the EA on different pairs allows traders to switch between opportunities or diversify their trading portfolio. This versatility improves the chances of catching trends on at least some pairs at any given time.

Avoidance of Risky Trading Techniques

This expert advisor avoids notorious trading techniques like martingale, grid, and zone recovery methods. These systems attempt to recoup losses by aggressively increasing lot sizes, often just making the losses worse.

By avoiding these risky techniques, OURO HEDGE SCALPING 3.0 EA promotes responsible position sizing and prevents account wipeouts from spiraling losses. This conservative approach gives traders greater confidence in the safety of their funds.

Efficient Use of Computer Resources

Some EAs overload computers with excessive computations, eventually causing trading platform lag, freezes, and errors. OURO HEDGE SCALPING 3.0 EA is coded efficiently to avoid this, running smoothly without overtaxing resources.

The streamlined code allows the system to run seamlessly in the background without interfering with computer usage. This ensures a stable trading experience even on modest computers.

Performance and Backtest Results

Based on backtests and live results shared by users, this EA can generate steady profits when configured properly. Reported monthly returns range from 20% to 60% on average, with some exceptional months over 100%.

However, as with any EA, traders should take backtest results with caution. Live trading environments differ, so past performance does not guarantee future results. Still, properly optimized backtests can give insight into the EA’s potential under ideal conditions.

Some users report the best returns when running the EA on virtual private servers (VPS) with good uptime and low latency. ECN accounts with tight spreads also improve profitability. Traders should expect periodic drawdowns, so proper account sizing is key.

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Usage and Configuration

EA comes with preset files for each supported currency pair to simplify initial configuration. Traders still need to set key inputs like risk percentage, hedging parameters, position sizing, and scheduling.

The EA works best when allowed to trade continuously to capture moves whenever they occur. Therefore, running it 24/5 on a VPS is recommended. A minimum account balance of $500 is suggested, but more capital allows better risk management.

Traders are advised to demo test settings over at least a few weeks before risking real capital. It takes time to optimize inputs and evaluate performance across different market conditions. Patience and care in configuring this EA is key to success.

OURO HEDGE SCALPING 3.0 EA Strengths and Advantages

Let’s summarize some of the notable strengths and advantages of using OURO HEDGE SCALPING 3.0 EA:

  • Effective risk management through hedging – Helps limit losses and protects account balance.
  • Optimized for scalping – Extracts profits from minor price moves on short timeframes.
  • Works across multiple currency pairs – Provides flexibility in trading opportunities.
  • Avoids risky trading techniques like martingale – Promotes responsible position sizing.
  • Efficient code and resource use – Allows smooth operation without overloading computer.
  • Steady profit potential when properly configured and account sized.
  • Preset files available to simplify initial setup on supported pairs.

OURO HEDGE SCALPING 3.0 EA Weaknesses and Limitations

However, OURO HEDGE SCALPING 3.0 EA also comes with some weaknesses and limitations to keep in mind:

  • As a scalping system, it is prone to false signals and noise on lower timeframes.
  • Hedging can lead to prolonged consolidation periods without significant profits.
  • Not suitable for large accounts due to its short-term focus. Requires proper account sizing.
  • Extensive historical data needed for quality backtesting and optimization.
  • No clear trading edge – relies on typical technical indicators.
  • Preset files not available for all currency pairs. Custom optimization required.
  • Requires uninterrupted trading and low-latency connectivity for best results.
  • Conservative strategy – traders seeking big returns may be disappointed.

Verdict – Is This EA Worth Trying?

OURO HEDGE SCALPING 3.0 EA offers some compelling benefits but also has its limitations. Its hedging approach promotes account stability but can constrain profits during trending markets. The scalping focus provides positive expectancy but requires extensive testing and optimization.

For traders with sufficient capital seeking steady growth through automated trading, this expert advisor may be worth evaluating. However, expectations should be aligned with its conservative strategy – traders should not expect to get rich quick with this system.

As with any EA, conducting robust backtesting and demo testing across different market conditions is key. Only through careful evaluation can traders determine if OURO HEDGE SCALPING 3.0 EA aligns with their risk tolerance, account size, and profit goals.

Used responsibly as part of a diversified trading approach, this automated system can be a valuable addition to a portfolio. However, traders should maintain realistic expectations and apply prudent risk management techniques.

OURO HEDGE SCALPING 3.0 EA – The Final Verdict

OURO HEDGE SCALPING 3.0 EA offers traders an automated hedging system to extract profits from short-term market moves. Through features like loss mitigation, scalping strategies, and flexible asset trading, it provides an intriguing option for hands-free trading.

However, like any EA, profitable live trading takes rigorous testing, optimization, and risk management. Traders should align their expectations to its conservative approach – this is not a get-rich-quick scheme but rather a tool for methodical automated trading.

Approached with realistic objectives, adequate capital, and parameters tuned to current market conditions, EA can be a valuable addition to a portfolio. While past results are no guarantee of future performance, its logic and risk protocols certainly make it worth a closer look.

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