Introduction to SPFX Recovery Zone EA

The SPFX Recovery Zone EA, also known as the Recovery Zone Hedging Strategy, is an expert advisor (EA) for the MetaTrader 4 and 5 trading platforms. It is a forex trading robot that implements a hedging strategy to maximize profits and minimize losses.

SPFX Recovery Zone EA

The EA was developed by the SPFX Academy, a company that specializes in creating automated trading systems and providing education for forex traders. The Recovery Zone strategy is one of their flagship products.

How the Recovery Zone EA Works

The Recovery Zone EA opens two positions on each trade – one in the market direction and one against it. This allows the EA to hedge against sudden market movements and gives it the opportunity to profit from the losing trade by averaging down.

Specifically, the EA places a buy and sell stop order simultaneously each time it detects a trading opportunity based on its analysis of technical indicators. When one of the orders is triggered and moves into profit, the EA will trail the profit level using its proprietary algorithm to lock in gains.

If the market reverses and the initial order drops into a loss, the EA will open an additional order in the same direction at a discounted price to average down the entry. It can add up to 10 additional orders, with each new entry price lowered incrementally according to settings in the EA. This allows profitable trades to run while giving losing ones a chance to recover losses.

The key advantage of this strategy is that it removes the need to choose market direction, as the EA hedges each trade automatically. It aims to profit from short-term market fluctuations while minimizing downside risk.

Optimizing the Recovery Zone EA

There are several optimization settings built into the Recovery Zone EA that allow traders to customize it to their preferences:

Recovery Level – The percentage drop from the initial entry price where recovery orders start being placed. For example, a level of 20% means the first recovery order will open if the price drops 20% from the initial entry. Lower levels allow earlier averaging down while higher levels wait for bigger retraces.

Recovery Distance – The percentage difference between recovery entry prices. This controls the discount amount for each additional recovery order. Larger distances mean greater discounts but cost more margin.

Max Recovery Trades – The maximum number of additional recovery orders the EA can place for any new trade. Higher numbers give more opportunity to recover but require more margin.

Profit Target – The percentage gain from the initial entry price where open trades will be closed automatically. Lower targets take quicker profits while higher targets let winning trades run.

Traders should backtest the EA thoroughly across different market conditions and timeframes to find the optimal combination of settings. It’s also recommended to start with small position sizes to evaluate performance before committing more trading capital.

Using the Recovery Zone EA with Other Trading Systems

The Recovery Zone EA can also be used alongside manual trading or other EAs to hedge open positions and minimize losses. Traders don’t have to let the Recovery Zone EA open autonomous trades and can instead use it only for trade management once positions are already open.

This allows traders to benefit from the automatic hedging and averaging down functions without needing to predict market direction. The Recovery Zone EA effectively becomes a safety net that gives losing positions multiple chances to recover.

When using it in combination with other systems, traders should ensure the external trades have a stop loss wide enough to give the Recovery Zone EA space to work without being stopped out prematurely. A stop loss of around 150-200 pips is generally recommended.

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Benefits of the SPFX Recovery EA

The core benefit of the Recovery Zone trading strategy is that it removes directional bias and the pressure to choose market tops or bottoms. By hedging each trade and averaging down losing positions, traders give themselves multiple chances for each trade to become profitable.

Specific benefits include:

  • Requires less market timing precision
  • Lets winning trades run to maximize profits
  • Gives losing trades chance to recover losses
  • Functions effectively during ranging or volatile markets
  • Can automate complex hedging strategies

Overall, the SPFX Recovery Zone EA provides a robust automated trading approach that embraces short-term uncertainty through hedging and averaging down. It aims to smooth out account equity curves and provide stability to forex trading results.


The SPFX Recovery Zone EA provides traders with an automated hedging system to maximize profits and minimize losses. Its robust trading strategy lets winning trades run while giving losing trades multiple chances to recover through averaging down additional orders.

Optimizing the EA’s settings allows customization for different market conditions and account sizes. It can also complement manual trading and other EAs by serving as a safety net against trading losses when used for trade management.

Overall, the SPFX Recovery Zone EA is an expert advisor well worth exploring for traders looking to add automated hedging strategies to their trading toolset.

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