Nesco EA V5.0 MT5 – In-Depth Review

The Nesco EA V5.0 MT5 is an expert advisor for the MetaTrader 5 platform that utilizes artificial intelligence and cloud computing to analyze the markets and execute automated trades. Developed by Gennady Sergienko, this robot aims to simplify forex trading through fully automated analyses and decision making.

In this comprehensive review, we will analyze the Nesco EA’s features, performance, strengths and weaknesses to determine if it is worth the investment for prospective buyers.

Nesco EA V5.0 MT5

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Key Features

The Nesco EA comes equipped with some unique capabilities:

  • Artificial Intelligence: The robot uses GPT-4 Copilot and the MQL5 Cloud Network to optimize its trading strategies. This allows it to continuously learn and improve its performance.
  • Multiple Integrated Strategies: 6 trading strategies are built-in, including PILOTR, STENVALLL, NIGHT_POUND and more. These can be activated individually or simultaneously.
  • Dynamic Architecture: All control units automatically adapt to changing market conditions, ensuring longevity of performance.
  • Phone Notifications: If manual intervention is required, the EA can notify users via text message. This allows for timely actions when attention is needed.
  • Hedging Compatibility: The robot is compatible with both hedging and non-hedging brokers. This versatility allows it to work across various account types.

Nesco EA V5.0 MT5 Performance Metrics

Analyzing the EA’s metrics can offer insights into expected performance:

  • Profit Ratio Over 90%: According to the developer, the smart auto-close function results in a win rate exceeding 90%. However, independent verification would be prudent.
  • Low Minimum Deposit: The required balance starts from only $50. This makes the EA accessible even for small account holders.
  • Drawdown Reduction: By automatically managing trades, the EA aims to minimize losses and drawdowns. However, real-world testing is required for validation.

While these metrics seem promising, it is best to validate them through personal backtesting before relying solely on the vendor’s claims.


The Nesco EA does have some standout strengths:

  • Continuous Evolution: By integrating AI and cloud computing, the robot can continuously refine its logic to adapt to changing markets. This gives it an edge compared to static EAs.
  • Multiple Assets: The built-in strategies allow automated trading across currency pairs like EURUSD, GBPUSD and USDJPY. This diversity reduces dependence on a single market.
  • Transparent Track Record: The developer provides verified trading history spanning over 7 years. This builds credibility regarding the EA’s efficacy.
  • Reasonable Pricing Model: Instead of a large upfront fee, the EA uses a rental model starting from $25. This allows traders to test it cost-effectively.


However, a few potential weaknesses need to be evaluated:

  • Black Box Model: Since the source code is not disclosed, traders cannot fully analyze the underlying logic or optimize parameters themselves.
  • Scalping Strategies: Some built-in systems seem to rely on scalping techniques which may not align with all trading plans or brokers.
  • Unverified Claims: While performance metrics seem impressive, independent verification through backtests would be prudent before purchasing.
  • Potential Overoptimization: Machine learning does allow continuous evolution but can also lead to curve-fitting without proper safeguards.

While the Nesco EA appears well equipped as an automated trading solution, traders need to weigh up its pros and cons against their specific needs and risk appetite before making a purchase decision.

Using the Robot

If the EA’s capabilities match your trading requirements, using the robot would involve:

  • Downloading the files from the MetaTrader Marketplace once purchased
  • Adding the EA (Nesco.ex5) file to the Experts folder
  • Opening a chart for the desired symbol (e.g. EURUSD)
  • Dragging the EA onto the price chart
  • Configuring the input settings according to your needs
  • Enabling automated trading and allowing DLL imports
  • Starting automated trading by initializing the EA

The developer provides documentation explaining best practices around parameters, symbols and account types to optimize setup.

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Nesco EA V5.0 MT5 Purchase Cost

Instead of selling the EA outright, the developer has devised an innovative pricing model.

The starting price is $25 for a rental license. This allows traders to thoroughly test the EA’s merit.

Based on user demand, the price incrementally increases over time, capping out at a maximum of $1250.

This pay-as-you-go approach gives traders access without a large upfront payment, providing flexibility.

Nesco EA V5.0 MT5 Verdict

In summary, while the Nesco EA V5.0 MT5 shows significant potential as an automated trading solution, traders need to verify its performance claims through rigorous backtesting across different market conditions before making a purchase.

The combination of artificial intelligence, cloud capabilities, integrated strategies and adaptive architecture does seem promising. If the system can consistently replicate its purported 90%+ profit ratio, it would offer an attractive set-and-forget trading option.

However, the risks around overoptimization, scalping techniques and lack of transparency into the underlying logic cannot be ignored. Proper due diligence is vital before trusting real capital to a black box system.

As the starting price is quite reasonable, my recommendation would be to rent the EA, thoroughly backtest it across historic data, analyze the logic and performance, and then determine if the strengths outweigh the risks for your specific trading needs.

With rigorous validation, the Nesco EA V5.0 MT5 could automated trading, but the onus lies with individual traders to verify marketing claims against historical data and their own risk tolerance. Proceed with caution, validate extensively, and make an informed data-driven decision.

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