ALGO PRO BOT V2 MT5 Review: The Ultimate Algorithmic Trading Bot

ALGO PRO BOT V2 MT5 is an exciting new algorithmic trading bot designed specifically for the MetaTrader 5 (MT5) platform. As automated trading continues to grow in popularity amongst traders of all skill levels, ALGO PRO BOT V2 provides an accessible entry point into this advanced trading approach.

In this comprehensive ALGO PRO BOT V2 review, we will cover everything you need to know about this trading bot. We will look at its features and capabilities, pros and cons, ideal users, and ultimately help you determine if ALGO PRO BOT V2 is the right automated trading solution for your needs.


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Overview of ALGO PRO BOT V2

ALGO PRO BOT V2 is an expert advisor (EA) that allows traders to automate their trading strategies on the MT5 platform. It was created by a team of professional traders and mathematicians with over 15 years of combined trading experience.

The bot uses an innovative algorithmic trading engine that is designed to identify high-probability trading opportunities across forex, stocks, commodities, indices, and cryptocurrencies. It analyzes current market conditions and data to determine optimal entry and exit points for trades.

Some of the key features and capabilities of ALGO PRO BOT V2 include:

  • Trading Strategies – Comes pre-loaded with over 10 proven algorithmic trading strategies that can be further customized. Strategies include breakout, reversal, momentum, grid, hedging and more.
  • Backtesting – Allows traders to backtest the strategies against historical data to validate their performance.
  • Optimization – The bot can optimize the input parameters of strategies to improve performance.
  • Risk Management – Includes built-in risk management features like stop loss and take profit levels.
  • Portfolio Management – Automatically balances risk across multiple assets and positions in a portfolio.
  • Automated Trading – Fully automates the trading process once configured by the user.
  • Notifications – Sends email and push notifications on trade activity and alerts.
  • Supports MT5 – Seamlessly integrates with the popular MetaTrader 5 platform.
  • Ease of Use – Easy to install, configure and use even for beginners. Comes with detailed documentation and tutorials.


ALGO PRO BOT V2 is remarkably easy to use considering its sophisticated trading capabilities under the hood.

Once installed on MetaTrader 5, the bot allows you to select one of its pre-configured strategies or build a custom strategy using over 30 available technical indicators and trading rules.

You can then backtest the strategy against historical data and optimize the input parameters to improve performance. The bot takes care of running hundreds or even thousands of backtesting iterations to find the optimal strategy configuration.

When you are satisfied with the performance of the strategy, you can save it and let ALGO PRO BOT V2 run it automatically. The bot will scan the markets continuously for trading opportunities that meet your configured strategy rules.

When it identifies a trade setup, the bot will automatically execute the trade on your linked MT5 account. It will then actively monitor all your open positions and manage them according to the strategy’s risk parameters. This includes setting stop losses and take profits, trailing stops, and closing trades.

You can leave the bot running seamlessly in the background to execute your strategies 24/7. You can also monitor all trading activity in real-time through the detailed logs and notifications provided by ALGO PRO BOT V2.

Benefits of Using ALGO PRO BOT V2

There are many benefits to using a high-quality algorithmic trading bot like ALGO PRO BOT V2:

  • Emotionless Trading – Bots execute trades systematically based on strategy rules rather than emotions or intuition. This leads to less biased trading.
  • 24/7 Markets Access – Bots allow you to trade markets around the clock. You don’t need to monitor charts all day.
  • Faster Order Execution – Automated trading often results in orders being executed faster than manual trading.
  • Improved Risk Management – Bots can implement risk management rules like stops more efficiently than humans.
  • Strategy Optimization – Bots can test and optimize strategies far quicker than manual backtesting.
  • Portfolio Diversification – Bots make it easier to automate trades across multiple assets and strategies.
  • Passive Income – Profitable algorithmic strategies can generate consistent passive income streams.

For traders looking to leverage the benefits of algorithmic trading, ALGO PRO BOT V2 provides an accessible and user-friendly option that can be used with a standard MT5 account.


ALGO PRO BOT V2 is currently available under a few pricing options:

  • Monthly Subscription – $79 per month
  • Quarterly Subscription – $199 per quarter
  • Annual Subscription – $479 per year

The subscription gives you full access to ALGO PRO BOT V2 and any updates released during the subscription period. There are no additional fees or commissions beyond the subscription cost.

Considering the profit potential of algorithmic trading, the pricing is quite reasonable compared to competitors. For less than $80/month, any MT5 trader can access powerful automated trading capabilities.

ALGO PRO BOT V2 does not require signing up with a specific broker either. You can use it with any broker that supports MT5.

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Is ALGO PRO BOT V2 a Good Fit For You?

ALGO PRO BOT V2 is an excellent algorithmic trading solution for:

  • Beginner traders looking to explore algorithmic trading without coding skills.
  • Experienced traders who want to automate their proven manual strategies.
  • Traders who want “set and forget” automated trading.
  • Traders seeking consistent results unhindered by emotions.
  • Anyone who wants to diversify trading into multiple assets and global markets.
  • Traders who want to capture trading opportunities 24/7.

However, prospective users should have some key prerequisites in place:

  • Understanding of technical analysis and experience in manual trading. This allows better configuration of strategies.
  • Risk capital available for trading. Algorithmic trading still carries inherent risks.
  • Reasonable expectations in terms of returns. No EA can guarantee profits.
  • Willingness to periodically review and refine strategies. Trading conditions change.

Without meeting the above criteria, it may be difficult for inexperienced users to achieve success with ALGO PRO BOT V2.

The Pros and Cons


  • Provides access to algorithmic trading for MT5 traders without coding skills
  • Executes trades faster and more efficiently than manual trading
  • Removes emotional bias from trading decisions
  • Allows backtesting and optimization of strategies
  • Facilitates 24/7 trading across global markets
  • Implements automated risk management techniques
  • Sends notifications and allows monitoring in real-time
  • Easy to install, configure and use


  • Not ideal for beginner traders
  • Designed specifically for MT5 and may not integrate well with other platforms
  • Dependent on stable internet connection and power supply
  • Still carries inherent risks of algorithmic trading
  • Does not guarantee profits or offer unrealistic expectations
  • Requires periodic review and refinement as market conditions change
  • Potential for technical glitches or system failures


In summary, ALGO PRO BOT V2 provides an accessible entry point into algorithmic trading for MT5 traders of all skill levels. Its ease of use, detailed documentation, and inclusion of proven strategies makes it ideal for beginners looking to explore automated trading.

At the same time, experienced traders can benefit from backtesting, optimization, and full automation of their manual strategies. Features like risk management, portfolio balancing, and 24/7 trading further enhance the trading experience.

However, to achieve success with ALGO PRO BOT V2, users need to have reasonable expectations, commit to active strategy management, and implement robust risk practices. It should be viewed as an advanced tool for experienced traders rather than a magic button for easy profits.

For MT5 traders willing to put in the time and effort to learn the system, ALGO PRO BOT V2 offers a sophisticated yet user-friendly way to tap into the potential of algorithmic trading. The pricing is also very competitive compared to alternatives.

Overall, ALGO PRO BOT V2 scores highly for its combination of accessibility, advanced functionality, and integration with the popular MT5 platform. It’s a worthwhile consideration for any trader looking to upgrade their trading process using proven algorithmic strategies.

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