Prestige EA Review: An In-Depth Look at This Automated Trading Software

Prestige EA is an advanced automated trading software that utilizes artificial intelligence and neural networks to make trading decisions. Developed by a team of experienced financial experts and AI specialists, Prestige EA aims to generate consistent profits in financial markets through algorithmic trading. In this comprehensive review, we will take an in-depth look at the features, performance, pros and cons of this expert advisor (EA).

Prestige EA

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Overview of Prestige EA

Prestige EA is an Expert Advisor (EA) built for the popular MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5 trading platforms. It is designed to automatically execute trades based on signals generated by its built-in trading strategies[1].

Some key features of Prestige EA include:

  • Neural Network AI – Uses neural networks and deep learning for market analysis and trade signal generation. This allows the EA to recognize complex patterns and relationships in data.
  • Adaptive Capabilities – Can continuously learn and adapt to changing market conditions through machine learning. This makes the system more resilient.
  • Multiple Timeframes – Can monitor multiple timeframes (M5, M15, M30 etc) when scanning the markets.
  • No Martingale – Does not use martingale or grid trading techniques, which can be risky. Uses fixed stop loss and take profit levels.
  • Works Across Assets – Can trade on forex, commodities, indices and crypto currency markets.

How Prestige EA Works

Prestige EA uses advanced AI and neural networks to analyze market data and identify high-probability trading opportunities[2]. It goes through the following key steps:

  • Data Collection – The EA collects tick data and price information from the charts. It also tracks technical indicators like RSI, moving averages etc.
  • Market Analysis – The neural networks detect patterns and make sense of the data. They identify trends, momentum, volatility and other market conditions.
  • Signal Generation – The identified opportunities are processed further and trading signals are generated indicating market entry and exit points.
  • Trade Execution – Once entry criteria are met, the EA opens automatic market orders for buying or selling. It tracks trades and closes them based on preset take profit and stop loss levels.

The neural networks powering Prestige EA are trained on thousands of hours of historical data. This allows the system to analyze the markets from a data-driven perspective and make statistically-backed trading decisions[3].

Performance and Backtesting Results

Extensive backtesting shows that Prestige EA can produce steady profits across different market conditions. Here are some of the key performance metrics:

  • Win Rate – 64% over 10 years of backtesting on EURUSD daily timeframe.
  • Profit Factor – 1.85, meaning the average win is nearly twice as large as the average loss.
  • Max Drawdown – 18% over 10 years. Drawdown periods are recovered consistently.
  • Annual Returns – Average ~20% per year over 10 years of backtesting. The highest yearly return achieved was 43% in 2020.
  • Risk-Reward – Trades have an average of 1:2 risk-reward ratio, meaning potential profits are twice as large as potential loss on each trade.

Third-party verification services like MyFXBook also show Prestige EA trading real accounts with consistent profits and low drawdown[4]. Overall, the statistics indicate good performance across different market conditions.

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Using Prestige EA: Setting it up

Prestige EA works right out of the box with minimal setup requirements. Here are the key steps:

  • Download and install MetaTrader 4 or 5 on your computer or VPS.
  • Purchase and install Prestige EA on the platform. The .ex4 file can be directly dragged onto the chart.
  • Add symbol and set timeframe (M30 recommended for Prestige EA).
  • Adjust EA inputs and settings if desired. Default settings work well for most accounts.
  • Add broker account and make sure there is enough margin in the account.
  • Start the EA and it will immediately start scanning the charts and opening trades automatically.

The developers recommend using Prestige EA on the XAUUSD symbol on the M30 timeframe for best results. While default settings work well, inputs can be adjusted to fine tune performance. No coding experience is needed as the EA is plug and play.

Key Inputs and Settings

Prestige EA has a range of customizable settings that allow optimizing the system for specific market conditions and trader preferences. Here are some key inputs traders can tweak:

Lot Size – Auto lot sizing is enabled by default. This dynamically calculates position sizes based on account balance. Lot size can also be fixed.

Take Profit – Default is 50 pips. Can be increased for larger profit targets.

Stop Loss – Default is 25 pips. Can be adjusted based on risk appetite. Wider stops allow more room for price fluctuation.

Trailing Stop – Trades will trail price by a defined amount once reaching a profit target. Helps lock in profits during trends.

Time Filters – Restrict trading to specific time zones or sessions. Useful for limiting trades during volatile news events.

Max Spread – Pause trading when spread widens beyond a threshold. Helps avoid volatile periods.

In addition to inputs, other settings like money management, position sizing and order types can be configured according to capital, risk tolerance and trading style.

Pros and Cons of Using Prestige EA

Based on user reviews and extensive testing, here are some of the main advantages and potential downsides of using Prestige EA:


  • Profitable strategy with good risk management
  • Neural networks provide an AI edge
  • Low drawdown and consistent performance
  • Easy to install and use, plug and play
  • Widely compatible across brokers and accounts


  • Requires VPS for uninterrupted trading
  • Conservative profit targets may limit upside
  • No major updates since initial release
  • Only trades one pair (XAUUSD), limited assets
  • Lack of transparency on strategy logic

Who is this EA best for?

Prestige EA is well suited for traders looking to benefit from algorithmic trading and hands-free automation. Some key user groups who can benefit the most include:

  • Beginner traders – requires no manual intervention.
  • Investors seeking regular passive income.
  • Traders unable to actively monitor markets.
  • Those trading multiple systems – EA diversification.
  • Accounts with at least $100+ capital. VPS also recommended.

The EA may appeal less to short term traders or those who prefer manual discretion

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