POW Banker EA Review: A Comprehensive Look at This Automated Trading System

POW Banker EA is an automated trading system designed for the MetaTrader 5 (MT5) platform. This forex robot aims to scan currency pairs and identify trading opportunities based on its built-in algorithm. Once a signal is detected, the EA can enter and manage trades on behalf of the user.

In this comprehensive POW Banker EA review, we will analyze the key features, pros and cons, and performance of this expert advisor.

POW Banker EA

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Overview of POW Banker EA

POW Banker EA was created by Darren Hill and the POW team. It is marketed as a hands-free automated trading solution that can work around the clock to potentially generate profits for forex traders.

Some of the main features highlighted by the developer include:

  • Fully automated trading system for MT5
  • Scans charts for trading signals 24/5
  • Implements hedging and averaging strategies
  • Built-in risk management settings
  • Walk forward optimized

The EA aims to enter both buy and sell trades when opportunities arise, regardless of the overall market direction. It utilizes hedging and averaging tactics to accumulate positions. Risk management is handled through integrated settings such as max drawdown, max lot size, and an equity protector.

Installation and Setup

Installing POW Banker EA on MT5 is straightforward. You simply drag and drop the ex4 file onto your charts. The developer provides installation guidelines and a text file with time zone conversion settings.

Optimizing the EA’s input settings does require some trial and error. It’s recommended to thoroughly backtest POW Banker EA across different currency pairs, time frames, and market conditions. This helps determine optimal inputs for risk, averaging, hedging, and other parameters.

The developer offers multiple preset files to use as a starting point for different strategies. However, further tweaking is needed to suit individual trading preferences and risk appetite.

Trading Performance and Backtests

Verifying trading performance is crucial when evaluating any forex EA. Unfortunately, POW Banker EA lacks readily available live or backtest results.

The vendor does not provide any verified MyFXBook accounts showing real-time trading statistics. There are also no backtests available to view the historical performance and robustness of the system.

Some user reviews do mention successful results, but without proof, these claims remain unsubstantiated. The lack of transparency around actual trading performance makes it difficult to properly assess the profitability of this EA. More concrete statistics would lend greater credibility.

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Pros of POW Banker EA

  • Automated trading system that can scan for signals and trade 24/5
  • Implements hedging and averaging tactics
  • Customizable inputs for risk management and position sizing
  • Multiple preset files available to use as a starting point
  • Easy to install and use on the MT5 platform

Cons of POW Banker EA

  • Expensive compared to competitors (pricing from $399 to $999)
  • No verified live or backtest results available
  • Requires optimization and tweaking of settings
  • Rigid system that may not adapt well to changing market dynamics
  • No clear edge or strategic advantage revealed

Who Is POW Banker EA Best For?

POW Banker EA may appeal to beginner or intermediate traders who want an automated solution. The hands-free approach and hedging capabilities provide some advantages.

However, the high pricing, lack of track record transparency, and need for optimization makes it less attractive compared to top-performing alternatives. Experienced traders would likely avoid EA given the current lack of verified statistics.

The EA is also best suited for accounts with higher leverage (1:500+) due to the averaging tactics used. Lower leverage accounts may struggle to open additional positions.

Final Verdict

Overall, POW Banker EA provides some useful automated trading features, but has some clear drawbacks compared to competitors. The lack of any verified trading statistics is very concerning and makes it impossible to assess likely profitability.

While it may appeal to some traders, the high costs and lack of transparency prevent a full recommendation. More historical trading data, backtests, and clarity around the strategies used would improve the credibility of this EA.

As it currently stands, EA faces stiff competition from other automated systems with more robust track records and lower pricing. It has potential, but needs to address key deficiencies to rank among the top forex EAs.

Author: Dominic Walsh

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