A Comprehensive Review of the Jaga Lilin Expert Advisor for MetaTrader 4

The Jaga Lilin Expert Advisor (EA) is a forex trading robot designed to identify high-probability price action setups across multiple timeframes. After carefully analyzing the search results, this review article will provide an in-depth evaluation of the EA’s features, performance, strengths and potential limitations.

Jaga Lilin EA

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Overview of the Jaga Lilin EA

The Jaga Lilin EA is marketed as a conservative and consistently profitable trading robot for the MetaTrader 4 platform. As stated in the product description:

“This consistent Jaga Lilin EA is designed for traders who prefer a more conservative approach to forex trading. It does not trade excessively, only opening approximately 1 to 3 trades per day. It also can go a few days without trading too.

The EA aims to capture potential breakouts while minimizing risk through its multi-timeframe analysis and strict risk management rules. Key features include:

Detailed Performance Statistics & Backtests

Comprehensive historical backtesting reports are not provided for the Jaga Lilin EA. However, some performance statistics are shown in forward test accounts tracked on MyFXBook.

As of Dec 19, 2023, the “Tukang Jaga Lilin Medium Risk” account shows:

  • +6.04% net profit over almost 9 months
  • 36.10% max drawdown
  • 806 trades taken with 71% win rate
  • Best trade: +220.2 pips, worst trade: -144.4 pips

These metrics indicate decent profitability for a conservative EA, but a relatively high drawdown. More extended backtests would be needed to fully gauge the long-term expectancy.

Strengths of the Jaga Lilin EA

1. Realistic win rate: With a 71% win rate across over 800 trades, the EA achieves a realistic ratio for a profitable forex robot. Such an attainable win rate instills confidence in its trading logic.

2. Conservative position sizing: The use of a fixed, low lot size (e.g. 0.04 lots) ensures that losses on individual trades remain small and manageable. This prevents account blow-ups.

3. Multi-timeframe analysis: Scanning multiple timeframes when identifying trades improves precision and effectiveness in entering and exiting positions. This enhances profitability.

4. User-friendly dashboard: The dashboard allowing users to monitor trading statistics and customize settings is a useful feature for managing trades.

5. Reasonable pricing: Unlike many EAs priced in the thousands, the Jaga Lilin EA seems fairly priced for an unlimited license. This makes its positive risk-reward ratio more attractive.

Potential Weaknesses

1. Lack of long-term backtests: Without seeing performance over 10+ years of historical data, it is difficult to determine if the EA’s edge holds up across different market conditions.

2. High drawdown: While a 36% drawdown over 9 months may be expected for some aggressive EAs, it seems on the higher side for a robot marketed as conservative. This increases account risk.

3. Hidden martingale: Although the product page claims no martingale is used, one of the search results suggests a “cautious” martingale approach is sometimes employed[1]. This could lead to blow-ups.

4. Lack of investor safeguards: Unlike reputable commercial EAs, there seem to be no refund guarantees, independent verification, or third-party oversight provided to investors. This exposes users to potential risks.

5. Black box methodology: Without transparency into the EA’s strategy rules or seeing a detailed breakdown of historical trades, traders must take the developer’s word regarding its profitability. This requires a leap of faith.

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Conclusion & Recommendation

In summary, while the Jaga Lilin EA shows some promising metrics in investor accounts, the lack of verification, transparency, or extensive backtesting makes it difficult to determine if these results are reproducible. The high drawdown and hidden martingale also increase the risk profile.

For conservative traders or small account holders seeking steady gains, the EA may warrant further investigation. However, conducting additional robustness checks is highly advisable before using real capital. As with any EA investment, proper risk management remains vital.

Author: Dominic Walsh

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