A Comprehensive Review of the THG Straddle Trader Diamond Expert Advisor

The THG Straddle Trader Diamond is an expert advisor (EA) designed specifically for news trading using an advanced straddling technique. This automated trading system aims to capitalize on volatile market moves triggered by high impact news events.



Overview of the THG Straddle Trader Diamond EA

The THG Straddle Trader Diamond EA was developed by the team at TradeHouse Global, a company specializing in creating automated trading solutions. According to the developers, this expert advisor can achieve 70-85% consistency in profiting from news trading events.

The core trading logic utilizes the straddling technique which involves placing pending buy stop and sell stop orders on both sides of the market before a major news announcement. When the news is released, large spikes in volatility often occur causing prices to move rapidly up or down triggering one of the pending orders. If done properly, this allows traders to benefit from the sudden price swings regardless of direction.

Some of the key features highlighted by the developers include:

  • Advanced algorithms to reduce slippage and improve order execution
  • Flexible strategy customization settings
  • Risk management features like customizable stop losses
  • Detailed backtesting data and statistics

Additionally, the EA comes with a detailed user manual explaining all the various settings and how to optimize the system for different market conditions.

Using the Straddling Technique for News Trading

The straddling technique utilized by the THG Straddle Trader Diamond EA is based on the idea that it’s difficult to predict how the market will react to major news events. By placing pending orders on both sides of the current price, the trader hopes to capture a profit regardless of whether the volatility spike moves the price up or down after the announcement.

Here is a quick example of how straddling works:

  1. News event scheduled in 1 hour that could trigger big moves in EUR/USD
  2. Current EUR/USD price is 1.1250
  3. Trader places buy stop order at 1.1300 and sell stop order at 1.1200
  4. When news is released price spikes down to 1.1190 triggering sell stop entry
  5. Sell order fills and trader aims to ride volatility downward

The key benefit of straddling is it removes the need to predict market direction which can be very difficult around news events. However, there are some downsides to consider including paying the spread twice and managing extra exposure. Overall it’s a solid technique when executed properly.

Real Performance Results of THG Straddle Trader Diamond

One of the standout features emphasized by the TradeHouse Global team is the reliable and consistent performance of the THG Straddle Trader Diamond EA during live trading.

They highlight several Myfxbook verified accounts showing strong profitability over long periods. For example, one account shows +167% net profit with a max drawdown of 50% over the span of a year. The average winning trade is +8.7 pips while the average loser is -8.7 pips indicating symmetry in the performance.

The developers also share detailed backtests indicating solid performance across over 7 years of historical data. Results include:

  • Total net profit of $234K
  • Max drawdown of 18%
  • Profit factor of 2.5

These statistics indicate the EA has been extensively optimized and tested to perform well in a variety of different market conditions. Of course, past performance does not guarantee future results but the data is certainly promising.

Using the THG Straddle Trader Diamond EA

Since the THG Straddle Trader Diamond EA utilizes a complex straddling technique focused on news trading, it does require some initial setup and optimization for best performance. The developers emphasize the importance of thoroughly reading through the detailed PDF manual before usage.

Some key aspects to configure properly include:

Trade Execution Settings

  • Entry trigger timings before news events
  • Pending order distances from current price
  • Order slippage/requote protection protocols

Risk Management Settings

  • Stop loss pips distances
  • Maximum risk percentage per trade
  • Account protection protocols

Optimization Settings

  • Parameter tuning for different symbols
  • Backtesting on historical data
  • Forward testing on demo account

While the EA does a lot of optimization work in the background, traders still need to actively manage some variables to align with their account size, risk tolerances, and target markets. Extensive backtesting is also crucial to validate performance.

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Cost, Availability, and Support

The THG Straddle Trader Diamond EA is sold exclusively through the TradeHouse Global website for a one-time fee of $997.

Considering the complexity of the trading strategy and amount of development work involved, this cost seems justifiable. The developers also emphasize that no additional monthly fees or commissions are charged, so traders get to keep all their profits.

In terms of support, TradeHouse Global offers installation help, strategy guidance, and technical assistance via email and social channels. They also have an active user community on Facebook where traders can connect and exchange ideas on usage tactics.

The Pros and Cons

Based on capabilities, performance data, and customer feedback, here is a summary of the main pros and cons of the THG Straddle Trader Diamond EA:


  • Proven news trading algorithm with solid backtests
  • Detailed statistics to validate performance
  • Active community support and guidance
  • Fully automated strategy with risk management


  • High one-time cost of $997
  • Steep learning curve to master settings
  • Over-optimization leading to curve fitting

So in essence, while the EA shows significant profit potential, traders need to commit time and effort to study the methodology and optimize it properly for their own accounts.


For experienced traders interested in automated news trading, the THG Straddle Trader Diamond EA stands out as a leading solution based on real user results. However, expect an involved process to setup and optimize the complex straddling strategy for your specific account conditions and risk tolerance. As with any EA, conduct extensive backtesting before going live. Overall the positive community feedback and support resources provide confidence in the quality and efficacy of this advanced trading algorithm. Just be ready to put in the work to master the settings for maximum profitability.

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