A Complete Guide to Using TradingView for Cryptocurrencies

As cryptocurrencies exploded in popularity in recent years, TradingView has become one of the most widely used platforms for crypto charting, analysis and research. The platform offers robust tools specifically for bitcoin, ethereum, and thousands of other altcoins. In this guide, we’ll explore how cryptocurrency traders utilize the full capabilities of TradingView to master the volatile crypto markets. Whether you’re trading bitcoin, altcoins, or decentralized finance tokens, TradingView has the features to support your crypto investing journey. How To Use Tradingview For Crypto

Comprehensive Cryptocurrency Analysis

TradingView allows deep analysis on the top cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and also more obscure altcoins. You get:
  • Interactive charts across multiple timeframes down to the minute
  • Drawing tools for trendlines, support/resistance, figures
  • Indicators like moving averages, RSI, Ichimoku cloud, Bollinger bands
  • Fundamental data like coin supply, description, links
  • Price data and volumes displayed in BTC or USD
  • News feed and events related to cryptocurrencies
With TradingView’s charting capabilities, performing technical and fundamental analysis on cryptocurrencies is seamless. You can incorporate indicators that work well for crypto like Ichimoku and use techniques like identifying patterns and trends that apply across any market.

Backtesting Crypto Strategies

A huge benefit for crypto traders is TradingView enables easily backtesting trading systems using historical data. With the Pine Script programming language, you can:
  • Code crypto strategies with entry/exit logic
  • Incorporate indicators like RSI, moving averages
  • Optimize parameters to maximize returns
  • Test strategies across previous years of price data
  • Analyze detailed metrics like risk-reward ratio, max drawdown
Rigorous backtesting gives traders confidence in a strategy before risking real capital in the volatile crypto markets.

Getting Insights from Crypto Community

Through its public chats and social features, TradingView offers a thriving community of crypto traders discussing ideas and market developments. You can:
  • Join crypto-specific chat rooms with active discussions
  • Follow and learn from expert crypto traders posting charts and analysis
  • Connect with fellow traders to exchange ideas and strategies
  • Discuss breaking news and crypto events immediately as they occur
  • Get quick answers to questions from experienced crypto traders
The collective insights from the crypto trading community provides tremendous value to individual traders aiming to avoid pitfalls and trade more profitably.

Setting Alerts for Price and Indicators

With TradingView alerts, crypto traders can set price and indicator level notifications on charts to react faster to changing market conditions. You can create alerts to:
  • Get notified when bitcoin hits a key support/resistance level
  • Receive alerts when ethereum RSI crosses above 70 into overbought regions
  • Get warned when a moving average crossover occurs on a crypto’s chart
  • Know immediately when a crypto asset gaps up/down at market open
Alerts help capitalize on trading opportunities across the highly volatile crypto markets where prices can change rapidly.

Tracking Crypto Portfolios

You can add crypto holdings on TradingView to track the performance of an overall portfolio. By inputting:
  • Cryptocurrencies owned
  • Number of units held
  • Average entry price per unit
TradingView calculates and displays portfolio valuation changes over time. This helps traders determine how crypto investments are performing in total.

Executing Cryptocurrency Trades

For traders seeking to execute live trades from TradingView charts, the platform offers integrations with several crypto exchanges and brokers. Once connected, supported exchanges include:
  • Coinbase
  • Bitfinex
  • Binance
  • FTX
  • Kraken
  • KuCoin
Traders must fund accounts separately at the integrated brokers. But executing directly from TradingView charts provides speed and convenience. Vanguard Warrior Indicator Best Tradingview tool for Crypto Trading Vanguard Warrior Indicator

Finding New Crypto Opportunities

The TradingView stock screener allows scanning for potential new crypto trading opportunities based on technical criteria. You can scan for cryptos:
  • Trending upwards with consecutive green candles
  • With rising volume indicating possible breakout
  • Where RSI crossed below 30 into oversold levels
  • Where price crossed above key moving averages
The screener allows discovering new crypto setups aligning with your strategy for further research.

Can I Use Pitchfork Tradingview for Crypto Trading?

Pitchfork tradingview usage is a valuable tool for crypto trading. With its intuitive interface and advanced charting capabilities, Tradingview allows users to easily plot pitchforks and identify potential price trends. Whether you are a beginner or experienced trader, utilizing pitchforks on Tradingview can enhance your trading strategy and decision-making process in the volatile crypto market.

Accessing Experienced Crypto Traders

Through its Pro+ subscription, TradingView allows following vetted cryptocurrency experts. Professional traders you can learn from include:
  • Michael Van De Poppe
  • Coin Bureau
  • CryptoCred
  • TradingShot
  • Ludom
  • CryptoWyse
These experienced crypto traders share charts with targeted technical analysis explaining their process. By studying their commentary, you gain invaluable insights that can improve your own crypto trading.

Conclusion and Next Steps

Cryptocurrency trading requires adaptability and using tools created for the task. TradingView provides crypto investors an end-to-end platform for researching digital assets, executing trades, backtesting systems, benefiting from social wisdom, and ultimately gaining an edge. Make sure to also utilize resources like:
  • Following crypto news and fundamentals closely
  • Discussing projects on crypto forums like Reddit
  • Staying updated on crypto regulation changes
  • Monitoring crypto derivatives and futures trading activity
  • Understanding blockchain networks and developments
Mastering combining TradingView chart tools with broader crypto knowledge will make you a versatile trader able to profit across bull and bear markets. The platform provides powerful weapons for fighting in the volatile crypto battlefield.
Author: Dominic Walsh

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