Price Volume Trend Mtf Nosg Mt4 Review

The Price Volume Trend (PVT) indicator is a technical analysis tool used to identify the strength of trends in financial markets. It combines price and volume data to indicate whether buyers or sellers are in control of a particular asset. The PVT indicator can be used on its own or in combination with other indicators to develop trading strategies.

Multi-timeframe (MTF) indicators are designed to show the same indicator across different timeframes. MTF indicators provide traders with a broader view of market conditions, allowing them to see both short-term and long-term trends simultaneously.

Price Volume Trend Mtf Nosg Mt4

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This article explores the Price Volume Trend MTF noSG MT4 – an advanced version of the PVT indicator that incorporates multi-timeframe analysis and eliminates any smoothing gaps for enhanced accuracy. By understanding how this indicator works, traders can gain valuable insights into market movements and make more informed trading decisions.

Understanding the Price Volume Trend Indicator

The section at hand provides an in-depth understanding of the indicator that determines the relationship between price movements and trading volume, commonly known as the Price Volume Trend (PVT) Indicator. The PVT is a technical analysis tool used to measure buying and selling pressure based on changes in trading volume and price movement.

The indicator compares the closing price of each bar with its previous bar’s closing price, multiplied by the trading volume for that period. Calculating PVT involves simple arithmetic calculations where traders sum up all values obtained from multiplying percentage changes in prices with respective volumes across different time periods.

Generally, a rising PVT indicates increasing buying pressure, while a falling PVT signifies selling pressure. Interpretation techniques involve analyzing trends over different periods to gauge overall market direction and momentum using moving averages or other charting tools.

Applying PVT in trading strategies can be useful when combined with other technical indicators such as Moving Averages Convergence Divergence (MACD) or Relative Strength Index (RSI). For instance, when using MACD alongside PVT, traders can identify divergence between these two indicators which may signal potential trend reversals.

Overall, Price Volume Trend is a valuable tool for traders looking to make informed decisions about market trends and optimize their strategies accordingly.

Benefits of the Multi-Timeframe Indicator

By utilizing a Multi-Timeframe Indicator in trading, investors can benefit from gaining a broader view of market trends and patterns across various timeframes, potentially leading to more informed decision-making.

This is especially useful in swing trading where traders aim to capitalize on short-term price movements. The MTF indicator allows them to view the trend of the asset over multiple timeframes, enabling them to make better-informed decisions about when to enter or exit a trade.

Compared with other MTF indicators, the NOSG MT4 offers several advantages. Firstly, it provides users with an easy-to-read display that shows all relevant information at once. Secondly, it allows traders to set up alerts for different timeframes simultaneously, which saves time and ensures they don’t miss any important signals.

Additionally, the NOSG MT4 has customizable settings so traders can tailor it to their preferences and trading strategies. Finally, by providing real-time data across multiple timeframes, this MTF indicator enables traders to identify potential changes in market trends quickly and accurately.

Advantages of the noSG Version

Utilizing the noSG version of a Multi-Timeframe Indicator offers distinct advantages that allow traders to customize their settings, set up alerts for multiple timeframes simultaneously, and quickly identify potential market trend changes in real-time. This version is compatible with MetaTrader 4 (MT4) platform, which adds convenience and accessibility to traders who use this popular trading platform. The noSG version also has a higher trade signal accuracy compared to its SG counterpart. It eliminates the possibility of false signals caused by price swings or noise in the market.

The table below illustrates some of the key differences between the noSG and SG versions of Multi-Timeframe Indicator:

Criteria noSG Version SG Version
Compatibility MT4 MT5
Signal Accuracy High precision due to elimination of false signals caused by price swings or noise in the market May produce false signals due to inclusion of price swings or noise in the market
Alert Settings Customization Highly customizable settings allowing traders to set up alerts for multiple timeframes simultaneously Limited customization options available

Overall, using the noSG version allows for greater flexibility in trading strategies as it provides accurate trade signals across multiple timeframes without being affected by external factors such as price swings or noise. Its compatibility with MT4 also adds convenience and accessibility for traders who prefer this platform.


The Price Volume Trend Indicator is a technical analysis tool designed to measure the relationship between price and volume in the stock market. It helps traders identify trends by comparing the closing price of an asset with its trading volume. By analyzing this data, traders can determine whether a trend is gaining or losing momentum.

Multi-timeframe indicators are used to analyze multiple timeframes simultaneously. They help traders gain a better understanding of the overall trend and make informed decisions about when to enter or exit trades.

The noSG version of this indicator eliminates false signals caused by market noise, making it a more reliable tool for traders.

In conclusion, understanding the Price Volume Trend Indicator and utilizing multi-timeframe analysis can be valuable tools for traders looking to identify profitable trades in the stock market. Additionally, using the noSG version can help eliminate false signals and improve trading accuracy. However, as with any technical analysis tool, it should be used in conjunction with other forms of analysis and risk management strategies.

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