Forex Bizon Scalper – An Overview of This Trading Tool

Finding a profitable and reliable trading system is the holy grail for forex traders. Forex Bizon Scalper is a relatively new trading tool gaining popularity that aims to make scalping trades simpler and more automated. In this post, we’ll provide an introductory overview of Forex Bizon Scalper – how it works, key features, purported benefits, and considerations for traders interested in this tool. Bizon Scalper


What is Forex Bizon Scalper?

Forex Bizon Scalper is a collection of trading tools developed by Bizon Group designed for scalping trading strategies and maximizing profits on small intraday moves in the forex market. It includes indicators, an expert advisor trading bot, and general trade management guidelines built around the concept of scalping currency pairs through high probability setups during optimal market times. The tools search for potential setups around the London/New York overlap and try to capture moves amounting to just 2-5 pips, doing this repeatedly throughout sessions. It aims for many small winning trades rather than big individual wins.

How Does Forex Bizon Scalper Work?

Forex Bizon Scalper has three main components: Indicators – Uses custom indicators for assessing momentum, volatility, and identifying potential pivot points for scalp entries. Expert Advisor – An automated trading bot executes buy/sell orders based on signals from the Bizon Scalper indicator suite. Trade Guidelines – General rules for risk management, identifying optimal scalping times, and best practices using the indicators/EA. By combining these elements, the Scalper aims to determine high probability scalping opportunities where the risk-reward ratio is favorable, and the bot can automatically enter/exit many trades per session hunting for small profits.

Key Features of Forex Bizon Scalper

Some of the core features of this trading toolkit include:

  • 7 proprietary custom indicators for analysis
  • Automated trading expert advisor bot
  • Runs natively in MetaTrader 4 and 5
  • Applicable for most major and minor currency pairs
  • Scalping trade management guidelines
  • Suitable for ECN/STP brokers with low spreads/fees
  • Dedicated trade management team support

The all-in-one nature of the platform aims to provide an end-to-end scalping solution.

Who is Forex Bizon Scalper For?

This tool is designed for traders specifically looking to scalp the forex markets, whether manually or through automation. The high pace and short duration of scalping trades requires a specialized toolkit compared to longer timeframe swing or trend trading. Bizon Scalper aims to be that solution for forex scalpers. Traders who already actively scalp or those looking to explore scalping strategies can potentially benefit the most from this tool. The hands-free automated bot makes scalping accessible even for beginners. However, the tool may appeal less to traders focused on fundamentals or longer term positions rather than intraday micro moves. As with any trading system, aligning strategy with goals is vital.

Benefits of Forex Bizon Scalper

Some purported benefits of the Forex Bizon Scalper system include:

  • Custom indicators identify high probability scalp setups
  • Automated EA bot places/manages trades 24/7
  • Scalping techniques aim for many smaller wins rather than big hits
  • Dedicated trade management team provides support
  • All-in-one integrated toolkit for scalping
  • Detailed trading guidelines maximize profitability

For traders aiming to scalp forex pairs efficiently, Forex Bizon Scalper provides a streamlined solution. Forex Obsidian Jackpot Strategy Check my advanced Forex Obsidian Jackpot Strategy

Is Hankotrade a Similar Trading Software to Bizon Scalper?

Hankotrade and Bizon Scalper are both popular online trading platforms. However, they have distinct features and functionalities. While both provide access to financial markets, Hankotrade focuses on a user-friendly interface and advanced analytical tools. On the other hand, Bizon Scalper is renowned for its algorithmic trading capabilities. Depending on individual preferences and requirements, traders can choose the platform that best aligns with their trading goals and strategies.

Potential Considerations When Using Forex Bizon Scalper

However, there are a few factors traders may want to keep in mind:

  • Requires focus on scalping vs other strategies
  • Needs ECN broker with very tight spreads
  • Too many small positions can be labor intensive
  • Automated trading has inherent risks if not managed properly
  • Scalping is not suited for all trader personalities
  • Like any system, real-world results may vary

As with any trading method, proper practice, money management and risk controls are still essential. There are no shortcuts.

The Bottom Line

Forex Bizon Scalper aims to provide an all-in-one toolkit for scalping forex through its indicators, automated trading bot, and trade management guidelines. For traders interested specifically in scalping strategies, it can potentially provide a streamlined solution. However, the tool still requires practice, discretion, and risk controls for best results. As usual, traders should exercise due diligence in evaluating any trading system or tool. But Forex Bizon Scalper merits a closer look for traders aiming to explore scalping techniques in forex.

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