How to Share TradingView Charts – Complete Guide

TradingView has become the premier platform for charting, analysis and sharing trading ideas. With millions of active users, the TradingView community is an invaluable resource for all traders.

A key feature of TradingView is the ability to share your chart setups and analysis with other traders around the world. But how exactly do you share TradingView charts?

In this post, we’ll explore the various options for sharing TradingView charts and analysis for maximum engagement and feedback.

How to Share TradingView Chart

Why Share TradingView Charts?

Here are some of the main benefits of sharing your TradingView charts:

  • Get feedback – Other experienced traders may spot things you missed.
  • Build your reputation – Share quality analysis to gain a following.
  • Spread ideas – Alert others to potential trading opportunities.
  • Promote your services – Attract interest for paid groups or services.
  • Educate others – Teach beginners aspects of technical analysis.
  • Store ideas – Charts are saved in your public profile for future reference.

The collaborative nature of TradingView makes sharing charts incredibly valuable for improving as a trader. Feedback and discussion with the TradingView community will enhance your skills.

How to Share Charts from TradingView

TradingView makes it simple to share your chart ideas in just a few clicks using any of these options:

1. Post a Chart Link

Every TradingView chart has a unique URL that can be shared to instantly allow others to access that exact chart.

To grab the URL, click on the browser address bar and copy the link while you have the desired chart open. Paste this link anywhere – Twitter, StockTwits, chat rooms, forums, etc.

When someone clicks your TradingView chart link, the chart will open in their browser so they see exactly what you were viewing.

2. Share a Chart Image

Rather than linking to an interactive chart, you can also share a static PNG image screenshot.

To do this, click on the camera icon in the top right of any TradingView chart. This will download a PNG image that captures the current state of your chart.

You can share this image on social media, forums, and anywhere else that allows image uploads.

3. Publish Charts to TradingView

To share your charts directly on TradingView for feedback and discussion, use the Publish Chart feature.

On the left sidebar, click the “Publish” button. Give your chart a title and description. You can also select a Category like “Forex” or “Cryptocurrency”.

When you publish a chart, it gets added to your TradingView profile and to the Public Charts area based on its category.

Other traders can now favorite, comment, and reshare your published charts just like social media posts. You’ll gain followers as you share quality charts and analysis.

Publishing charts is the best option for getting engagement from the TradingView community directly on the platform.

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How to Get Feedback on Your Shared Charts

The key benefit of sharing TradingView charts is getting feedback from experienced traders to improve your analysis skills. Here are some tips for getting quality feedback:

  • Ask specific questions in your chart descriptions to drive comments. For example: “Does this look like an ascending triangle to you?”
  • Engage with comments and reply to any feedback received on your charts. This encourages dialog.
  • Join TradingView chat rooms related to your strategy. Share charts there and discuss with other traders.
  • Follow top contributors and study their published charts to learn from the best.
  • Ask trusted traders on your watchlist for feedback via direct message. Build relationships with experienced analysts.
  • Use indicators sparingly so charts don’t get cluttered. Cleaner charts draw more interest.

Sharing your TradingView charts is just the first step. Actively engaging with the community will take your trading to higher levels.

Best Practices for Sharing Charts

Follow these tips when publishing or sharing your TradingView charts for maximum impact:

  • Add context in the chart title and description explaining the analysis. Don’t just share a chart expecting others to interpret it.
  • Simplify charts for readability. Remove clutter and zoom in on the relevant price action.
  • Highlight key levels using drawings and annotations to direct attention.
  • Use visualizations like price action highlights and range tool to improve clarity.
  • Comment your analysis directly on the chart using the text tool to point out patterns.
  • Customize themes to make charts aesthetically pleasing. The Style tab has many options.
  • Share both wins and losses to demonstrate lessons learned from being wrong, not just right.

Following these best practices will ensure your TradingView charts are high-quality and impactful for your audience.

Grow Your Following with Quality Charts

Building a strong TradingView network of followers takes time, but will pay dividends for your trading career. Here are some final tips for growing your audience:

  • Specialize your content in certain markets, strategies, or chart types you excel at.
  • Cross-promote charts on Twitter, Facebook groups, Reddit, and anywhere your target traders are active.
  • Publish consistently – Post charts even when markets are quiet to keep engaged followers.
  • Interact thoughtfully by liking and commenting on other’s charts to build relationships.
  • Stay humble – Don’t come across as promotional or overconfident. Be open and admit mistakes.

As you share your unique perspective and high-quality charts over time, your TradingView profile will become a go-to source for compelling analysis.

The TradingView social ecosystem provides an immensely valuable opportunity to improve your trading skills if engaged with proactively. So start sharing your charts today!

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