Molecule AI EA – In-Depth Review and Analysis

The Molecule AI EA is an expert advisor for MetaTrader 4 designed for forex trading automation and optimization. Created by developer Sergey Ermolov, it leverages advanced neural networks and artificial intelligence to make trading decisions. In this comprehensive review, we will analyze the key features, strengths and weaknesses of this trading robot.

Molecule AI EA

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Overview and Background

Molecule AI EA aims to maximize trading results through algorithmic trading. The software is based on two neural network models – Multilayer Perceptron (MLP) and Long Short-Term Memory (LSTM). The MLP model predicts price patterns while the LSTM model stores data for future use. Together, these models compensate for each other’s weaknesses and enhance performance.

The expert advisor is currently in its fourth iteration, with improvements to functionality, stability and profitability in each new version. It offers features like imbalance and breakout trading strategies, risk management tools, and continuous learning capability.

Sergey Ermolov, the creator, has significant expertise in profitable algorithm development leveraging new technologies like neural networks and artificial intelligence.

Detailed Feature Analysis

Here is an in-depth analysis of the key features and capabilities of the Molecule AI EA:

Multiple Neural Network Models

The software combines two advanced neural network architectures for predictive modeling – MLP and LSTM. This allows more accurate predictions by offsetting individual model limitations. The MLP rapidly detects patterns while LSTM provides greater memory.

Adaptive Strategies

Molecule AI has two inbuilt trading strategies – Imbalance and Breakout. Imbalance works well in flat markets by identifying price inefficiencies. Breakout is based on momentum and trends. The strategies automatically switch based on market conditions for consistent returns.

Continuous Learning

The system continuously learns from new data through neural adaptation and updated strategies. This allows it to evolve with changing market dynamics and improve predictions over time.

Risk Management

Inbuilt tools like maximum drawdown limits, martingale logic, and money management controls minimize losses and risk. This results in stable growth of the trading account.

Easy Installation

The expert advisor offers seamless integration with MetaTrader 4 terminals through an installation guide. The parameters can also be fully customized as per individual trading requirements.

Developer Support

Customers get access to a private chat room for discussions along with prompt responses to queries from the developer. Frequent updates to the software are also provided to users.

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Backtesting Performance

Independent backtests of Molecule AI EA across multiple timeframes and accounts show consistent profitability. Some key metrics are:

Account Growth – 341% growth over 1 year based on conservative lot sizes. Higher lots can boost this further.

Win Rate – 58% over 300+ trades. Wins exceed losses for steady account growth.

Risk-Reward – 1:1.64 ratio. Indicative of algorithm’s effective risk management.

Drawdown – Under 30%. Drawdowns recover quickly to hit new equity peaks.

Monthly Returns – 10-15% per month. Profitability sustained through varying market conditions.

The backtests demonstrate the algorithm’s capability to generate regular profits across long time periods.

Customer Reviews

The Molecule AI EA currently scores a 3.7 out of 5 rating on the MetaTrader Market portal after 7 customer reviews.

Positive reviews praise the expert advisor’s stable operations, risk controls, and significant profits across multiple currency pairs.

Negative comments mainly relate to the complexity of optimal parameter selection. Some users also faced losses when testing during high market volatility.

Overall the customer feedback indicates profitable performance when the software is configured correctly. The developer offers support to help mitigate issues faced by some users.

Pricing and Purchase Options

Molecule AI EA is available for purchase on the MetaTrader Market portal for $397. This is a one-time fee, with no additional charges.

Users also get access to a private Telegram community and free updates to future versions. For promotions, customers can get the MiloBot PRO EA free for 3 months by leaving a review.

The pricing offers good value given the profit potential, capabilities and regular updates.

Molecule AI EA Pros and Cons


  • Combination of advanced neural networks for predictive modeling
  • Adaptive trading strategies reacting to changing markets
  • Comprehensive risk management for capital preservation
  • Easy to install and integrate with MetaTrader 4
  • Frequent updates to the software from the developer


  • Complex process for optimizing parameters
  • Potential losses in high volatility environments
  • Requires monitoring across multiple currency pairs
  • No official third-party verification of performance

While the algorithm offers significant benefits, customers should be ready to actively manage and refine it for maximum results.

Molecule AI EA Conclusion and Verdict

In summary, Molecule AI EA aims to simplify algorithmic trading through artificial intelligence while maximizing returns. The fusion of MLP and LSTM neural networks allows robust predictions. Dual trading strategies adapt to different market regimes for consistent growth.

Comprehensive backtests and customer reviews confirm the software’s profitability. The combination of innovative design, risk controls, and developer support creates confidence. Pricing is also reasonable given the profit potential.

For traders seeking automated solutions with strong results across market conditions, Molecule AI EA is definitely an option worth considering. The advanced AI and evolution capability also create scope for better optimizations over time.

However, some effort is required to configure and refine parameters initially. So traders should be ready to actively manage the expert advisor. Overall though, Molecule AI EA delivers on its promises of leveraging AI for simplified, profitable algorithmic trading.

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