Double Extreme EA Review: A Mid-Term Forex Trading Robot

The Double Extreme EA is an automated forex trading robot that defines two extreme points formed by technical indicators and compares them to price extreme values to identify trading opportunities. This mid-term trading system aims to capture larger moves in the market over periods of days to weeks.

Double Extreme EA

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How It Works

The core strategy of the Double Extreme EA is based on identifying divergence between indicator extremes and price extremes. It does this through the following process:

  1. Analyzes the last 40 bars on a chart
  2. Divides this block into two parts and divides each part into 3 zones
  3. Identifies extreme high and low points formed by indicators in each zone
  4. Compares these indicator extremes to the price extremes over the same period
  5. A trading signal is generated when divergence or confluence is identified between the indicator and price extremes

So essentially, the EA attempts to identify exhaustion moves through comparison of extremes between indicators and price. It will enter trades in the direction of the emerging new trend once divergence is established.

Double Extreme EA Key Features

Some of the standout features of this trading robot include:

  • Trades with stop losses in place to limit downside risk
  • Flexible position sizing options including fixed lot and percent risk per trade
  • Auto trade mode for fully automated hands-free trading
  • Ability to limit total trades and orders per symbol
  • Partial profit taking option to close portions of winning trades
  • Low drawdown and solid risk management resulting in sustainable growth

Double Extreme EA Performance

Based on backtests and some live trading, the Double Extreme EA is capable of generating consistent profits over time. However, performance can vary significantly based on parameter settings, symbol traded, and market conditions.

In optimized backtests, it’s not uncommon to see annual returns between 50% – 100% with max drawdowns ranging from 10% – 20%. However, traders should take these hypothetical backtest results with a grain of salt. Real-world performance will depend greatly on optimization and how the EA is configured.

When it comes to real account trading, results appear more modest but promising for this system. From the limited information available, live accounts seem to achieve around 20% – 30% annual returns on average if traded properly.

So while this expert advisor clearly has potential, traders should keep expectations realistic and be careful not to over-optimize when configuring this EA.

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Ideal Trading Conditions

The Double Extreme EA is designed to trade on the M15 or H1 time frame, primarily on the EURUSD pair. While other symbols can be traded, EURUSD tends to perform best with this EA’s logic.

Some ideal conditions for this expert advisor include:

  • ECN broker with low, fixed spreads
  • Allowance for use of EA strategies
  • Stable market conditions, avoid periods of high volatility
  • Sufficient account balance to survive drawdowns (at least $3K+)


This EA is sold by various forex vendors usually for around $375. However, occasionally you can find discounted or free versions available if you search online forums like ForexFactory.

Double Extreme EA Verdict

Overall, the Double Extreme represents an interesting and potentially profitable automated trading system for mid-term traders. While outsized returns are improbable, more modest yet consistent profits appear achievable if configured and traded properly.

Traders who already understand indicator-based trading strategies may find this EA easy to grasp and implement. However, those newer to forex may struggle with properly optimizing and configuring this robot for their needs.

For $375, the Double Extreme EA offers reasonable value given its profit potential. However, as with any EA, traders should proceed with realistic expectations and always use proper risk management.

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