Alpha Hype TrendPro EA Review

Alpha Hype TrendPro EA is an automated trading system designed for the MetaTrader 4 platform to trade forex currency pairs. It was created by RobotForexPro, a company that develops algorithmic trading systems.

Alpha Hype TrendPro EA

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Alpha Hype TrendPro EA uses an advanced algorithm that aims to identify high-probability trading opportunities across multiple currency pairs. Key features include:

The system is based on a combination of technical indicators, market sentiment, and machine learning techniques. It is designed to adapt to changing market conditions and aims to consistently generate profitable trades.

Performance Statistics

According to the developer and various community reviews, Alpha Hype TrendPro has achieved consistent profitability across multiple accounts and timeframes. Some verified performance metrics include:

  • 618% net profit over 2 months of trading
  • Maximum drawdown of 30%
  • 74% average win rate
  • Over 2900 trades executed
  • Average gain of 420 pips per trade

However, as with any EA, past performance does not guarantee future results. The market conditions and broker used can significantly impact outcomes. Proper account management is still required.

Using the EA

Alpha Hype TrendPro EA comes with installation instructions, preset files, and settings guide. It can be installed in under 5 minutes on any MT4 platform.

The EA is highly customizable and includes options for:

  • Trade management – take profit, stop loss, trailing stops
  • Money management – lot sizes, risk percentages
  • Trading hours – ability to set specific session times
  • Signal filters – filter signals by strength, quality
  • Technical indicators – integrate custom indicators

The system can be optimized for specific market conditions and trading styles. Conservative settings are recommended when using Alpha Hype TrendPro EA.

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Alpha Hype TrendPro EA Benefits

Some of the main benefits of this expert advisor include:

  • Fully automated trading process requiring little user input
  • Ability to capitalize on multiple currency pairs
  • Adaptive algorithm aims to maintain accuracy in changing markets
  • Provides trade analysis and position management capabilities
  • Customizable settings to control risk factors and money management

Alpha Hype TrendPro EA Limitations

Potential limitations to consider:

  • Requires monitoring and periodic optimization
  • More effective with larger account balances
  • Carries inherent risks of automated trading systems
  • May not perform well during certain volatile markets
  • Developer reputation still building compared to more established companies


Alpha Hype TrendPro EA is available for a one-time fee of $199 from the vendor website. There are no recurring subscription fees or commissions. The one-time cost unlocks unlimited use of the EA for one trader.

Alpha Hype TrendPro EA Verdict

In summary, Alpha Hype TrendPro EA provides an intriguing automated trading solution with some notable features like multi-pair trading, adaptive algorithms, and customizable settings. The performance statistics are promising, although limited. As with any EA, conducting proper backtesting and using prudent money management is strongly advised. While still building a reputation, Alpha Hype TrendPro EA can act as a potential set-and-forget trading tool for disciplined forex traders.

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