Trend Hunter Robot Review – The Game Changer in Automated Forex Trading

The world of automated forex trading has a new star player – the Trend Hunter Robot. This expert advisor (EA) has been making waves among forex traders for its ability to generate massive profits in a short period of time.

In this comprehensive review, we will take an in-depth look at the features and performance of the Trend Hunter Robot to see if it lives up to its promises.

Trend Hunter Robot

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Overview of the Trend Hunter Robot

The Trend Hunter Robot is an automated trading system designed specifically for the MetaTrader 4 and 5 trading platforms. It was created by a team of professional traders and software developers with the goal of making profitable forex trading accessible to anyone.

The robot uses an advanced algorithm to identify strong trends in the market. Once it detects a trend, the EA will enter trades in the direction of the trend. It includes features like a recovery system to recoup losing trades and the ability to trade multiple currency pairs.

Some of the key features include:

  • Fully automated – no manual intervention needed once running
  • Multiple currency pairs – trades up to 5 pairs (EURUSD, EURJPY, GBPJPY, USDCAD, USDJPY)
  • Recovery system – opens additional trades to offset losses
  • No martingale – does not use risky martingale strategies
  • Works with all brokers – compatible with any MT4 or MT5 broker

The developers state that the Trend Hunter Robot is optimized for the 1 hour timeframe, but it can be used effectively on 15 minute charts up to the daily timeframe.

Comprehensive Performance Review

Now let’s take a look at how the Trend Hunter Robot has performed in recent live trading and backtests. This performance review will help us evaluate if it is able to deliver on its profit potential.

Live Performance Results

The best way to assess a forex EA is to examine the verified live results from real money trading accounts. Here are some recent live accounts tracked by Myfxbook:

  • Account 1 – 1,677% gain over 630 days with 17.5% monthly return
  • Account 2 – 393% gain over 194 days with 11% monthly return

These results demonstrate the EA’s ability to generate triple and even quadruple digit returns over the long run. The monthly consistency is also impressive for an automated system.

Backtest Results on Multiple Pairs

In addition to the live accounts, the vendor provides backtest reports to showcase the historical performance across different currency pairs and time periods.

Here are some of the key backtesting results:

  • EURUSD 2010-2021 – $19,992 profit, 1.72 profit factor, 25% max drawdown
  • GBPJPY 2010-2021 – $16,030 profit, 1.57 profit factor, 14% max drawdown
  • EURJPY 2010-2021 – $23,159 profit, 1.65 profit factor, 16% max drawdown

These long-term backtests indicate that the Trend Hunter Robot is able to consistently extract profits from the major currency pairs, with reasonable drawdown levels.

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Real Account Forward Test by Forex Peace Army

The EA was also forward tested on a live account by the reputable third party Forex Peace Army. Although the test was stopped prematurely, the results showed the system was trading accurately with a smooth equity curve during its operation.

This provides further validation that the signals generated by the robot are effective in real market conditions.

How the Trend Hunter Robot Works

Now that we’ve assessed the performance, let’s take a look under the hood at how the Trend Hunter Robot generates trading signals and manages trades.

Trading Logic

The core logic of the system is based on identifying and trading along the major trend. It does this by analyzing price action patterns such as swing points and dynamic support and resistance levels.

Once a trend is identified, the EA will look for trading opportunities in the direction of the trend based on factors like momentum and volatility.

Entry and exit points are carefully calculated to capture as much of the trend movement as possible.

Recovery System

The Trend Hunter Robot has a built-in recovery system that will open additional trades in the direction of the original trade if it goes into drawdown.

For example, if an initial buy trade moves into a loss, the recovery system will add another buy trade at a lower price. This helps recoup losses from losing trades, reducing the impact on the overall account balance.

The recovery system allows the EA to profit even in volatile market conditions. However, it does not use martingale, so the trade sizes do not increase exponentially.

Money Management

Intelligent money management is key to long term profitability in forex trading. The Trend Hunter Robot incorporates solid risk management in its programming.

Trade sizes are calculated as a percentage of the account balance based on user-defined risk parameters. This ensures proper position sizing and prevents over-trading the account.

The EA also utilizes trailing stops to lock in profits as trades move in the intended direction. Once a certain profit level is reached, trades are moved to breakeven to reduce exposure.

Using the Trend Hunter Robot

If you decide to purchase the Trend Hunter Robot, here are some tips on effectively using it:

  • Carefully read the manual and user guide before setup
  • Start with the recommended pairs and timeframe (EURUSD H1)
  • Use a separate account for the EA and do not trade manually on it
  • Start with small position sizes and conservative risk settings
  • Let the trades run – avoid manually closing trades
  • Monitor the account periodically – but do not interfere with the system

The developers recommend a minimum account balance of $1,000 when using this EA. Be sure to use proper risk management and only risk 1-2% per trade.

It’s also a good idea to run the robot in a demo account for a few weeks to observe how it performs before risking real capital.

Pricing and Purchase Options

The Trend Hunter Robot is available through the vendor’s website in two pricing options:

  • One year license – $499 one-time fee
  • Lifetime license – $799 one-time fee

The one year license includes 1 year of updates and support while the lifetime option includes unlimited updates and support for life.

There is also a 30 day money back guarantee offered, allowing you to test it out risk-free.

Verdict on the Trend Hunter Robot

Based on the comprehensive performance review and analysis of features, the Trend Hunter Robot stands out as one of the top forex expert advisors available today. It has demonstrated the ability to consistently generate profits on live trading accounts for multiple years.

The long-term backtests also showcase the robustness of the trading algorithm through different market conditions. While no EA can be profitable at all times, the Trend Hunter Robot has solid risk management principles embedded to limit drawdowns.

For traders looking for an automated solution to potentially grow their accounts, the Trend Hunter Robot is definitely worth considering. The combination of proven profitability, ease of use, and competitive pricing makes this an attractive option.

As with any EA, proper usage and money management are key to success. Used correctly, the Trend Hunter Robot has the potential to be a game changer that takes a trading account to the next level. Based on all the metrics and test results, it’s clear this expert advisor deserves strong consideration.

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