EA SPECIAL S – The Revolutionary Forex Trading Robot

EA SPECIAL S is a revolutionary automated trading robot designed specifically for forex trading. Developed by a team of expert traders and programmers, this expert advisor (EA) utilizes advanced algorithms and trading techniques to generate consistent profits on the forex market.

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How It Works

The core strategy behind EA SPECIAL S is scalping, which involves opening and closing trades within very short timeframes, often just a few minutes or even seconds. The robot is programmed to analyze the market using custom indicators and identify potential entry and exit points for trades.

Once a trading opportunity is identified, the robot will automatically open a position, place protective stop losses, monitor the trade, and close out at the optimal time to lock in profits. Thanks to its sophisticated programming, EA SPECIAL S is able to perform these actions much faster than any human trader could manually.

Some key features that enable the robot’s effectiveness include:

  • Hybrid Scalping Strategy – Uses a combination of short-term and ultra-short-term scalping techniques to capture more profits.
  • Advanced Money Management – Employs intelligent algorithms to determine optimal position sizing and minimize risk.
  • Stealth Mode – Hides stop losses from the broker to prevent hunting.
  • Built-in News Filter – Avoids trading during major news events to mitigate volatility risk.
  • No Martingale – Does not use martingale, avoiding blown accounts from overleveraging.

Performance Results

Extensive backtesting shows that EA SPECIAL S is capable of generating consistent profits over long periods. Here are some key performance metrics:

  • 10+ Years of Profitability – Profitable over a decade of backtesting across multiple currency pairs.
  • 300-800% Annual Returns – Depending on settings, returns of 300-800% per year are achievable.
  • Max Drawdown Under 30% – Drawdowns limited to less than 30% even over 10+ years.
  • High Win Rate – Wins over 65% of trades, thanks to tight stop losses and optimal exit points.
  • Sharpe Ratio Over 2 – Excellent risk-adjusted returns. Higher than most hedge funds.

These stellar results demonstrate EA SPECIAL S’s ability to generate big profits while keeping drawdowns and risk in check. Such consistency is extremely rare for forex EAs and highlights the edge this robot possesses.

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Usage and Settings

EA SPECIAL S is designed to be easy to use for all skill levels. It works seamlessly with MetaTrader 4 & 5 on both desktop and mobile platforms. The robot comes preloaded with optimized default settings for a “set and forget” experience.

However, more advanced users can tweak settings like stop loss, take profit, trade frequency, position sizing, and more to better suit their preferences. EA SPECIAL S is also equipped with a stealth mode, aggressive mode, and other options to give you complete control.

While the robot can be used on any currency pair, the EUR/USD and GBP/USD pairs are recommended for best performance. The ideal broker to use is one that allows scalping and has fast execution speeds.

Pricing and Availability

EA SPECIAL S is available for purchase directly from the developer’s website. There are a few pricing options available:

  • 1 Live Account License – $347 one-time payment
  • Unlimited License – $497 one-time payment
  • Extended License – $797 one-time payment (includes set files, updates, and support)

Considering the profit potential of this robot, the pricing is very reasonable compared to competitors. The developer also offers a money back guarantee for 60 days in case you are not satisfied.

EA SPECIAL S – The Verdict

Overall, EA SPECIAL S is one of the most promising forex EAs available today for retail traders. With its reliable long-term track record, easy plug-and-play usability, and generous pricing – it’s an extremely attractive option for anyone looking to succeed in forex trading. If you are looking for a proven way to generate passive income and grow your account, EA SPECIAL S is definitely worth considering.

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