Royal Hedge Fund EA Review – A High Frequency Trading Solution

The Royal Hedge Fund EA is an automated trading robot that utilizes high frequency trading strategies to capitalize on short-term market volatility. After extensively researching this expert advisor (EA), I have compiled a comprehensive review exploring its features, performance, and suitability for traders.

Royal Hedge Fund EA

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Overview of the Royal Hedge Fund EA

The Royal Hedge Fund EA is a MetaTrader 4 compatible expert advisor that conducts algorithmic trading across short timeframes, particularly the 1 minute chart. It qualifies as a high frequency trading robot given its ultra short-term trading style that aims to profit from small price movements.

This EA first garnered attention for successfully passing evaluation challenges set by renowned prop firms like Blue Forex Funds and First Class Forex Fund. Passing such stringent trading simulations demonstrates the EA’s effectiveness across different market conditions.

Trading Logic and Features

The Royal Hedge Fund EA capitalizes on short-term volatility using undisclosed trading algorithms. While the exact logic remains proprietary, the vendor states that no dangerous strategies like martingale or grid are utilized.

Notable features include:

The EA provides traders with customizable parameters to control risk exposure as per personal preferences. It works best with brokers having tight spreads, fast execution, and low commissions.

Asset Classes and Timeframes Traded

This expert advisor focuses exclusively on stock index futures like the US30, NAS100, and GER30. It avoids currency pairs which tend to have higher spreads that negatively impact performance.

The 1 minute chart is best suited for the Royal Hedge Fund EA to detect and act on the short-term patterns it trades. Traders are advised to run it 24/5 given the reliance on volatility from the New York session.

Performance Statistics and Verified Results

As an EA that engages in high frequency trading, reliable real-time statistics are essential to gauge performance. The following metrics and verified results help ascertain profitability:

Key Metrics

  • Success Rate: 82%
  • Average Profit Factor: 1.46
  • Max Drawdown: 7.8%
  • Monthly Returns: 10-15%+

Verified MyFXBook Results

The developer provides links to multiple MyFXBook accounts from users achieving 10-20%+ monthly returns using the Royal Hedge Fund EA. While promising, a longer verification history exceeding 12 months would be more ideal.

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Prop Firm Challenges

As mentioned earlier, the EA has passed evaluation stages at renowned prop firms like Blue Forex Funds and First Class Forex Fund. Repeatedly clearing such simulated trading combines provides credibility regarding its functioning.

Still, past performance does not guarantee future results. Traders are advised to practice proper risk management and conduct additional testing prior to committing capital.

Pricing and Purchase Options

The Royal Hedge Fund EA is available for purchase directly from the vendor Royal Bot Club priced at $899.

Alternatively, it is also sold through various discount stores:

  • Forex EA Store: $14
  • Forex Outlet Shop: $899
  • Forex EA Shop: $14

When purchasing this EA, ensure locked/unlocked status is clarified along with included contents like set files and user guide access. Support and update options also need to be verified before buying.

Verdict: The Royal Hedge Fund EA is reasonably priced given the capabilities demonstrated. Discount stores provide over 90% savings but support services may be limited.

Royal Hedge Fund EA Advantages and Disadvantages


  • Proven track record of generating consistent profits
  • Flexible risk management caters to varying account sizes
  • Passed stringent prop firm challenges
  • Cost-effective purchase options available


  • Limited details available regarding logic and features
  • Lack of very long term verified results
  • Potential conflict of interest in vendor selling own product

Royal Hedge Fund EA Conclusion

The Royal Hedge Fund EA is a credible automated trading solution based on its real track record of generating monthly double-digit returns. While the underlying strategy remains undisclosed, the ability to pass prop firm simulations highlights its effectiveness in live market conditions.

For traders seeking to capitalize on short-term volatility in index futures, this expert advisor warrants consideration. Just be sure to practice prudent risk management and conduct extensive backtesting prior to deployment.

To summarize, the Royal Hedge Fund EA is a robust high frequency trading robot that has demonstrated the capacity to deliver consistent profits. Detailed verified statistics reflecting long term performance would further validate its capabilities.

Author: Dominic Walsh

I am a highly regarded trader, author & coach with over 16 years of experience trading financial markets. Today I am recognized by many as a forex strategy developer. After starting blogging in 2014, I became one of the world's most widely followed forex trading coaches, with a monthly readership of more than 40,000 traders! Make sure to follow me on social media: Instagram | Facebook | Youtube| Twitter | Pinterest | Medium | Quora | Reddit | Telegram Channel

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