Adaptive Trend Hunter V5 – A Comprehensive Review

Adaptive Trend Hunder V5 is a fully automated forex trading robot designed specifically for trading the EURUSD currency pair on the 1-hour (H1) timeframe. This expert advisor (EA) uses proprietary algorithms to identify stable trends and has a self-renewing algorithm that adapts when market conditions change. In this comprehensive review, we will examine Adaptive Trend Hunter V5’s key features, performance, strengths and weaknesses.

Adaptive Trend Hunder V5

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Backtesting results shared by the developer show Adaptive Trend Hunter V5 performing well historically, with consistent profitability over multiple years of backtesting. It has achieved over 400% profit in just a few months, with accuracy rates above 90% [6].

Real account trading results are harder to verify, but some traders have reported profits of 20-30% per month. However, as with any EA, past performance does not guarantee future results. It’s important to use proper risk management and evaluate performance carefully before committing real capital.

Adaptive Trend Hunder V5 Features

Some of the notable features of Adaptive Trend Hunter V5 include:

  • Proprietary Trend Detection – Uses custom indicators to identify stable trends early, which are decided by algorithms not publicly available.
  • Adaptive Algorithm – Continuously monitors market conditions and auto-adapts its strategy when needed. This allows the EA to capitalize on new trends.
  • Protective System – Has special logic to protect against sudden price reversals, slippage and spread widening during volatile markets.
  • No Optimization Needed – Comes pre-configured with optimized settings, so no lengthy backtesting is required.
  • Recovery System – Designed to minimize losses and even profit during unfavorable market conditions.
  • Compliant with All Brokers – Works with ECN, STP, NDD and other broker types. Compatible with both MT4 and MT5.

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Ease of Use

Adaptive Trend Hunter V5 is designed to be easy to install and use, even for beginner traders. Once purchased, simply attach it to a EURUSD chart on the H1 timeframe and set your desired lot size. No additional configuration or optimization is needed.

The developers provide a detailed user guide that covers installation, settings, tips and recommendations. For any questions, customer support is available via email and Telegram.

Adaptive Trend Hunder V5 Strengths

Here are some of the key strengths of Adaptive Trend Hunter V5 based on reviews and product information:

  • Proven long-term profitability in backtests of over 10 years.
  • Cutting-edge adaptive algorithm that auto-adjusts to changing market dynamics.
  • Specialized for trading trends on the EURUSD currency pair.
  • Protective logic minimizes losses during volatile markets.
  • Easy “plug & play” installation without needing optimization.
  • Works seamlessly with all major forex brokers.

Adaptive Trend Hunder V5 Weaknesses

Some potential downsides to consider:

  • Only trades EURUSD on H1 timeframe, limiting opportunities on other pairs.
  • Highly optimized for specific market conditions that may change.
  • Users have little control or customization options.
  • Long-term reliability cannot be guaranteed.
  • Requires a VPS for uninterrupted trading and best results.

Who Is It For?

Adaptive Trend Hunter V5 is suitable for all types of forex traders looking to profit from trends on the EURUSD pair, including:

  • Beginners – Easy to set up and use.
  • Experienced traders – Provides automated trading strategy.
  • Scalpers – Trades intraday trends on H1 charts.
  • Discretionary traders – Can be used alongside manual trading.
  • Portfolio traders – Diversify portfolio by automating a trend system.

Adaptive Trend Hunder V5 Pricing

Robot is sold through the MQL5 marketplace and costs $99 for a single license. This provides lifetime access to the robot, updates, support and a money back guarantee.

There are no recurring fees or commissions. The developer receives a share of the one-time purchase fee.

Adaptive Trend Hunder V5 Verdict

Overall, Adaptive Trend Hunter V5 is a robust and specialized automated trading system for EURUSD. Its self-adaptive algorithm provides an edge in trending markets. For traders looking to capitalize on short-term trends in this pair, Adaptive Trend Hunter V5 provides a proven “set and forget” solution.

However, the reliability of long-term profitability is uncertain. As with any EA, careful evaluation and risk management is advised. But used properly, Adaptive Trend Hunter V5 can be a valuable addition to a diversified forex trading portfolio.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers to some common questions about Adaptive Trend Hunter V5:

What brokers work with Adaptive Trend Hunter V5?

The EA is designed to work seamlessly with all brokers, including ECN, STP, NDD and others. Some recommended brokers are IC Markets, Alpari and XM Broker.

Does it work for other currency pairs?

No, Adaptive Trend Hunter V5 is highly optimized and specialized for trading the EURUSD pair only. It will not work properly on other symbols.

What account leverage is recommended?

The developer suggests using a leverage of 1:200 or lower for optimal results. Higher leverage is riskier.

What is the minimum account deposit size?

A minimum deposit of $100 is recommended, but accounts as small as $50 can work if using very small trade sizes.

What is the best VPS to use?

For the best uninterrupted trading, a VPS like Chocoping, AWS or TradingFX is recommended. This allows the EA to keep running 24/7.

How much profit can I expect monthly?

Individual results may vary, but users have reported 20-30% per month during favorable market conditions. However, periods of drawdown are also to be expected.

How do I get support if I have problems?

Support is available via email and Telegram. Contact details are provided on purchase. The developer also offers remote assistance.

Can I test Adaptive Trend Hunter before buying?

Unfortunately a free trial is not offered. But reviews, backtests and real account results can be evaluated before purchasing.

Is there a money back guarantee?

Yes, the MQL5 purchase includes a 30 day money back guarantee if you are not satisfied.

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