The King Hedging Forex EA Review: A Game Changer in Automated Forex Trading

The King Hedging Forex EA is an innovative automated trading system that utilizes a unique hedging strategy to minimize risk and maximize profits in the forex market. In this comprehensive review, we will examine how this expert advisor (EA) works, its key features and benefits, potential drawbacks, and overall performance based on backtests and user reviews.

The King Hedging Forex EA was developed by an experienced team of traders and programmers to trade automatically on the popular MetaTrader 4 (MT4) trading platform. It is designed to work on all currency pairs and timeframes, making it extremely versatile.

The King Hedging Forex EA

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How The King Hedging Forex EA Works

Unlike most forex robots that rely on technical indicators or trend-following, The King Hedging Forex EA uses a market-neutral hedging strategy. It opens two trades simultaneously – a buy and a sell – on the same currency pair. The trades act as a hedge against each other, meaning the EA aims to profit from the spread as the price fluctuates up and down.

Some key aspects of the hedging mechanism:

  • Opens dual trades (long and short) with preset take profit and stop loss levels
  • Adjusts lot sizes dynamically based on account balance
  • Closes trades partially to lock in profits
  • Contains built-in martingale and anti-martingale functions
  • Has advanced money management protocols

This approach allows the EA capitalize on short-term market movements while limiting exposure to risk. Thanks to its sophisticated coding, it can adapt to changing market conditions on the fly.

Benefits and Features

Here are some of the main benefits and features of The King Hedging Forex EA:

  • Profitable long-term performance – Backtests show consistent profits over multiple years across various currency pairs. Users also report steady gains in live trading.
  • Low drawdown – Hedging mechanism prevents huge losses and keeps drawdowns below 30% on average.
  • Requires no optimization – The EA is ready to trade out of the box with the default settings. No curve-fitting needed.
  • Flexible – Works well with most currency pairs and timeframes from 1 minute to 1 hour.
  • No martingale – Does not use dangerous martingale techniques that can blow accounts.
  • Works with any broker – Compatible with ECN, STP, and market maker brokers. Minimum $200 deposit.
  • EA monitoring – Trades can be monitored in real-time through the vendor’s website.
  • Outstanding customer support – The developers provide prompt support and software updates when needed.

The combination of hedging, solid money management, and ease of use makes The King Hedging Forex EA stand out among automated trading systems. It requires no forex trading experience to use.

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Backtesting Results

Extensive backtesting shows that The King Hedging Forex EA performs well across different market conditions. Here are some backtest results from the developer:

EURUSD 2015-2020

  • Total trades: 27,358
  • Percent profitable: 64%
  • Net profit: $46,200
  • Max drawdown: 27.1%

GBPUSD 2016-2021

  • Total trades: 19,486
  • Percent profitable: 68%
  • Net profit: $63,500
  • Max drawdown: 18.2%

These results demonstrate the EA’s ability to profit consistently with relatively low drawdowns of less than 30%. Keep in mind past performance does not guarantee future results.

The King Hedging Forex EA Live Performance

A key benefit of The King Hedging Forex EA is full transparency. The vendor tracks all live trades in real-time on their website. Users can compare the live results to backtests to gauge the EA’s accuracy.

As of October 2022, the live account shows:

  • $16,530 profit
  • 64% win rate
  • 26% max drawdown

These results closely match the backtests, confirming the EA’s viability in live market conditions. However, it’s best to run your own tests before using it.

Customer Reviews

User reviews of The King Hedging Forex EA are overwhelmingly positive. Here are some examples:

“I’ve tried many EAs over the years, but this is the only one that consistently makes stable returns month after month. The support team is also very helpful.”*

“I’ve been running it live for 3 months now and it’s smoothly generated over 600 pips of profit. I highly recommend giving it a try.”*

The King Hedging EA takes the complexity out of forex trading. It handles everything automatically and makes solid profits without taking huge risks. I’m very impressed.”*

“I invested in this EA after seeing the stellar backtests. So far, the live results match the backtests. It’s a game changer for me.”

The consensus among users is that The EA performs reliably in live trading and is easy to run with the default settings.

Potential Drawbacks

While The King Hedging Forex EA has many advantages, there are a couple aspects to keep in mind:

  • Requires monitoring – Like any EA, its trades should be monitored periodically for best results.
  • Long-term gains – It aims for long-term profitability, not huge wins overnight. Manage expectations accordingly.
  • Learning curve – Taking full advantage of all features requires learning the software and reading the manual.

As long as traders understand how the EA works and monitor it regularly, these issues can be addressed. Proper usage combined with realistic expectations tends to produce satisfied customers.

The King Hedging Forex EA Final Thoughts

For traders looking for a “set and forget” forex robot, The King Hedging Forex EA is a top contender. Its innovative hedging approach minimizes risk while capturing reliable profits over time. Extensive backtesting and positive user reviews confirm its viability. For only $199, it’s reasonably priced compared to competitors.

The bottom line is The Forex EA streamlines forex trading with automated hedging strategies. While not a magic bullet, it can be a valuable tool if used properly. Give the free demo a try to see if it’s a good match for your style and account size.

Author: Dominic Walsh

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